Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites


It's been another crazy week around our house and I'm extremely excited for this weekend! 

One reason being, it's Mother's day and that means I not only get to see my Mom, but we are also having dinner with my MIL and some other family members too! 

The second reason being that I don't have to work Saturday morning! Whoohoo to the new work schedule of only working two Saturday's a month!

And the last reason being something I will have to share later... 
{Don't blame me for keeping secrets, it's the hubby's fault!}

A couple of my favorite things from this week are... 

All of your kind words regarding the job situation I mentioned last week! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! And you want to know something even CRAZIER?! Not only have we been praying for something to give on my end of the work path but we have also been trying/praying/looking for something else for Michael for many months now and it's been really hard to stay positive at times. Especially with where we live the options are slim. Well..... the same thing happened to him this week that happened to me last week {kind of}. He was finally called back about a union job that he has been trying to get into since last summer annnnd then Thursday night he was called about a job that he gave his info/applied at two weeks ago! Whoa! Please say some prayers for Michael as he is going to his testing this morning and either way, I pray one of these two jobs works out for him! 

Another exciting moment was when the Quality Whitetails magazine came in the mail and Michael thumbed through it and found the article that we interviewed for! I mean I knew we were going to be in it obviously because we were contacted about it several months ago... but it kind of hit reality when it actually came in the mail! Both my parents were pretty surprised and proud! As well as the QDMA Branch that we represent and a few friends that receive the magazine. To think that the magazine reaches possibly hundreds of thousands of people is just astonishing! Maybe we'll become famous hunters... ha! Michael wishes! ;-)

I picked up a new succulent that I've been really wanting from the greenhouse! I'm not sure what I'm going to plant it in or where I'm going to put it. I'm been searching the land of Pinterest for ideas! :)

Speaking of greenhouse… I ordered these “Josh Pots” a couple months ago for Mother’s day and I just picked them up last night. I love them! I love the containers and the plants are definitely plentiful! I always dislike when you get a hanging basket and they aren’t full. I’m hoping our mothers will love these! I may have told Michael that one of them is for myself since I’m kind of a “mother”… hahah! I’m not sure which one I want to keep… what style is your favorite?!

Ever since I picked up my new jean jacket, I’ve been eyeing out outfits on Pinterest to pair it with. I am actually trying to look at ideas using clothing items that I already have. Buuuuut it also gives me ideas of things that I need. {Notice I said need, not want}. Such as white pants. I love this look {& many others}!

Another need is this dress from Kiki La Rue. Yes.. NEED! But refuse to pay that price.. :(

My favorite workout this week has been this ab workout! {minus the vacuum one because I don’t have the slighting freaking clue as to what that means!} It’s almost bathing suit season {if mother nature ever quits being a bitch} and we are officially going camping on the lake in 5 weeks. Crunch time! <- no pun intended! ;-)

Favorite eCard for Mother's Day! Especially for me who hasn't picked up any cards yet! Haha!

Annnnd last but not least, favorite pouty face from Jack... because he of course saw an opportunity to jump in my car and wanted to go for a ride. He's lucky he's cute because I totally gave into that. Pathetic isn't it?!

Linking up with the beautiful Amanda for Friday Favorites! Hurry over to get some good laughs!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. How neat yall are in that magazine - my husband would freak out!! He loves hunting! Love those maxi dresses but I am the same way - gotta find a bargain! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. That's pretty awesome for you guys to see yourselves in the magazine!

  3. Definitely saying prayers for you two and the job situations! Hope everything works out the way that is best for your family :) And how exciting to be featured in a magazine!!
    Love the succulents! Do you keep yours indoors? One of mine is dying {I think} so any tips you have on how to care for them would be great! I’m totally clueless :-/
    I love my jean jacket so much – I wear it all the time! Mostly with maxi skirts, but I want to get a cute pair of white jeans to wear it with this summer :)
    Awww and Jack!! He’s too freaking cute, how could you ever say no to that face?? What a sweetie!

  4. awwww how cute is that last pic! i hope everything works out job wise for both of you - awesome opportunities! also, secrets- no fair hubby, shair! haha.

  5. wow being in a magazine is cool congrats :) I hope all the job stuff works out for you guys!
    I love the basket in the back of that picture...
    I tried that ab workout it killed me, but now im doing crossfit abs and it kills me too but Im definitely seeing a different bye bye mama pooch haha!

  6. You're pretty much a celebrity!! Going to have to try that ab workout!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. awwwww it's like he's talking to me saying c'mon let me go!!! Definitely will be thinking about you! Keep us updated! That pic is great congratulations!!!! Oh I've been doubling up on some ab workouts to basically compensate for my ice cream consumption stupid bikini season! Thanks so much for linking up <3 !

  8. Aww I hope Michael gets one of the jobs and everything works out! I am so in love with white jeans and I have been coming up with some new outfit ideas for mine!

  9. Girl I love my white jeans... I have two pairs, two pairs of shorts, and a white skirt. they look so perfect and cute in the summer time! That e-card is freaking hilarious. Happy Friday. Keep me updated on your job situation

  10. So exciting about the job front. And GIRL, you NEED white pants. I was so sad that I couldn't fit into mine that I went and bought some for this pregnancy as well. Shows how much of a staple they are! So awesome about being in the magazine too! Make sure to get more than one copy!

  11. Best of luck to you both on your quest for he perfect job!! I def love white jeans and those maxis are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend girl!!

  12. That is so cool that y'all are featured in that magazine!! Are those Christmas cactus?! I guess not after looking closer. They kind of remind me of a Christmas cactus, which I love, so one of those is my pick to keep. :) I'm excited to be following your blog now!