Sunday, May 18, 2014

Productive Weekend Recap

 Phew! Another weekend bites the dust! And it flew by as always! But it was an awesome, very productive and sunshine filled one! Well besides two crabby spells... as some of you may already have heard... 

Friday night I almost killed {close but not really} Jack. He is so territorial sometimes and it's just such ridiculous behavior I wanted to scream. Oh wait I did. And I cried. Annnnd I beat him then made him stay in the cold garage. I was not a happy mamma. I went to bed still upset with him and then I woke up Saturday morning thinking it was a new day! Until I took my new white pants off the drying rack and seen some lovely black streaks. Instant panic and back to ultimate bitch mode. I scrubbed them. Then soaked them in oxy clean. Then rewashed them. Along with all the other items that had the same black marks on them. Then had to pick out a different outfit to wear and rush out the door to work and drive 80mph because I was late due to some stupid black streaks ruining my clothes and my Saturday morning! 

This was my pissed off face on Saturday morning that I shared with ya'll on Saturday morning on IG {@justjuliejoy}! Ha! Thanks for your sweet compliments regardless of my not so happy face! 
This is why I wanted to kill Jack... he tore up the vinyl and leather in both back doors of my car. Ugh. It still disgusts me to see that. My poor car... The hubs had a good point.. soon it's going to be his work car and I'll have a different vehicle so I guess I might get over it after all...  

Now onto the good stuff from the weekend.. no sense in dwelling over all that nonsense. I'm over it. For the moment. :) 

Saturday afternoon a group of girls headed to the city to do some wedding dress shopping for my beautiful friend that will be a bride in less than 5 short months!

It was fun, emotional, a little stressful, a little chaotic with so many ladies, but overall... VERY successful! She said YES to her dress! And she also said YES to the bridesmaids dresses and I was able to order mine! They are so comfy and elegant! I'm really excited! Also, while we were at David's Bridal, they had this dress in black and it's only $119! It's stunning! {The picture online doesn't even do it justice.. the belt is much "blingyier"} I wish I had the extra money and I would have totally been buying it!! 

For once, this Sunday I was totally looking forward to sleeping in! The hubs is still gone at work therefore I knew he wouldn't be annoying waking me up. However.. Jack and Sandy had zero interest in sleeping in. So there went that idea right out the window! 6am bright and early they were eager to eat and go potty. Go figure. I tried to go back to bed and they woke me up every half hour. Kids, I tell ya. 

From 8am until 8pm I cleaned, organized, filed papers and bills, did yard work, sorted through clothes, and played with the dogs. Phew. It was a lot. But it needed to be done. I love those types of days that you can just bust a pile of things off your to do list! 
Jack and Sandy enjoyed laying around the yard while I worked in the flower beds. Can't wait for my flowers to start blooming!! 

I also took the kids for a ride {this time in the beater pickup instead of my poor beat up car} and we visited my mother in law, Tucker, and we picked some fresh flowers and Michael's Aunts house. She has such beautiful flower gardens. 
Yeah Jack looks all cute and happy but in all reality earlier he pinned Sandy girl to the floor of the pickup because he thinks he's King shit. He's got it all wrong. I'm King shit....whose also the King of the shock collar. He needs a reality check quick. Especially before Michael gets home because that won't be pretty...  

Tucker! He's a good boy! 
I love my new bright colorful tablecloth for our dining room table from Kohls for just over $10!

Another big to do I had to finish up was my garage sale items. My mother in law and I are having a garage sale this coming weekend over Memorial Day. I pretty much marked everything $1. Soo.. it's bascially like a dollar sale. People better be out and about ready to pop some tags! One mans treasure is another mans treasure, right?! 
It doesn't look like much but seriously... there's so much! Let's just hope I can set all the clothes out without second guessing myself and taking them back home with me! Hahaha! 

I hope you had a great weekend!
Did you have nice weather?! I'm hoping it sticks around here in Michigan!
Have you ever had a garage sale?! Tips appreciated! I'm a garage sale rookie!


  1. Your stripey new tablecloth is pretty! I'm sorry about your car, though. It's totally understandable that you were upset!

  2. so sorry about your car :( i would be so sad! sounds like you had a fun + busy weekend otherwise, and yay for all the dresses!

  3. Ooooh Jack! Someone is going through a rebellious stage! And apparently I picked a really good dog name for my 2 legged child haha. That is the second dog that I've heard of with the name Tucker!
    Only garage sale tip I have is after each sale, write down how much each person in the sale made. Unless you've already agreed just to split $ evenly after. Signs at major roads with big, bold writing and plaster the info (times, location, days) on Facebook highlighting the bigger items. I post pictures of the tables when they are set up each day too. Ok so I ended up having more than that one tip. Good luck!

  4. Ohhhh Jack - sigh. I think we all know that utter frustration when a pup does something like that, I know I've been that mad at Deedee before plenty of times...but then she looks at me with the freaking sweet innocent face and I feel bad haha what a sucker ;) And I'm so sorry to hear about your white pants! :( Did the oxy work??
    That's exciting your friend found her dress! That's my kind of woman, making decisions, checking things off the to do list!
    I've never had a garage sale as of yet...but I want to soon because we have WAY TOO MUCH crap!! I want to clean it all out!

  5. I can't even handle how your pups lounge in the grass - it's so cute!! Sorry your Saturday started out so crappy - but all the IG ladies were right - you looked super pretty!! Can't wait to hear how the garage sale goes for you!! Hope you make some extra cash!!

  6. Oh man I would be PISSED if Finn tore up my interior like that!!! But your pissed face is a very pretty one!

  7. Girl I just cannot over how freaking gorgeous you are. And you have ever right to be mad at Jack, I would have cried my eyes out. I love white pants, so having those messed up and then you're dag on car?! WOW! Thankfully that will be his work truck, but still, what an eye sore! I love your new table cloth from Kohls, so summery and looks great with the flowers. Here's to a new week my good friend, I hope it is much, much better for you! XO

  8. I would have been soooo mad if my dog did that to my car too...totally feel you there girl! And good luck with your yard sale! We just had one this past weekend and it felt so good to get rid of stuff and earn a little money in the process.

  9. Sorry your Saturday got off to a rocky start. Dogs can be so frustrating sometimes. When I first saw your picture, I could have sworn you were another blogger I follow. Her name is Shay at Mix and Match Family and you look so much like her there. Both beautiful girls! And I love that scarf you have on!