Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vacation Recap + Catch Up + 27th Birthday + Photo dump ♥

Well helloooo blogland! :-)
It's been a couple hot minutes since I've been in the blogging loop. I've got some serious catching up to do! 300+ unread posts on Bloglovin'. Soooo many pictures to upload off my camera. And SO much to catch ya'll up on!
Vacation flew by. I need another one. Especially just to catch up on housework!
I'm now another year older. And so is the hubs. As you may have read about the surprise party I threw him {here}.  
 I already miss my brother after his week long visit flew by.
I can officially spill the beans about the camper battle I've mentioned a million times.... Michael won the battle of trading in the old one and upgrading... however, I won the battle of which camper we got! Ha Ha! Happy wife, Happy life! ;-) Oh and I also learned how to tow that beast of a rig myself! {more details on that whole story to come soon!}
*May 10th - when we brought our new RV home*
It's been 3 weeks since we planted the garden and we've learned that since our hound has passed away and isn't out there to howl at everything, the deer are now grazing on my goods. Not nice. On a better note, I've already picked 4 heads of broccoli!

The day after Michael's birthday party, we managed to bust ass and get both food plots planted out back. Michael was slave driving Greg and myself. I'm glad we got it done! Habitat and food source is key for successful hunting!
The first day that we left the house for camping down near my Ma's I realized I didn't pack a bra. So off to the mall we went {braless lol}. And of course a good trip to Maurice's was necessary. Something like a little birthday present for myself. :-)
I visited A LOT of family! It was simply amazing. ♥
For the first time, I met my friend's newborn, Oaklei Grace. She is a doll! ♥♥♥
I ate a lot of s'mores. Mmmm... my favorite!
I ate a lot of food! And not much of it was "healthy"! Gotta get back on the band wagon, big time!
My Dad and I share our birthdays. He turned 50 this year so my stepmom had a party for him. It was good to see family on the Mason side that we don't see often. I had a wooden sign made for his property. He really liked it!
I learned how to cut our grass with our stupid fancy zero turn lawnmower. The first learning experience years ago wasn't the greatest one. Michael convinced me to give it another shot. It was interesting, frustrating, and time consuming. Hopefully I get better at it so I can help take some yard work off the hubs hands!

I'm not going to lie, my 27th birthday was not one of my favorites. The weekend itself was nice camping. Nothing special, just low key at the campground. I was upset with  Michael for not spending time with me because he was everywhere but at our campsite. Then Sunday morning (my birthday) we had to rush to check out because we had so much stuff to do before Michael went back to work. So after cleaning up, taking the camper to where Michael is staying in it this week, driving back to the campsite, then driving home - almost 5 hours had passed. Which wasn't enjoyable and was pretty much a waste of the day {in my opinion}. Then I wound up crying because I was not happy with Michael. On the plus side, he gave me a really sweet card and an IOU for a fence he's going to build for one of my flower beds.
The only pictures I have from my actual birthday is from the morning at the campground unshowered and... umm... lovely!
The hubs is on his 3rd week of work at his new job. So far he is loving it! He's been putting in a lot of hours and learning lots. He got stationed further away than what we hoped for, therefore, he's not always coming home at night. Which is a bummer. But the important part is that he's happy, the company is secure, and he's in Michigan ALL the time!
I lasted 1 week of driving the '95 beater pickup that has no a/c and is rusted to hell. And then the first morning of my vacation I'm bouncing {literally} down the road with the dogs and damn near lose control, hear some rumbling, and black smoke every where. Yep, that bitch is parked. I'm resorting to the stick shift nowadays. At least it has a/c! Ha!
And now, for a photo dump of my vacation madness!
Mason Siblings - June 6th
Big brother, Jeramie, arrived!
Surprise 30th birthday party for the hubs - Saturday, June 7th. Lots more pics {here}

Jasmine and I - June 8th

Jasmine and Jack swimming at Grandma & Grandpa Furtah's - June 9th

Jeramie's last day - June 10th
Lunch at Pepper Joe's on Lake St. Clair with Grandpa Silly
Jack and Sandy relaxing in bed in the camper - June 10th

Rainy day stuck inside the camper - June 12th

A walk to the beach - Lake Huron - Lakeport State Park - June 12th
Relaxing day at the campground - June 13th
Another evening walk to the beach - June 13th
Fire wood or chew toy? Silly Jack!
The hubs finally got to the campground from work and enjoyed a beer! - June 13th
Friday night case-a-dilla dinner over the campfire! Best camping accessory!
Sandy girl loves her Dad!
Saturday afternoon naps in the camper! - June 14th

Our campsite - Lakeport State Park
My Aunt Tina and I! I wasn't expecting to see her so I was very excited! ♥
Dad's 50th Birthday Party!
My sweet cousins that I see rarely! ♥
My last day as a 26 year old! Where does the time go?!
Too much excitement on the beach to look at the camera...
Sandy girl relaxing in the shade. Spoiled babe. ♥
Ginger was camping too! She enjoyed being outdoors!
Sunday morning my Ma and I making breakfast for my birthday!
All the girls hanging out in our camper with me while I made breakfast. Being silly of course!
All in all, vacation was great! It was so nice to be away from work for 12 whole days! It was amazing to see so much family in that period of time! I already miss camping! But, I'm ready to get caught up on some things around the house and go run some errands!



  1. Happy happy birthday to you!! Looks like you had a nice time, it always goes by too fast. Don't worry I spent most of my birthday weekend pissed at Joe because he called me boring twice and then told me I was a baby and a party pooper for responding the way that I did!! I could've punched him. His birthday is this weekend and I've been thinking about insults I can shoot his way! ;-) glad you're back to the blogosphere!!

  2. Awe I am sad to hear you didn't have an awesome birthday :( Especially after the amazing one you threw for him! Don't let that boy off the hook!

  3. HAPPY {belated} BIRTHDAY friend!! I missed your posts but knew you'd be back with a big one! Was super excited when I saw this pop up on my blog feed :)) Yay for the new camper!! It's so nice and looks like a great time with all your family! I'm sorry your bday wasn't the best :( ...but I'm sure he will make it up to you! PS you are so gorgeous!! And love that case-a-dilla maker haha!! Welcome back lady! xx

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry you had to spend a big chunk of YOUR day driving! Ick! Love all the vacay pics...and I totally know what you mean about needing a vacation after your vacation! Haha!

  5. Looooved this post and all your pics! Happy belated birthday to you both! <3

  6. Holy crap girl... you have one busy bee! First can I just say how I adore your outfit in front of the RV with the pale green pants? So beautiful. Also, hubs got a new job?!?!?!?! I remember you talking about this a while back with you interviewing but I didn't know he was as well. Happy belated girl.

  7. lots of celebrating going on in your family!! spending time at the beach sounds like a perfect vacation to me

  8. Love the new camper! It's a home away from home! Vacation looked like a blast but 12 whole days away from work? How could it not be???

  9. happy belated birthday lovely! bummer it wasn't perfect, i hope he makes it up to you!