Thursday, June 5, 2014

Celebrating the big 3-0!

In honor of my handsome husband’s big 30th birthday tomorrow, I thought I’d share some random things about him as well as some of the things I love about him!
Honestly, I hate the thought of getting older. The year I turned 25, I’m pretty sure I had an emotional breakdown. On the other hand, Michael could care less about any of his birthdays. There are often times that he doesn’t even know how old he is until he calculates it in his head. My point here is that men can brush off some things that women can’t. I’ve been reminding him that his big 3-0 is coming up. He doesn’t even care! Wait, I take that back, the only thing he has ever really cared about is that he doesn’t have kids before he turns 30. So I guess maybe he cares a little... silly men. I'm hoping that we can ring in his 30th birthday with many more great memories! I can't wait to celebrate with him even though he didn't want any gifts or to do anything... :)
Without further ado… 30 things {+ what I love} about the birthday guy!
1. Michael is one of the hardest working people I know!

2. He is such a hard worker! He always picks up side jobs to help foot the bills. Including the year prior to our wedding that man worked his arse off just to make sure everything was paid for on top of purchasing land 3 months before the wedding. Rather than me picking up a second job, Michael offers to do the extra work. I'm thankful for that because I had a second job for years and it was exhausting! {I'm just not that ambitious anymore...}

3. When Michael was 8, he began delivering newspapers in town. No he didn’t ride his bike. He drove his parent’s pickup. In fact, he did this for many years prior to having a driver’s license. And yes, his parents allowed this – they trusted him. {I find this fact to be hilarious, yet impressive!}

4. Although sometimes this drives me nuts, I have to admit that I do admire his obsession with being precise on everything he does. {AKA – he doesn’t half ass anything}

5. He’s always making me laugh!

6 .Michael can cook great “dip” eggs and he used to always make me them for breakfast. {key words: used to}

7. He never complains about my cooking and always thanks me for every meal I make him. Even if it’s not as good as it was supposed to be!

8. Michael actually doesn’t have a sense of smell or taste {zip. zero. zilch}. Therefore #7 isn’t as good as it sounds.

9. I love that Michael isn’t a high maintenance guy. He doesn’t complain about much, he’s happy with everything simplified.

10. Even though it’s not often, I love when Michael sings {especially a lovey country song}. And then when he messes up the words it makes me laugh. Win – win.

11. I admire that Michael has high standards and big goals in life. He loves a challenge and he isn’t afraid to work towards those goals. He will succeed because he is 110% determined to.

12. I’m thankful that Michael and I are a lot alike. – We have the same interests, goals, preferences, OCD, ADD, and anal retentive cleanliness.

13. Michael is obsessed with having “nice” things that are well kept. I’m thankful for that because I'm the same way. We can’t stand a mess, disorganization, clutter, etc. {ex: our lawn looks like a freaking golf course because he is so obsessive about it being perfect – but I’m thankful because it does look nice}.

14. He is a complete handyman. Seriously, he can do pretty much anything and if he doesn’t know, he will figure it out. Such as rebuilding a snowmobile. Working on a car. Hunting. Building anything. Electrial work. Flooring. The list goes on....

15. I’m thankful that Michael can work on our vehicles in our own shed and save us money on maintenance. I used to think it was humorous that he owned a car hoist until I realized how much he used it and how beneficial it was that he could work on our vehicles rather than pay to take it somewhere else.

16. I swear, he knows everything! He has taught me so many things I don’t think I would have ever learned.

17. Thankfully, Michael puts up with my nonsense. Such as, high maintenance {sometimes}, bitching {blame it on Aunt Flo}, shopping needs, baby blankie, clean freak, etc. I knew he was a keeper after we celebrated our first birthday together in 2010 and he accepted my craziness of smashing his truck and parking it in his garage for him to find. You can read more about that adventure {here}.

18. I love his smile! After all, that is the first thing that attracted me to his handsome face!

19. I appreciate the fact that Michael isn’t a lazy person. I could count on one hand the very few times I’ve ever seen him just waste the day away and sit on his arse watching TV or something of that nature. He’s not a gamer. He’s not a TV person. He’s ambitious and active and I appreciate that!

20. Once I seen the way Michael treats his mother, I immediately admired that and was more attracted to him. He respects her. He’s kind to her. He helps her with anything she needs. The way he treats his mother is a huge sign of how he will always treat me.

21. Michael always gives me thoughtful gifts and surprises. What girl doesn’t love surprises and/or thoughtful gifts!

22. Michael is very encouraging and shows confidence in me when I’m in need of advice or going through a struggle in life, work, etc.

23. The best funniest advice Michael has ever given me – “F*ck ‘em”. No joke that is his life motto. If they don’t like you – F ‘em. If they’re jealous – F ‘em. If that doesn’t work out as planned – F it. {now if only I could really be that care free….}

24. It amazes me how much knowledge Michael holds in his brain. I’m often like a three year old child that asks “why” to everything. And he ALWAYS has an answer.

25. Speaking of his knowledge, I’m so thankful for everything that he has taught me and continues to teach me. Especially about hunting. I’ve learned so much from him! My Dad always tells me I’m lucky to have the best teacher to hunt with and learn from!

26. Michael is a walking GPS. Seriously I can get lost no matter where I’m at. Not him. He has a map of the entire country pretty much implanted in his brain. It’s quite amazing.

27. One of the very first things Michael told me when I met him was that he was looking for a wife to start a family with. Even though at the time that wasn’t what I wanted, it sure was nice to meet a man who know what he genuinely wanted {and wasn’t afraid to say so}!

28. I can’t wait to have kids with Michael. I know he is going to be a great father, role model, teacher, and provider. I’m certain it will melt my heart!

29. I’m grateful that Michael is such a responsible young man. He’s worked since he was a child {see #3}. He purchased his first house when he was 21. He doesn’t have any debt {besides a home and property}. He taught me how terrible credit cards can be and he paid mine off when he learned about them {Victoria’s Secret got the best of my 18 year old self}. Overall, he’s one of the most responsible men that I’ve ever met.

30. Last but not least, he is the hottest 30 year old I know! Seriously, he’s so handsome! And I’m so thankful that he’s alllll mine!! ♥
Cheers to thirty years my love!

And there came me.... Our first Birthday celebration together in 2010 at a Brad Paisley concert!
I'm up and out of this neck of the woods! I've got some celebrating to do!
My brother flys into town tonight, my 2 week vacation starts in T minus 6 hours! And the hubs and I have a date night tomorrow for his birthday!!! Excuse me while I drown myself in booze... and possibly find a beach!


  1. Love all of the photos!!! Happy 30th!

  2. This is so sweet!! He was such a cute kid!! You guys are going to make some pretty babies one day!! Oh my hubby totally started delivering papers at 8 really driving the car at that age though lol!! happy 30th to your hubby!

  3. Happy 30th to Michael and yall are a beautiful couple :))

  4. Sounds like you got yourself quite the catch!! Happy birthday to Michael. I was the same way when I turned 25. I made such a big deal about it my mom bought me an "over the hill" balloon and brought it to the party we had just to really rub it in!

  5. Happy Birthday to Michael!! (Hope he sees this post, so dang cute!) I actually lost myself for a minute thinking I was ready about MY hubby. They sound SO similar it's crazy! Hope ya'll have a wonderful time celebrating and FAB vacay!!! xoxo

  6. Aww what a sweet post!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!! He sounds like a keeper :) so awesome that you two are such good friends and can laugh together - that's how Aaron and I are and I think it's so important :)

  7. happy birthday to your love! this post is too sweet and i love the last picture of you two.

  8. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! 30 is no biggie! Honestly 25 was way worse!

  9. Happy birthday to your Mr!!!! :D
    No sense of smell or taste... oh my gosh... I can't decide if I'm sorry for him or jealous! haha

  10. So sweet! Happy 30th Birthday to your hubby!

  11. Michael sounds like a fantastic hubs! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! Two weeks off?? Enjoy every second of it, pretty girl!