Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Whoa! Is it Friday already?! I mean seriously... I feel like it's only been hours since I was talking writing about our Memorial Weekend. Gotta love long weekends and short work weeks!
Speaking of short work week is going to be a short week for me again! And then I'll be on vacation for two weeks! Whoop whoop! I've got some amazing stuff going on and I CAN'T FLIPPING WAIT!!!!!! I know, you probably don't care... but you might... ;)
I don't have too much to share today considering the week has flown by and I haven't done much. Or at least not that I can share with y'all :) Ha! In good news... the hubs isn't on my shit list yet this week. :)
♥FAVORITE OCCASION: As I have mentioned before and as you may have seen on IG {@justjuliejoy}, Michael finished up his last week/day of work yesterday! Can you tell he's excited?! I mean, I can't blame him! He's been traveling the country, tearing down water towers, and living this weird lifestyle away from home for the last 12 years. I mean, that's almost half his life! The guy isn't even 30 yet! It's about time for a change! We just never thought the day would come that he would find a comparable paying job near home! Soooo happy, happy, happy!

This is Michael's LAST water tower demo job - Thursday 5/29 in Mississippi!
You can tell by our conversations throughout the day that he was a tad bit excited about his last day!

2nd FAVORITE OCCASION: My girlfriend {and cousin by marriage} had her baby girl almost two weeks ago so I finally got to go visit her! She's sooooo cute and tiny! So precious!
FAVORITE RANDOM THING: Sooo... I'm driving to work one day and all of a sudden I see my face and almost get in a head on collision as I do a double take....
I knew at some point this year I would be on a billboard because I approved the image. But it still caught me off guard once I actually seen it. Not to mention I really wasn't expecting it to be in our area... Third time in my life I've been on a billboard! I think it's pretty cool! 
♥FAVORITE ITEM: Let me just tell you all how amazingly talented my girlfriend is! She is so creative and artistic! She wood burnt all sorts of stuff for our wedding last year and I've been dying to have a sign made for our camper now that we are officially camping this year as husband and wife! I described to her what I wanted but I wasn't set and stone on anything so I told her to just be creative. And this is what I got! Michael and I both absolutely love it! She did a fabulous job! As of now she doesn't sell on Etsy, but she has a FB page and she's looking to build her business. She can seriously make just about anything! Check her out! Don't forget to tell her I sent ya! ;)
♥FAVORITE DEAL: I hate to admit it... but I fell into the Kohl's trap again. In my defense {Ahem, Michael...} I had three $10 coupons and a 15% off coupon. Therefore, I couldn't pass that up! A couple weeks ago I bought a really comfortable tank top that I've been loving for layering. So I knew I wanted to get a couple more of them and bam! They are BOGO for ONE doll hair! Uno! So technically after the discount that's 2 nice tanks for less than $7. Score! Not sure how long the sale is going on for... It took all my self control to not order every single color.
♥FAVORITE RECIPE: I'm still loving these Energy Bites. Even the hubs liked them. They didn't last long in our house so I made another batch for this week but this time I doubled it. It's great for a quick morning snack or even after dinner snack that satisfies my sweet tooth!
♥FAVORITE FUNNY: Michael and my BF, Greg, saw this online and sent this to me. The three of us have the same humor. No words necessary. I died.
♥FAVORITE WORKOUT: Oh wait, I haven't done a workout all week because working in the garden has killed my body enough. No need to go towards that overachiever status. Just for fun... here's some gardening nonsense. The dogs CANNOT stay out of it when I'm in there. Look at Jackass... laying right in the strawberries. Touché buddy. Yes, I see you. No your not helping. Yes, I'll play with your ball instead.
Tubby just likes to be in the cold dirt and all up in my business.
Attention whore at it's finest... {the dog that is...}
♥FAVORITE SONG: I haven't heard this song by Rodney Atkins in a while and it came on the radio on my way to work this week. I jammed out and it's been stuck in my head ever since. The words are so perfect. ♫♫♫
Times are tough and times are strange
But times one thing that you can't change
 Love is a noun and love is a verb
But sometimes love is a dirty word.
It don't matter what tomorrow brings
Tonight you just need to think about one thing
And that's showing up and letting go
And maybe gettin' just  alittle out of control
And sing ohhhh
♫ Don't you just wanna rock 'n' roll ♫
♥FAVORITE BLOGGER: One of the MANY favorite blogger friends I've met is Elena. She is a strong, motivating, inspirational, newlywed, and most importantly - beautiful young lady! She is on a journey of infertility and they are also building a new home!! She's very down to earth and posts great reads! ♥
Elena recently nominated me for a liebster award! I haven't had a chance to put a post up to answer her questions and since I've done a couple of these types of posts before {here and here} so I'm just going to answer a few of her questions! Thank you so much for the nomination Elena! :)
Favorite Hobby - Camping, Gardening, Hunting, Snowmobiling
Favorite place that you've traveled to - Alaska!!!
Favorite item in your closet - Hood shirts! Love me some comfy clothes!
Favorite food/drink - Ice cream, cheese, and wine! All three at once is great too! ;)
Something that makes you genuinely happy - Music, when Michael is lovey {aka romantic or affectionate}, enjoying nature, spending time with Michael or my family.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Julie, I just found your blog a few days ago and started following along! Your Alaska pics are beautiful, my hubby and I are always wanting to go there. Have a great weekend!

  2. That is so cool you are on a billboard! Hope you have a great weekend, yay for Michael being done!

  3. yay for his last day!!! that is seriously so awesome. and holy moly woman you're on a billboard!! thats so awesome. and alaska looks gorgeous, i had no idea. have fun on your vacay!!!

  4. Love your dog and Alaska looks unbelievably beautiful. Have a great one Julie

  5. I cant even believe you're on a billboard - that is pretty amazing!! Alaska is such a beautiful site - it's on our vacation list for sure!! So jealous of two weeks off...hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I saw your billboard pic on IG...but I had no idea this was your THIRD time to be on a billboard! That's impressive! Oh...and that's a great song...I love how there's always a country song that applies to whatever emotion/mood/situation I'm feeling/dealing with! Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

  7. omg so awesome that you're on a billboard! i have never been to alaska but i really want to visit there...same with iceland!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Love that camping sign so much!! It's so cute!! Also your little baby cousin is just to die for! Happy Friday!!

  9. That wood sign is awesome--your friend does great work! I LOVE that meat t-shirt...I need it for my hubby. He is the "grill master" haha

  10. Ummmmmm look at you!! I think I would die/stop dead in my tracks if I saw myself in billboard size! What a beautiful baby! She is so tiny and precious :-) love the wood sign! Thanks so much for linking up girl I would have stopped by earlier but work is really cramping my blog style ;) xoxoxo

  11. Your camper sign is so perfect. And love your billboard- famous!!

  12. I can't believe you are on a billboard! So jealous of your 2 week vacation! Thankfully I have a short week next week as well and get to go away every weekend until July so I guess that makes up for it!
    That camper sign is perfection and I love it!

  13. Oh Alaska is somewhere I so want to visit! My husband would have a field day there!

  14. So awesome that you're on a billboard! And what a way to find out! Haha. I definitely would have crashed. Your pup is adorable and your photos from Alaska are gorgeous! SO happy to have found your blog from the link-up! :)

  15. I LOVE That sign for your camper! So cute!!!

  16. Oh my goodness... baby girl is so cute and snuggly looking! All that hair! LOVE IT!

  17. Hope your hubby is still being good this weekend :) My hubby & I traveled to Alaska a couple years ago, it is the most breathtaking place I've been yet! Before we even came home we were already planning our next trip there. Not sure when/if it'll happen, but we'd love to go back.

  18. Yay for a two week vacation! Thanks so much for commenting and reading my blog! I am now a follower of yours :)

  19. That's so awesome you are on a billboard!! What a crazy surprise!! haha :)
    OMG Alaska is amazing, those photos are breathtaking!! I hope I can visit one day!
    Love the pics of you and Jack - he's too cute, and such a big baby! ;) xx