Sunday, May 4, 2014

Playing Catch Up...

Did a whole week seriously just go by??? 

Phew. That sure was one of the busiest weeks I've had in a while. Lots of craziness. 
Let's catch up, shall we?

So I mentioned that a week ago from Friday, I had gotten a raise and some acknowledgement at work. Which was awesome and coincidental all at the same time. Sometimes I really wonder why weird things like this happen at just the right time... 

Last fall my job position and location changed - not by choice -{which you can read a little more about here} and my two boss' basically told me to give it time for compensation. After several months of nothing but frustration, I started praying for many things; patience, answers, improvement, acknowledgement, a raise, or simply a new job. 

In March I applied for a job at a company that is very hard to get into and has great pay, benefits, and opportunities. It has been several weeks since I've heard anything and quite frankly, I have kind of forgot about it in assumption that I wasn't a candidate. Then I had a horoscope that said something pretty out of the blue that got me thinking maybe there was hope about the possibility of a new position... 

The very same day, a couple hours after I read that horoscope on my way to work, I got a call from that company I had applied at and they wanted to have a phone interview. Coincidence? Weird? Destiny? A sign? An answered prayer? Regardless, I was excited. 

So I had my phone interview and went on with my business. Friday rolled around and my boss had a little meeting with me and that's when I received a pay increase and lots of other great compliments about the last several months with the changes. Was this another answer to my prayers? Was this a coincidence that I just had a phone interview with another company? How could I be put in such a predicament?! Regardless, I was thankful and ecstatic about the meeting I had with my boss. It was a great way to start out my Friday! 

That night when I got out of work I had a voicemail from the other company. They wanted to set up a second interview in the office! Ahhh! I was immediately confused and second guessing my desire to leave after the great meeting I had with my boss. So I called the company back and they gave me one day for an option to come in for an interview. I told them I would see what I could do to rearrange my work schedule. Her exact words were "Well if it doesn't work out then I guess you'll just have to pass up this great opportunity." Talk about pressure! So of course I was confused as all hell. I cried. I drank wine. I called my Mom. Then I called my Dad. Then I decided to call my boss and see what I could do to change my schedule. I'm an honest person. I knew there was no way I could call into work and not feel guilty about it. She understood where I was coming from and appreciated my honesty. Then I went fishing with the hubs and got my mind off it for the night. 

I thought about it more over the weekend. I came to the conclusion that I should go take the interview just to see what type of opportunity arises. But I knew I wasn't willing to call into work or use a personal day to go do something that I didn't feel 100% about. Then I had another creepy horoscope that confirmed my thoughts.

On Monday morning I let the company know I wasn't able to come in for an interview that specific day due to obligations at work and out of respect for my employer and coworkers, I did not feel comfortable calling in or leaving them short handed. I knew they only had one day open for interviews and I knew they were most likely going to tell me {again} that I would be missing out on the opportunity. But I thought this was a sign that maybe it wasn't meant to be. The next day they contacted me and told me they would like to work with my schedule to see me for an interview. Could this be any more confusing?! Long story short {even though this already become a long story} I went in for the interview later in the week when I was able to. 
To be continued.... :)  

In other news, last week was pretty busy at work. On top of after work activities and housework that kept me busy every night after work. 

Someone {not me} decided we needed to go look at RV's just to "look" at what we could get. He got the idea on Sunday and we decided to go on Monday as soon as I got home from work. The place we went to was almost 2 hours away. We wound up staying at the sales place until 9:30. We stopped to get some dinner and didn't get home until midnight. I was pretty tired at work the next day!

Wednesday I was late for work because there was terrible traffic... Lol. No joke.. living in the boonies calls for zero traffic besides cows and tractors. Quite comical if you ask me :) 

Wednesday night the hubs started an archery league at the sportsman's club so while he was gone I was able to get outside and take the dogs for a wog {walk/jog}. It was still a bit chilly out, but it was nice to get outside and get some fresh air! I'm really hoping the weather starts warming up! This 40 degree BS is gettin' old!

Thursday we may or may not have went back to the RV dealer and looked at another camper... we didn't get home until after 11 again....Talk about stressful decisions lately! I really don't want to spend the money... but the hubs does... so you'll have to stay tuned to find out who wins this battle in the making! ;-) 

Friday was my scheduled early day out of work and headed to the interview. One thing I didn't like right off the bat was that it is double the distance I currently drive. I didn't realize how far it was. Sitting in the car for over an hour was not my jam. Been there done that. Not sure that I want to do that again. One thing I did notice was that I wasn't nervous for the interview. I wasn't worked up. I wasn't anxious. When I left there I didn't question anything I did or didn't say. I didn't doubt myself. I guess you could say, I really don't care. {is that weird??} I haven't found myself being impatient about it. I must say, being in control and having the option to make the decision that is best for me {if need be} is a different feeling. The timing of all this happening is very key. I think it's really opened my eyes and I've learned that maybe I don't have it so bad...

Friday night I watched this cute little guy for a couple hours

Saturday afternoon I met up with one of my girlfriend's for a little early birthday celebration! Her birthday is tomorrow so we met up for some cocktails, catch up, unnecessary shopping, and of course laughter!  

I found these two awesome things on the sales rack at Vanity! The necklace was $5 and the scarf was on sale for $10 {normally $17}. Not a bad deal! When I told the hubs that he of course said "That's what you always say... I'm starting to not believe it!" hahahaha! Men just don't understand... ;-)

I also picked up a super cute jean jacket and a couple cute tanks at Maurices! <-- My favorite store! 

Sunday we decided we needed to uncover our camper and start getting it ready for the season. We're going camping in 5 short weeks even though it doesn't even feel like summer is ever going to get here! 

Backed 'er up to the house and got to work! I never realized how much stuff we had in our camper! Seriously... like a second home. Millions of kitchenware, towels, blankets, and pillows. And misc. junk!  

Jack enjoyed running away with the noodles. He's such a silly boy. 

Jack also enjoyed his time outside on the half way nice day. I still think it's cold out but he apparently wanted to go swimming and try to catch some fish in our pond. Such a cutie patotie. 

That about sums up the last week in the Joy's residence! 

Have a great week this week! I'm hoping ours isn't as busy! And I'm especially looking forward to spending Sunday with my Mamma for mother's day! 


  1. A cow in the road?? ha! It's been a while since I've seen that!

  2. Wow!! You got a lot going on girl!! I was in a similar situation within my job going from union to management and having over an hour long commute and losing infertility treatment coverage, I was a wreck about it. Lucki I didn't end up getting offered the job so I didn't have to make the decision. I hope that you can come to a decision that you feel good about!! I bet those cocktails were tastin good!! Xoxo!! Have a great week!

  3. Girl you definitely had a long week. I hope you drank alllll the wine! haha. The job situation with work out just how it is supposed too!

  4. wow. so much pressure. sounds like they really wanted to meet with you though. i hope it all works out!

  5. Phew what a week! When it rains it pours and it's like an ex boyfriend they always know when you're happy and come out of the woodwork - same goes for jobs and employers!! In the end you'll most definitely make the right decision for you! Love the new necklace!

  6. Haha that "traffic" picture cracks me up! My mum is from Scotland and that happened to us all the time when we were there as kids...but with heard of sheep or highland cows! haha!! Jack is so freaking cute! Deedee would go nuts with that noodle!
    You've got me on the edge of my seat with this work story lady! Can't wait to hear the rest...and who won the RV battle ;)

  7. Best of luck making a decision that is best for you. I think change is always scary but sometimes so necessary. Good luck!

  8. Girl that is the craziest story I have read in a while about a job situation. How do you feel now? Honestly, the commute would turn me off immediately. I have three miles from my job and I did that purposely. I just cannot fathom spending an hour to and from work. That will take a LOT out of your day... it will add up over the years too. It sounds like at your current employer things have improving dramatically. Sounds like a tough decision, but a good position for YOU to be in. That is freaking hilarious about the cow being in road.