Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh deer, look who's 30! **Surprise Edition**

I'm excited to finally share the pictures and details from the surprise 30th birthday party for Michael that I miraculously pulled off over the weekend! I've been holding in this secret and planning details for long enough! I'm relieved that it's over but more importantly.. I'm relieved that he was actually surprised!
A couple months ago when I decided I was going to have such event, I started creating some invitations on PicMonkey. Then I began getting frustrated so I turned to the blessing of Pinterest. Where I came across a similar style invitation on Etsy that I was looking to create! Paper and Pomp wound up working with me to create the perfect invite!
I couldn't have put on this party without the amazing help from my Mom, my MIL, and two of our good friends, Jarrid and Sarah!
Michael's actual birthday was Friday, June 6th. I had the day off but Michael did not. So I spent the entire day cooking, cleaning, and crafting for the party. Friday night, Michael and I went out to dinner in Lexington for his birthday. It was delicious! As I mentioned before, he didn't really care that it was his birthday and he didn't want to do much. So that's what we did. Well.. Friday night anyways. Haha.
Saturday morning, Jerrid took Michael to a 3D Archry shoot for the day. Little did Michael know, we had that planned for a couple months. But since I was pissed at him a couple weeks ago for ditching me for an archery shoot, he thought I wasn't going to let him go. He thought it was odd that I wasn't mad this time. But, it wasn't enough of a clue for him to catch on! Ha! 
Once he left, I finished up some cooking. Went to town to get all of the food I made that was in our friend's fridge. Got the beer and pop. Stopped by my MIL's to see when she would be available to help. Then I headed back home to start setting up what I could. It wasn't until almost 11am that my friend Greg got there to help me. Until then, I was all on my own and I was STRESSING!
Around 11:30 I received my own surprise! Michael's Dad and his finace, Kelly, showed up! They currently live out in Arizona and had told me that they weren't going to make it. Then they came pulling in the driveway. I couldn't even believe it! I cried happy tears and hugged them so tight!
We worked on setting everything up until 1:30 and I started stressing big time! I hadn't even gotten dressed or anything and people were showing up already! So I ran in the house and got ready as fast as I could! People kept coming in and out of my house. Letting the dogs in and out. And it was driving me insane. So I locked everyone out. I mean, I didn't get a port-a-potty for shits and giggles. Use it! Not my bathroom.
Once I got ready and mixed a stiff drink, I finally went outside to visit with everyone that was there. I was so anxious for Michael to get there!
The parking was set up across the road where it is all wooded and blocked so you couldn't see from coming down the road. All I could hope for was for everyone to be there before Michael got there. I use the app friend finder so I was watching the GPS once they were getting closer to the house. Everyone was laughing at me. :)
Around 3:10, they came pulling in the drive way. We were all standing in the garage. Once he got out of the car, my brother opened the garage door. Which was the wrong one that we were all standing in front of so we all had to shift quickly. Michael stood at the door, dazed and confused! It was priceless!
He truly was surprised. He had no idea. Which I was so surprised that he didn't pick up on any of the clues! He said his first thoughts were...
Why is the garage door opening?
Why is there tables and chairs right there?
Why are there so many people?
Where are their vehicles?
Once we yelled surprise and he just kept looking around and looking back at Jerrid, he said "where'd ya'll park?!" Too funny!
Let the party begin!

Beer "cake" {made by me!}

#30 made with pictures {by me!}

Banner {made by me!}

This is when he pulled up to the garage...
Scratching his head as he thinks about what is happening...

Then it's time to eat! 

The kids enjoyed fishing in the pond 

Jack had to get in on the attention...  
Our friend's baby, Nora. She just wanted to cuddle up and take a nap! So precious! 
Time to sing Happy Birthday!
Michael's Dad and Kelly, who surprised us from Arizona!
My friends from "home" 
Mason family {Dad, stepmom, and siblings}

Mom & Greg 

My brother, Jeramie, can never be serious :)  
All of our siblings!

Attempting to take a family photo... Jack was too excited! 

My partner in crime with wine! Sarah was such a HUGE help! She even helped keep me calm! 
Michael's Ma 

My Mom and her eldest children♥ 
Bonfire for a night capper! Oh, and a plate of food to go 'round!
All in all, everything couldn't have went any more perfect! Well besides the fact that I was a bit bummed that 90% of my/our friends didn't come. It really is a shame. However it says a lot about the ones that did make it and I am so thankful to have those friends {and the ones that notified me that they couldn't make it}. 
I was beginning to be doubtful that Michael really didn't know. But I'm glad that he really didn't and that I was able to keep it a surprise. He thanked me several times and told me he couldn't believe I pulled it off! We all know how bad I am at keeping secrets... haha!
On Sunday, the birthday boy woke up with a serious hangover and opened some of his gifts and checked out the tent blind that I got for him. He really loved that too! Hopefully all this effort gives me brownie points for life! ;)

Now I better get back to vacation... I'm hoping to catch up around the blog world next week!


  1. You did such a great job planning this party!! I love the invites - totally fit his personality!! I love the sequence of photos for the surprise - it's really great that you got that!! the photos are all fantastic and girl you have some awesome arms!!! So happy that it all turned out well!

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