Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend Recap!

Well, that long weekend was much needed. And so was the sunshine and warm weather. Finally!!!
The weekend didn't really kick off to that great of a start as planned. To be honest, the hubs really ticked me off and he completely ruined the majority of it. Our lives aren't perfect and yes we do argue sometimes. Friday happened to be one of them. Long story short, he "forgot" he had to go to an archery shoot and we had a date night planned. He had been gone at work for 12 days so I was looking forward to our evening together. Obviously that didn't happen because the archery shoot was more important to him... therefore I was livid. Even called my Ma crying. I ate dinner alone {as usual} and then I had a couple drinks and sat in the sun with the dogs. Then I left the house to go over to a friends cause I sure as hell didn't want to be home when he got home. :) 
Saturday morning I headed to town because my mother in law and I were having a garage sale. I was still pissed at Michael so I was pretty much crabby the entire day. He was farming and I was selling junk to strangers. It was pretty busy and we sold a decent amount of stuff for our first day!
Saturday evening we went to Grindstone to visit some friends that camp up here. It's funny because we live up here year round and soooo many people come up here to go "up north" for the weekend.
Sunday morning before I headed back to town to do the garage sale, Michael decided he was going to till up the garden and let it dry out so we could hopefully plant it. As of earlier in the week, it was still really wet so we didn't think we would be able to. But with the nice warm weather over the weekend, it actually dried up pretty quick!
I headed to town and did the garage sale thing again. Day 2 wasn't as busy as Saturday but it was still good! I only came home with 3 small boxes of stuff that didn't sell!
 It was kind of boring sometimes just sitting there waiting for people to come when I knew there was a million things I could be doing at home. But it was so beautiful out so I got to just relax and enjoy the sunshine. My MIL's dog, Tucker, seemed to think that everyone was there to see him. He's pretty funny.

Meanwhile... back at home, Michael was working on our front porch. We had a leak last summer so we had to replace the tile and surface underneath the tile. Which has been sitting like that since the fall. So it can finally be finished now that it's nice out.
And this is the after {minus the grout that Michael still has to finish}
Sunday night we definitely needed some ice cream. I was sunburnt and exhausted. And what's a summer night without ice cream cones?! My fav!
Monday pretty much consisted of gardening the entire day! Phew, I'm feeling it today! Every year our tradition is to put the garden in over Memorial weekend. It's just the perfect time to do it and it's the "unofficial" kick off of summer!

How was your weekend?! Do you plant a garden?!
Have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear it didn't start out the way you had planned - but that just means he has to make it up to you in a really big way!! I love what he did with the porch to add the stone to the other side!! I can't wait to see all the stuff that grows in your garden - I so wish we had the space to do that!! Cheers to Tuesday doll!

  2. Sometimes guys priorities just don't make any sense at all!! Hopefully he will make it up to you and take you on a date soon! That's awesome your garage sale went well and you got your garden planted! Huge task to cross off your list I'm sure!!

  3. oh my gosh your garden is intense! love it. yay for the success of the garage sale, i understand what you mean about being kinda bored, when there are a million other things you could be doing, but sometimes its nice to sit and relax and do nothing!
    and boys, blech. sometimes they really dont get it. my husband has missed my birthday 2 years in a row because of work, and i know its not his fault, but it upsets me anyway. hope you guys are all better now! xo

  4. Awe boo to your hubby for making plans on a date night! I would be pissed too! He owes you big time!

  5. I know how you feel lady! You're not alone - all guys do that occasionally, and I know how frustrating it it! But I'm glad you got some time together later in the weekend :) We gardened all day on Monday too! But after seeing your pictures mine is laughable hahaha we just have a small "yard" - corner lot in the city - so nothing near as extensive as your awesome garden, but somehow it did take us all day! hahaha ;)

  6. Sorry your weekend got off to a rocky start. Marriage is hard and sometimes I think guys forget how things can hurt our feelings (which instantly just piss me off). But I'm glad you were able to get your garden planted! Yay! for fresh veggies soon!

  7. Girl sometimes they make us so angry you just want to scream right???? Sunlight and some drinks definitely helps cure....oh and selling your random stuff to strangers for money that you can turn around and buy new pretty things with right? Glad you are feeling better and ice creams make all my trouble disappear as you clearly have seen already ;-) xoxoxoxo (p.s love how real you are....not always sunshine and flowers right?)

  8. I feel ya on being ticked off at the hubby...sometimes they just don't think! Glad you were able to sell some things & get your garden planted! Ice cream always makes things better, doesn't it!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! Minus the being mad at your hubby part. Glad you sold lots at the garage sale and got to put your garden in!!

  10. I would've been pissed about date night getting cancelled too. Men are just dumb like that... they don't think like we do when it comes to that shit. My dad would go hunting for a week and not call my mom once... it's not that he didn't miss her, he just didn't think to do it! haha
    So jealous of your garden! We used to have a huge one and I miss it like crazy! As a kid it sucked b/c I had to do the weeding... but now that would be worth it!

  11. So exciting planting a garden! I can't wait for the hubby & I to plant one this year- my favorite veggies are zucchini squash and cucumbers!

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  12. I loved having a garden at our old house, but unfortunately we didn't get around to it in our new house this year. Oh well, next year hopefully!

  13. I waannntt a garden!! (everyone said to wait a year before flowers/garden just to see what comes up since the house is so old) looks like a fabulous weekend and I LOVE following all of your pictures!!

  14. Although your weekend didn't start great, it looks like it ended up very productive!! And ice cream makes everything better :)