Monday, June 2, 2014


Another weekend has come and gone... hellooooo June!
Looking forward to the birthday month for the hubs and I!!! :)
Over the weekend we didn't do much of anything fun besides accomplished a lot of stuff around the house. Which is always exhausting yet a great productive feeling!
Friday night we attended the high school graduation! Michael's cousin was in the graduating class. Which also happens to be the last class that will graduate from Port Hope Community Schools because they are now closing the doors. Unfortunately this is where the hubs graduated from as well so it's definitely bittersweet for him. We had some cocktails {is that bad?! ha!} and then headed to the ceremony. It only lasted about an hour. The graduating class consisted of 9 students. Yes, 9. That's how small of a village this place is.
I tried to get a fun picture with our cocktail accessories in hand... but Mr fancy pants was annoyed by one selfie.
The Port Hope Community Schools Class of 2014
Saturday the hubs went fishing with his brother and his friend Jarrid. They limited out on Lake Trout and got a couple Salmon. There was one huge trout that they caught that weighed 14lbs. Impressive!

I was extremely unproductive on Saturday. I went grocery shopping. And did a lot of lounging around {aka drinking} while the guys cleaned fish.
Jack and Sandy did some lounging too. In my damn plants as always. What is with that?! 

Jack Welcomes you. Ha. He's so cute!
Saturday night as I continued my beverages and Michael continued to be the productive one... he finished the new tile on the front porch as I sat with the furbabes and watched the sunset.  
Yay! Done!
Sunday I stepped up my game and found my productive pants! We crossed A LOT of things off our to do list! 
Michael plowed up the food plots
Michael also went plow crazy while he was in the tractor and decided to make our garden larger to the south {right}. He thinks we need to plant more corn. I think know he's insane. A couple years ago we planted a million rows of sweet corn and I had corn in my crap for months. Lol. Just kidding. But seriously... On the plus side, at least I talked him into letting me plant more flowers since we have the room now.
Tucker came over and went for a swim in the pond.  
I repurposed Michael's old boots and I love them! 
I purchased this lovely chair {for less than $15 by the way!} and I'm thinking about getting a flower pot to set on it. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it here on the "side" porch or if I'm going to put it on the front porch. I feel like it looks a little crowded on the side porch... Thoughts?!
I finally finished the project of my spray painting hardware test. The first time was a fail because I didn't have primer. But I learned and tried again! This time went well! I used oil rubbed bronze spray paint. There were a few spots that chipped as I was putting it back on the door so I'm not sure about that. I hope it doesn't continue to chip away!
A couple other things we did and didn't take pictures of... {you didn't do it if you didn't take pics, right?!}
• Ate ice cream {hot weather and ice cream go hand in hand, duh}
• Primed and painted clothesline poles
• Weeded the strawberry patch
• Weeded the landscaping
• Washed the camper
• Changed the oil in Michael's car and rotated the tires
• Had a fire {which I did take pics of but they are on Michael's phone}
• Went for a ride to the farm
At last... we relaxed!
I hope you had a great weekend and beautiful weather like we did! Today, Michael headed out to his first day at his new job! How exciting! Speaking of which... I also had to clean out my car and give it up this weekend. It is now Michael's "work" car since he has to drive far. And I'm stuck with one of the pickup trucks. My options are the '95 without A/C or the huge diesel stick shift. Lord help me! Hahah! :)
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Have a great week!



  1. Haha love the pups in the dirt! They really are just too cute! Sounds like your weekend was great! I hope your Monday is too!

  2. Your pups seriously have the best life - I mean can I just lounge in the sun please!! Sounds like you got a ton accomplished - even if Saturday was spent relaxing!! Love that your husband caught all the fish - fresh seafood is always delicious!! Happy Monday and thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. My guy hates selfies too, lol! Y'all's pups are sooo cute, that's hilarious they love your plants so much!!

  4. haha my guy gets mad at one too many selfies as well. and I agree with Biana, I want your dogs life lol

  5. I love the chair on that porch! I don't mind stuff being a bit 'crowded'. A pot of annuals would be a great addition!

  6. Your dogs crack me up! So cute!! Love how the boot planter turned out!! Happy birthday month to you and your hubby!! Me and my hubby share June too for our birthday month! June babies rock!

  7. We have to keep getting on Tyson and Diesel about getting out of the flower beds too! What is up with that?!! It is like they know they are not supposed to be in there but do it anyways. Maybe we just need to make a mulch bed just for them!!! It looks like you had a great weekend and I hope you chose the stick shift this morning!!! lol

  8. I always see really cute chairs at the antique stores where they cut a hole in the seat and put a pot inside of it with flowers. You should totally do that!

  9. My dog always digs herself a big hole in the garden and plops down, too.
    I know I've gotten older when I enjoy getting things done around the house on the weekends. As long as you take beer breaks, it's all good!

  10. Hooray for birthday month!! Uh, I consider grocery shopping very productive & don't feel bad at all if I do nothing else the rest of the day. Ha! Love those repurposed boots!! I'm super jealous of your clothesline poles....I'm waiting for my hubby to give in on that wish.

  11. Birthday Month! Woot woot! I want to come spend a weekend with you so badly haha I love seeing your pics! The porch looks great and so does the garden! (and so do ya'll!!) xoxo :)

  12. You're front porch looks great!! And my effing cat does the same thing - lays in the dirt / flowers ...and then wants to come inside and sleep on my white bed! Um NO! haha :) And I think cocktails before graduations are always appropriate (and necessary)!! ;)

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the pictures of your dogs! :)

  14. I am insanely jealous of your life! I would love to live with a farm and a pond that close. Your new stoop looks fabulous too! And I'm obsessed with your pups. Hope you have a great Monday! Thanks for linking up! xo

  15. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how tiny that class is! I think we had something like 500 in mine! haha

  16. I love that last picture! I wish I could just be like that more often ;-)

    You would never tell he wasn't happy for that selfie damn those boys and their perfect smiles lol

  17. You had a productive weekend! I love the way you re-purposed those boots! And the chair on the porch looks super cute. I love the way your hardware on the doors turned out too...I'm curious to see how it lasts because I'd love to spray paint all of our hardware too.

  18. i love the repurposed boots!! succulents are so fun and easy to take care of

  19. I absolutely love what you did with the boots! And oh my gosh only NINE graduates? That is tiny! Graduations are kind of boring, so I don't judge you for the cocktail ;)

  20. Girl, your Sunday was packed! You deserved to rest on Saturday!

  21. The front porch looks great, and I love the boots-how cute is that?!