Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday favs {& not so favs}...

Phew! It's finally Friday! This week was a drag! TGIF! Looking forward to enjoying the weekend with the hubs and hopefully some nice weather! ☼
This week I have some favorite things to share and some not so favorite things to share....
Let's start with the not so good things...
No. 1 no so Favorite Moment
First of all... this Michigan weather is ridiculous. On Wednesday night I had to cut the grass. {That's the newest chore the hubs has added to my list of housework} I've been avoiding doing it but our lawn was starting to look like a jungle... it would be glorious if I could sit on that mower in my bikini and work on my tan.... but no. Apparently not in Michigan. I had to go inside to get a jacket, closed toe shoes, and a stocking hat! 52 freaaaaakin' degrees. WTH! Yes. It's almost July and I'm wearing a carhart. 
*I realize this is not a good picture of me but you catch my drift...*
No. 2 not so Favorite Moment{s}
As I mentioned last month.. Jack misbehaves really bad sometimes. He's jealous, protective, vicious, and territorial. It's like he turns into a completely different dog. My tolerance for his bad behavior is running on thin ice. Especially after what he did to my car. And after a fight between him and Sandy on Monday, which left 2 puddles of blood in my bed and blood trails all over the house... that thin ice of tolerance is breaking. :-/
After crying a river about it... I'm hoping to turn a new leaf with Jack by kennel training him and restricting his activities. I realize this is just a dog... but he's my baby and I really don't want to get rid of him. Hopefully his bad behavior doesn't get the best of him. Wish us luck! 
*this picture of Sandy's wounds doesn't even do the damage justice* :(
*Day 1 of kennel training for pitiful Jack Joy*
Okay that's enough of the bad stuff... onto the good stuff!
Favorite Recipe
Emily made this delicious Broccoli/Cauliflower Bacon Salad. I'm pretty sure I'll be making this for Michael's lunche side next week! {Minus the mayo... maybe ranch instead?!}
 Favorite Activity
Gardening has been going swell! This week I picked my first batch of strawberries! Yum. I had to replant some green beans and carrots because the damn deer ate them. The tomato plants are growing like weeds. And the rabbits apparently love the broccoli. Grow, garden. Grow.
Favorite Random
I seen this awesome picture online of a cloud shaped like Michigan! I mean, maybe it's not real... but I still thought it was cool.
Favorite New Item{s}
When I threw the hubs a surprise 30th birthday party a couple weeks ago... I wasn't really thinking about the gifts that people would bring him! How awesome is that?! He recieved a lot of Cabela's gift cards and I joked that he should buy me something with them. Well it turns out his idea was to buy us both new zero gravity chairs and a rocking chair for camping! What a nice man! ;) So looky looky what came in the mail! But seriously... these XL zero gravity chairs are so worth the $100 a piece!
*Notice I haven't taken down the Happy 30th Birthday sign in the garage :)*
Favorite Current Memory
I'm always finding myself caught up in old memories therefore, I love the app - Timehop. When I seen the reminder this week of one year ago of my bachelorette party, I instantly went to my facebook and starting flipping through all of the pictures. Timehop is so awesome. And so is reminiscing of the good 'ol days!♥

*Ate a ridiculous amount of jello shots :)*

Favorite iPhone "Trick"
It really works! I've been using it when I'm in a hurry or need to gain some battery life in a short period of time!
Cheers to the freakin' weekend!!
Have a great weekend! Don't forget to check out all the awesome ladies via Amanda's linkup! {I couldn't find the link!}


  1. The weather up there is ridiculous!! I'm sending warm vibes your way! Hope you have a great weekend and I hope it warms up!!

  2. Awe so sorry about your dog!! I hope the crate training helps! I can't imagine how bard that has to be! Hope you het some warmer weather up there!! Happy Friday!

  3. I am loving those zero gravity chairs - talk about the tan you'll get laying in those!! I'm so sorry to hear about your pups - hopefully the training will change his behavior!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy relaxing!

  4. Oh no that stinks to be all bundled up in July!

    yay for new awesome chairs though!

  5. So funny, as soon as I saw your header and the hunting picture I wondered if you were from Michigan and then I went to your About Me and I was right :) I grew up in Michigan so I totally understand about the crazy weather basically all year long! So sorry to hear about your dog- I can't imagine how frustrating that would be! Hopefully the new training helps with his behavior! Your garden looks amazing! I would love to grow strawberries! I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Cold clothing in July is no good! We are expecting a high of 103 when we leave for vacation next week. I am not too sure how I feel about that either!

  7. Seriously I look at your engagement pictures in your heading with the red coat on and I internally laughed at the stark difference with mine and my major boob sweatiness...moving on....

    Love your mowing the lawn hateful selfie. Greek yogurt is always a good sub...dang that looks good. I need those chairs in my life...with an adult bev. Those pictures cracked me up. Ohhhh the days right? Thank you for that life hack I had no idea.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend girl! xoxoxo

  8. OMG it's 52 degrees up there? Really?!? Girl, you need to move to Florida. It's like 152 degrees here today! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but it's at least 90 degrees right now. How fun does your bachelorette party look!?! That's a ridiculous amount of Jello shots!! Those chairs look so comfy!! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  9. boo to bad weather! oh your poor puppy, i wouldnt get rid of my pet either, i hope you train him and he starts behaving. hot damn girl that bachelorette party looks like fun (i love timehop too!) and you looked ahhhmazzzing! :)

  10. So fun to find other Michigan bloggers! :)

    XO AJ
    TheAJMinute | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin

  11. I'm so sorry about Jack :-( poor Sandy! She's looks so sweet <3

    I love your love for Jello shots! & can I have your arms please? & legs... Heck I'll take it all! Lol :-D

  12. Aww so sorry about your pups, I understand they're not just dogs, but family, so those situations are hard! I am so jealous of your garden! Hopefully next year we will have the time to put into one (this year consisted of getting the yard looking someone decent!). Enjoy your favorite drink, that one is mine too ;-)

  13. Aw thanks for the shot out lady!! Hope the salad turned out :)
    I'm sorry to hear about Jack getting rough with Sandy :( hopefully the crate training works! Deedee has been pushing my buttons lately - and now that she's like 70 lbs, the things that used to be cute and funny when she was a tiny puppy, aren't so cute and funny anymore! We might be headed towards some strict training here soon too.
    Those loungers look awesome! I say every summer I need to get myself a comfortable chair to lay out in - maybe this will be the summer I finally take the plunge! ;)
    And PS - your garden looks awesome! It's been so hot and muggy here that all of our plants are all looking like shit :(