Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favs

Whooohoo!! It's Friday! {Repeat every Friday}
After a much needed day off yesterday, it really doesn't even feel like Friday!
But, I'll take it!

Three things that stick out in my mind from this past week....

Monday, 5/12, marked 10 months since our wedding. Which I think is crazy! Some days it feels like a week ago and other days it feels like it was forever ago! I really can't believe it has been almost a year!

This weather and nonstop rain is beginning to get ridiculous. Yeah it's been great that the grass, plants, and trees are greening up, but it's just so damp and cold! Enough already, Mother Nature!

My {oldest} little sister, Kristine, turned 15 this week! Crazyiness! She's such an intelligent and gorgeous young lady!

I really didn't have anything exciting happen this week.. or as this post refers things - "favorites".. Until yesterday when I had the day off and stayed at my Ma's, pinched my other little sis' {Jasmine} butt and kissed her cheeks {which she hates}, ran some errands, and most importantly.. did some shoppppppping! Look how happy Jazz was with me loving on her.. NOT

Now let's talk about the good stuff... shopping!

I literally had a list of things I was shopping for - camper stuff, makeup stuff, birthday presents, craft supplies, garden stuff, house stuff.. just lots of random stuff that I can't shop for without driving less than an hour and a half.... downfall for living in the boondocks.

So.... I reaaaaally aimed to stick to those lists. With a few minor side tracking... BUT! They were great deals that couldn't be passed up!

Such as... the 30% coupon that my Mom gave me to Kohls. Bad. Bad. Bad.
Therefore... I couldn't pass up some unnecessary things... tablecloth.. scarf, necklace, curtain, clothes, etc.
Especially the Lauren Conrad white pants!
On the sales rack I came across these Candie's jeans {reg. $48 sale $13.44} and this cardigan {reg. $60 sale $16.80}. Stole them!
These are soooo comfy!!!! 
Can't pass up a great cardi! 
Funny side story... I told the hubs I found a comforter but I didn't think it was worth spending $50 on. He said "Oh..." Then I said, but I did find some clothes that were worth spending the money on. His reply? "Oh boy." :)

Favorite App -
While shopping yesterday, I remembered why I ever downloaded the app "Shopular"
It's free coupons!
You pick the stores that you go to and it finds any current deals/coupons.
Stores include.. Menards, Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, Express, Forever21, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Kohls, Maurices, Etc.
I used it a couple times.
Such as at Michael's, I pulled up the app and there was a 25% off coupon. I saved a chunk of change!
At Ulta, I pulled up a 20% off coupon.
Pull up coupon, select redeem to get code
Code appears, they scan the barcode. Wallllah! 

Since Amanda talked up Target so much the other day and since the nearest one to my house is an hour and a half away, I spotted a store, slammed on the brakes, squealed in on 2 tires, and sprinted in there as if there would be a line of ladies buying the dress Amanda raved about. Ha! Wrong! The store was empty and the associates were completely in my way with all their shelf stock carts.Rude!  Moooove people! 

Anyways... I found a million things I wanted.. took pictures of everything I wanted... wasted an hour of my time and walked out empty handed. Ha! The good news is that if you order online you get 20% off and free shipping! So I might resort to that... {key word: might. I like to think I have self control after walking out empty handed! That'll change by tomorrow I'm sure.}

Favorite find - Drive Thru Subway!

Since I spent my entire day shopping from one store to the next, I was starting to get really hungry. I'm not a fan of fast food {unless I'm desperate} but I needed something quick because I was in a rush. And I didn't feel like getting out of my car to go in somewhere. Ain't no body got time for that! Times like those I wish I planned better and had taken some food with me. Then I seen a Subway with a drive thru. Done deal! 

Before I headed home from my Mom's I squeezed in an appointment to get my hair trimmed and to get a pedicure. Sometimes the fact that my Mom owns a beauty salon is just too convenient! Especially considering there is also beer and wine in the fridge at her salon. {geez, we're such lushes!} But hey, I'm not complaining about any of it! Pedicures are my favorite! {besides my feet and toes being tickled}

Favorite Funny... Scrolling through Facebook the other night... died laughing!!! 

I've been dreaming of kitchens a lot! {Thanks to Pinterest} and I happen to see this post on Young House Love with some amazing homes and this kitchen is just amazing! I'll keep dreaming... 

One last fav.. my furbabies always fighting over who gets to cuddle next to me. Jack on the left... Tubby on the right... Such spoiled babies!

What are your Friday Favs?! 
Have a good weekend!

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  1. Beautiful wedding photo!! Happy 10 months!

  2. I love that you said unnecessary things I couldn't pass up - you're too funny! I plan on getting a pedi after the race this weekend!! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!! Happy 10 months of marriage :)

  3. happy 10 months girly! i dont even know how long we have been married.. wait. um. 10 months? so the same? haha!
    i need to go to target this weekend to try on those dresses. way to go walking out empty handed!
    i never go to kohls because its in an awkward place and stand alone and i'm always like eh but those are some amazing deals, and i just pretty much love everything LC makes so... i think i need to make it happen.
    have a great weekend girl!

  4. I think you need to order that dress from Target because it looks awesome! Happy 10 months, it's crazy how time flies!

  5. I just love that wedding picture - so gorgeous! I hope that is framed somewhere in your house lady! ;)
    Awesome finds!! White pants are on my summer list this year, I think they will be so cute with bright tops and my jean jacket!
    And thanks for the heads up on that coupon app! Downloading IMMEDIATELY. :))
    Haha I have absolutely done the squinting thing before! Have a great weekend pretty lady! xx

  6. I love Lauren Conrad's line- always good finds!

  7. That Target maxi looks great on you! And I'm gonna have to get that discount app! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  8. You need to order that maxi it looks so good on you! Isn't it so freaking cute on? I'm not going to lie your dressing room pic in that dress made me so happy! Yes I talk to people all the time.....basically daily that are so dumb it makes my eyes squint. I think it actually hurts my brain is that why?? I love those LC white pants! Hmmmmm may have to.....thanks girl for linking up I hope you have a great weekend!! xoxooxo

  9. Umm what, what on that coupon app? Totally going to check it out. I have a suggestion for you, when you upload a photo to blogger click "extra large" - it makes the photos a lot larger and I want to drool over your wedding picture!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi! I love your blog. Also, can you show me how to make those icons on the right panel for pinterest etc?? follow me:

  11. I cannot resist a good bargain and have totally been there with a 30% Kohl's coupon - you can always find so many great deals! Thanks for letting us know about Shopular - I'm downloading it right now!

  12. Love that dress girl and you rock it! Also those puppies are too cute! Cuddling doggies may just be one of the best things ever!

  13. So many good finds!!! Happy weekend, pretty girl!

  14. Yay for 10 months!! And I'm all about some good white pants in the summer!! Although it only takes me 10 minutes after wearing them to get them dirty...

  15. Your blog is so lovely Julie, I'm glad I came across. You are a beautiful couple. Following now.
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  16. That wedding picture is just gorgeous! And, okay I cannot so white pants. I have problems with things like eating and just generally getting things dirty, so white pants would not work for me. Ha! They're cute, though.