Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Whoa! Is it Friday already?! I mean seriously... I feel like it's only been hours since I was talking writing about our Memorial Weekend. Gotta love long weekends and short work weeks!
Speaking of short work week is going to be a short week for me again! And then I'll be on vacation for two weeks! Whoop whoop! I've got some amazing stuff going on and I CAN'T FLIPPING WAIT!!!!!! I know, you probably don't care... but you might... ;)
I don't have too much to share today considering the week has flown by and I haven't done much. Or at least not that I can share with y'all :) Ha! In good news... the hubs isn't on my shit list yet this week. :)
♥FAVORITE OCCASION: As I have mentioned before and as you may have seen on IG {@justjuliejoy}, Michael finished up his last week/day of work yesterday! Can you tell he's excited?! I mean, I can't blame him! He's been traveling the country, tearing down water towers, and living this weird lifestyle away from home for the last 12 years. I mean, that's almost half his life! The guy isn't even 30 yet! It's about time for a change! We just never thought the day would come that he would find a comparable paying job near home! Soooo happy, happy, happy!

This is Michael's LAST water tower demo job - Thursday 5/29 in Mississippi!
You can tell by our conversations throughout the day that he was a tad bit excited about his last day!

2nd FAVORITE OCCASION: My girlfriend {and cousin by marriage} had her baby girl almost two weeks ago so I finally got to go visit her! She's sooooo cute and tiny! So precious!
FAVORITE RANDOM THING: Sooo... I'm driving to work one day and all of a sudden I see my face and almost get in a head on collision as I do a double take....
I knew at some point this year I would be on a billboard because I approved the image. But it still caught me off guard once I actually seen it. Not to mention I really wasn't expecting it to be in our area... Third time in my life I've been on a billboard! I think it's pretty cool! 
♥FAVORITE ITEM: Let me just tell you all how amazingly talented my girlfriend is! She is so creative and artistic! She wood burnt all sorts of stuff for our wedding last year and I've been dying to have a sign made for our camper now that we are officially camping this year as husband and wife! I described to her what I wanted but I wasn't set and stone on anything so I told her to just be creative. And this is what I got! Michael and I both absolutely love it! She did a fabulous job! As of now she doesn't sell on Etsy, but she has a FB page and she's looking to build her business. She can seriously make just about anything! Check her out! Don't forget to tell her I sent ya! ;)
♥FAVORITE DEAL: I hate to admit it... but I fell into the Kohl's trap again. In my defense {Ahem, Michael...} I had three $10 coupons and a 15% off coupon. Therefore, I couldn't pass that up! A couple weeks ago I bought a really comfortable tank top that I've been loving for layering. So I knew I wanted to get a couple more of them and bam! They are BOGO for ONE doll hair! Uno! So technically after the discount that's 2 nice tanks for less than $7. Score! Not sure how long the sale is going on for... It took all my self control to not order every single color.
♥FAVORITE RECIPE: I'm still loving these Energy Bites. Even the hubs liked them. They didn't last long in our house so I made another batch for this week but this time I doubled it. It's great for a quick morning snack or even after dinner snack that satisfies my sweet tooth!
♥FAVORITE FUNNY: Michael and my BF, Greg, saw this online and sent this to me. The three of us have the same humor. No words necessary. I died.
♥FAVORITE WORKOUT: Oh wait, I haven't done a workout all week because working in the garden has killed my body enough. No need to go towards that overachiever status. Just for fun... here's some gardening nonsense. The dogs CANNOT stay out of it when I'm in there. Look at Jackass... laying right in the strawberries. Touché buddy. Yes, I see you. No your not helping. Yes, I'll play with your ball instead.
Tubby just likes to be in the cold dirt and all up in my business.
Attention whore at it's finest... {the dog that is...}
♥FAVORITE SONG: I haven't heard this song by Rodney Atkins in a while and it came on the radio on my way to work this week. I jammed out and it's been stuck in my head ever since. The words are so perfect. ♫♫♫
Times are tough and times are strange
But times one thing that you can't change
 Love is a noun and love is a verb
But sometimes love is a dirty word.
It don't matter what tomorrow brings
Tonight you just need to think about one thing
And that's showing up and letting go
And maybe gettin' just  alittle out of control
And sing ohhhh
♫ Don't you just wanna rock 'n' roll ♫
♥FAVORITE BLOGGER: One of the MANY favorite blogger friends I've met is Elena. She is a strong, motivating, inspirational, newlywed, and most importantly - beautiful young lady! She is on a journey of infertility and they are also building a new home!! She's very down to earth and posts great reads! ♥
Elena recently nominated me for a liebster award! I haven't had a chance to put a post up to answer her questions and since I've done a couple of these types of posts before {here and here} so I'm just going to answer a few of her questions! Thank you so much for the nomination Elena! :)
Favorite Hobby - Camping, Gardening, Hunting, Snowmobiling
Favorite place that you've traveled to - Alaska!!!
Favorite item in your closet - Hood shirts! Love me some comfy clothes!
Favorite food/drink - Ice cream, cheese, and wine! All three at once is great too! ;)
Something that makes you genuinely happy - Music, when Michael is lovey {aka romantic or affectionate}, enjoying nature, spending time with Michael or my family.

Have a great weekend!

Linking up with Amanda to share all these favorites!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend Recap!

Well, that long weekend was much needed. And so was the sunshine and warm weather. Finally!!!
The weekend didn't really kick off to that great of a start as planned. To be honest, the hubs really ticked me off and he completely ruined the majority of it. Our lives aren't perfect and yes we do argue sometimes. Friday happened to be one of them. Long story short, he "forgot" he had to go to an archery shoot and we had a date night planned. He had been gone at work for 12 days so I was looking forward to our evening together. Obviously that didn't happen because the archery shoot was more important to him... therefore I was livid. Even called my Ma crying. I ate dinner alone {as usual} and then I had a couple drinks and sat in the sun with the dogs. Then I left the house to go over to a friends cause I sure as hell didn't want to be home when he got home. :) 
Saturday morning I headed to town because my mother in law and I were having a garage sale. I was still pissed at Michael so I was pretty much crabby the entire day. He was farming and I was selling junk to strangers. It was pretty busy and we sold a decent amount of stuff for our first day!
Saturday evening we went to Grindstone to visit some friends that camp up here. It's funny because we live up here year round and soooo many people come up here to go "up north" for the weekend.
Sunday morning before I headed back to town to do the garage sale, Michael decided he was going to till up the garden and let it dry out so we could hopefully plant it. As of earlier in the week, it was still really wet so we didn't think we would be able to. But with the nice warm weather over the weekend, it actually dried up pretty quick!
I headed to town and did the garage sale thing again. Day 2 wasn't as busy as Saturday but it was still good! I only came home with 3 small boxes of stuff that didn't sell!
 It was kind of boring sometimes just sitting there waiting for people to come when I knew there was a million things I could be doing at home. But it was so beautiful out so I got to just relax and enjoy the sunshine. My MIL's dog, Tucker, seemed to think that everyone was there to see him. He's pretty funny.

Meanwhile... back at home, Michael was working on our front porch. We had a leak last summer so we had to replace the tile and surface underneath the tile. Which has been sitting like that since the fall. So it can finally be finished now that it's nice out.
And this is the after {minus the grout that Michael still has to finish}
Sunday night we definitely needed some ice cream. I was sunburnt and exhausted. And what's a summer night without ice cream cones?! My fav!
Monday pretty much consisted of gardening the entire day! Phew, I'm feeling it today! Every year our tradition is to put the garden in over Memorial weekend. It's just the perfect time to do it and it's the "unofficial" kick off of summer!

How was your weekend?! Do you plant a garden?!
Have a great week!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday, Friday!!

I'm extra happy that it's Friday because... 
The hubs is finally home from work after 12 long days!
It's a holiday weekend - 3 days off! Whoop whoop!

In the past week there has been some serious excitement going on in the Joy residence!!

Fav News!
As I mentioned a couple weeks ago {here}... Michael and I both had some opportunites come up with work! I'm happy to finally say Michael passed the testing and as of last Friday he has been offered a position with a new company as a Foreman! He has two more weeks before he starts this new chapter! I'm so happy for him and extremely proud of him! He has been working at his current employer for 12 years doing demolition all over the country. He has traveled to 48 states across the US by vehicle! We are both really looking forward to him working IN the state of Michigan and being home after work on a daily basis rather than a weekly basis {with some exceptions as job locations change}! Myself on the other hand, is keeping my toosh right where I'm at! I've been at my employer for almost 10 years so it's pretty much my comfort zone! It was stressful at times to think about making all these decisions and trying to determine what was best for us, and in the end, it all worked out perfectly and we are excited about that!

Speaking of work... another exciting moment was that I received another bonus and a M.A.D Award! {Make a difference} It's always a great to receive an incentive and a reward for your hard work! Now if only I can refrain from going on a shopping spree with it.... :)

Fav "upcoming" news!
As I also mentioned {here} about how the hubs suddenly decided that we needed to look into trading in our camper... more details to come on that soon! Let's just say... it's been an interesting battle! :)

Fav Person I can't wait to see!
My next biggest excitement and possibly the most favorite thing I'm looking forward to.... my big brother, Jeramie, is coming home! Eeeeeekkk!! In 2 short weeks!! Last year he was home for our wedding but it was complete chaos. I actually wound up crying hysterically the week after the wedding when I realized I didn't cherish the time he was here because I was so caught up in the wedding chaos. Jeramie lives out near Seattle, Washington. Prior to him coming home last summer I hadn't seen him since my Grandma passed away in 2011. I'm really looking forward to spending some down time with him!

Fav feature!
QDMA - As I mentioned here about our hunt and being featured in the Quality Whitetails Magazine, the article is now featured on QDMA's website! You can read it here!
Fav Recipe
I'm not sure why they are called energy bites... but they are my new absolute favorite "healthy" snack!

1/2C Flasseed
1C Rolled Oats
1/2C Mini Chocolate Chips
1/2C Peanut Butter
1tsp Vanilla
1C Coconut Flakes
1/3C Honey
1TBSP Chia Seeds

Mix ingredients and let sit in the fridge. Roll into balls and store in an air tight container in the fridge. Or if your like me, just leave the whole bowl in the fridge and take out a handful when you want some. Ha!
*I copied this recipe from here*

Fav Hobby
One of my favorite things I got to do this week was get my hands in the garden! It's been so rainy and wet and cold so we haven't even been able to till it or anything. It finally hit the 70's on Wednesday so I was able to get out there and start cleaning up the raspberry and strawberry plants. Jack likes to help too. He just digs and carries sticks away. I also got 2 pieces of asparagus up! I can't wait to get more fresh garden veggies! We usually plant our garden over Memorial Day weekend but that's not looking likely this weekend... :( 

Fav Post
Well it looks like the Q&A with the hubs was a huge hit this week and I loved reading everyone's comments! Glad ya'll enjoyed it! If you missed it, check it out! I guarantee you'll laugh a little :)

Fav Outfit
I'm still wearing long sleeve sweaters here in Michigan... womp womp! 
But I must say, I love this two tone Elle sweater from the clearance rack at Kohls along with my $5 Walmart statement necklace! :)

Fav App
A coworker told me about this app called Checkout51
It's for coupons for groceries and such.
They're updated weekly.
You take a picture of your receipt and check off the items listed for a coupon.
It saves the amount to your account until it hits $20 and then they mail you a check!
I made one quick grocery trip this week and saved $3.25! :)

Fav Funny!! :)
Everrrrrrry day!

Did I mention I'm super excited for Memorial Weekend?! It's like the official break in of summer! I just hope Mother Nature gets her poop in a group and brings the heat! It doesn't even feel like June! I'm having a garage sale. It should be interesting! What are your plans for the Holiday weekend?! Do you get Monday off?! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Q&A with the Mr.

I've read some other great blog posts containing some fun questions to ask the Mister behind the blog! 

Then one night a couple weeks ago I sat up kind of late finishing up a blog post and the hubs said something along the lines of, "I'm going to head to bed.. let me know when your done with your post so I can read it first." 

I mean, I knew Michael read my posts but I didn't think he would be that anxious to see what I wrote about. I was kind of amused! Even though I'm sure he wasn't that interested... he's probably just nosey. Ha! So the next night as we sat on the couch and I was catching up on Bloglovin' I said to him "If I asked you some questions for a blog post would you answer them?" He gave me a weird look and said "Depends on the questions..." I gave him the look and he said "Sure whatever I don't care."

Soooo as we drove in the pickup one afternoon for a couple hours, I told him I was going to ask him some random questions! Sooo her you have it... a Q&A with the Mr. behind the blog! :)

** Disclaimer: There may be cuss words from his dirty mouth ;) **
Look at this! The hubs with no hat! Isn't he handsome!?
J: What is the name of my blog? 
M: Just Julie Joy 
J: No...
M: Just Joys
J: No... 
M: Wait what is it????
J: Really???

J: Do you remember why I created a blog? 
M: Cause you had nothing better to do. 
J: {Shakes head and laughs
J: What other blogs do you read? 
M: None. Why would I. How would I? F*ck, why would I care about what anyone else is doing?

J: How often do you read my blog?

M: Once every couple weeks.
J: Is that a lie?
M: Depends.

J: What does OOTD stand for? 
M: {Thinks hard...} I don't know.... 
J: Outfit of the day. 
M: Yeah.. Wouldn't have known that shit.
J: What do you know about Pinterest? 
M: That it's pictures. 
J: Pictures of what?
M: Everything.  

J: What do I do when I'm home alone? 
M: Facebook. 
J: What?! Really??
M: Pinterest.... Pet the dogs...
J: {Gives him the look...}
M: Well what else do you do?? I don't know I'm not there. 
J:What do you do when you're home alone? 
M: Habitat shit in the woods. 
J: What if you can't work outside on habitat cause the weather? 
M: Play hay day.{we both start laughing...}

J: If you had a blog, what would your blog's name be?
M: I wouldn't have one. 

J: What are 5 things I can’t get ready without every day? 
M: Eye lash curler, hair spray, blow dryer, dry shampoo, makeup - the base stuff whatever you call that. 

J: What is your favorite “fashion” accessory? 
M: Hat 

J: What is your biggest pet peeve about me? 
M: Biggest one? 
J: Wait, what??! There's more than one???? 
M: Multiple glasses half full of fluid in the fridge. Always telling me I can't leave shit laying around but I do it too. Everytime I get in her car it's out of gas and on E.... 
J: Oh whatever... :)  
J: If you were stuck on a island what would you have to have? 
M: A bow and arrow. 
J: What is one thing nobody knows about me?
M: I don't know... 'Cause I wouldn't know what they know or not.
J: What is one thing most people don't know about you?
M:  Hell if I know. Nothing that I want you to put on there.
J: What is your favorite thing about me as a person? 
M: That you love me. 
J: If you had one wish what would it be? 
M: To not have to worry about money. 'Cause then that would take care of a lot of other wishes.
There you have it! Isn't he something else?! I think so! I couldn't help but laugh throughout these questions. It's been 9 days since I've seen that handsome hubby of mine and I can't wait until he gets home in a couple days! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Productive Weekend Recap

 Phew! Another weekend bites the dust! And it flew by as always! But it was an awesome, very productive and sunshine filled one! Well besides two crabby spells... as some of you may already have heard... 

Friday night I almost killed {close but not really} Jack. He is so territorial sometimes and it's just such ridiculous behavior I wanted to scream. Oh wait I did. And I cried. Annnnd I beat him then made him stay in the cold garage. I was not a happy mamma. I went to bed still upset with him and then I woke up Saturday morning thinking it was a new day! Until I took my new white pants off the drying rack and seen some lovely black streaks. Instant panic and back to ultimate bitch mode. I scrubbed them. Then soaked them in oxy clean. Then rewashed them. Along with all the other items that had the same black marks on them. Then had to pick out a different outfit to wear and rush out the door to work and drive 80mph because I was late due to some stupid black streaks ruining my clothes and my Saturday morning! 

This was my pissed off face on Saturday morning that I shared with ya'll on Saturday morning on IG {@justjuliejoy}! Ha! Thanks for your sweet compliments regardless of my not so happy face! 
This is why I wanted to kill Jack... he tore up the vinyl and leather in both back doors of my car. Ugh. It still disgusts me to see that. My poor car... The hubs had a good point.. soon it's going to be his work car and I'll have a different vehicle so I guess I might get over it after all...  

Now onto the good stuff from the weekend.. no sense in dwelling over all that nonsense. I'm over it. For the moment. :) 

Saturday afternoon a group of girls headed to the city to do some wedding dress shopping for my beautiful friend that will be a bride in less than 5 short months!

It was fun, emotional, a little stressful, a little chaotic with so many ladies, but overall... VERY successful! She said YES to her dress! And she also said YES to the bridesmaids dresses and I was able to order mine! They are so comfy and elegant! I'm really excited! Also, while we were at David's Bridal, they had this dress in black and it's only $119! It's stunning! {The picture online doesn't even do it justice.. the belt is much "blingyier"} I wish I had the extra money and I would have totally been buying it!! 

For once, this Sunday I was totally looking forward to sleeping in! The hubs is still gone at work therefore I knew he wouldn't be annoying waking me up. However.. Jack and Sandy had zero interest in sleeping in. So there went that idea right out the window! 6am bright and early they were eager to eat and go potty. Go figure. I tried to go back to bed and they woke me up every half hour. Kids, I tell ya. 

From 8am until 8pm I cleaned, organized, filed papers and bills, did yard work, sorted through clothes, and played with the dogs. Phew. It was a lot. But it needed to be done. I love those types of days that you can just bust a pile of things off your to do list! 
Jack and Sandy enjoyed laying around the yard while I worked in the flower beds. Can't wait for my flowers to start blooming!! 

I also took the kids for a ride {this time in the beater pickup instead of my poor beat up car} and we visited my mother in law, Tucker, and we picked some fresh flowers and Michael's Aunts house. She has such beautiful flower gardens. 
Yeah Jack looks all cute and happy but in all reality earlier he pinned Sandy girl to the floor of the pickup because he thinks he's King shit. He's got it all wrong. I'm King shit....whose also the King of the shock collar. He needs a reality check quick. Especially before Michael gets home because that won't be pretty...  

Tucker! He's a good boy! 
I love my new bright colorful tablecloth for our dining room table from Kohls for just over $10!

Another big to do I had to finish up was my garage sale items. My mother in law and I are having a garage sale this coming weekend over Memorial Day. I pretty much marked everything $1. Soo.. it's bascially like a dollar sale. People better be out and about ready to pop some tags! One mans treasure is another mans treasure, right?! 
It doesn't look like much but seriously... there's so much! Let's just hope I can set all the clothes out without second guessing myself and taking them back home with me! Hahaha! 

I hope you had a great weekend!
Did you have nice weather?! I'm hoping it sticks around here in Michigan!
Have you ever had a garage sale?! Tips appreciated! I'm a garage sale rookie!