Tuesday, July 15, 2014

♥ 1st Anniversary Weekending ♥

Just like the blink of an eye, our first anniversary has come and gone. As well as another weekend of summer!
SERIOUSLY! Where does the time go??!!?!
I'm glad I was able to take some time off work to relax and spend time with the hubs. He on the other hand wasn't able to get time off work and even had to work the weekend. Womp womp.
Thursday morning I headed south to stay at the camper for the rest of the week. Michael met me there after work. I spent the day running errands and there may have been a nap or two involved when we got back to the camper! I blame that on the rain because we weren't able to be outside. :-)

I took the kids to see my friend whose a vet tech so she could trim their nails. It was nice to visit with her while I was there and very surprisingly, Jack and Sandy were very well behaved! I think it's because they know Janel and they were comfortable. 
When Michael got home from work, we had a friend of mine meet us and we went up town to the Sweet Tooth to get some ice cream. This store is amazing!!!  Did I ever mention ice cream is my favorite?!

Friday I spent the entire day at the pool! {Our camper is parked at a family member's house and they allow us to use their pool anytime! bonus!} The hubs worked. My little cousin joined me and the furbabies too.  

Friday night when Michael got home from work, we went out for an anniversary dinner at Fore Lakes - the venue/restaurant where we got married!

It was definitely a little crazy to think that just one short year ago we were standing under that gazebo saying "I do"! We enjoyed the scenery, good eats, and drinks! On our way our we were able to visit with the wedding planner that we worked with. She is so sweet!
Saturday the hubs had to work again. So I slept in until 8 and then laid in bed reading a book until the dogs were overly antsy to go outside. I tell ya, they're just like kids!
I wound up making a last minute decision to go to my great Uncle's funeral with my Grandma. My Mom is out of town and she was upset that she couldn't go. So I think it made her feel a little better that I went and that I kept my Grandma company so she didn't have to go alone. It was a little sad to think back to seeing him at our wedding exactly a year prior and there I was sitting at her funeral service.
Afterwards, I headed over to my Aunt's and Uncle's to ride jet ski's. It was a beautiful and hot summer day but daaaamn that water was freezing!

Saturday early evening we finally headed home! We went out to eat for another anniversary dinner and we of course ate our top tier of our wedding cake! Boy was that yummy!! I was surprised at how moist and flavorful it still was!!
Side note: We anticipated going somewhere for our anniversary and then opted out with the hubs starting his new job. We also opted out of getting each other gifts because we have some other things we need to spend our money on {aka - I want a lot of things}. However, Michael definitely gets the credit for thoughtfulness because he got me a sweet card and I got him noooothing! What a shitty wife I am.... ;)

Sunday was a full day of catch-up around the house! Cleaning, laundry, detailing vehicles, gardening, and yard work! And ice cream for dinner after all the work was done! Ha! :)  
Silly Jack decided to take a nap under the clothesline 
Jack also assisted with working in the garden as usual. He likes to pick the stones. Literally that dog scouts the whole garden for rocks or waits for me to throw them so he can chase them. Weirdo
The first batch of sweet corn is not lookin' so lovely... but the carrots and green beans are filling coming in! 
Aaaaand we have some produce!
Just like that, a long 4 day summer/anniversary weekend is gone in the blink of an eye! We anticpated on doing something for our anniversary but with Michael's new job we just weren't able to make it work. All in all, it was perfect and relaxing which was much needed! ♥
Thank you so very much to all of you beautiful ladies for your sweet comments regarding our wedding picture/anniversary post! Y'all make my day and I appreciate the time you take to stop by this little space of mine!


  1. Sounds like a pretty lovely way to spend your weekend, although it would have been better to spend more time with your hubby! Your garden looks great too by the way! I'm excited for summer produce, we had fresh lettuce this week!

  2. I WANT TO GO TO SWEET TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drool*

  3. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!! Your dogs crack me up! I was really happy with how good my wedding cake tasted a year later too!! Yours looks delish!

  4. Happy Belated Anniversary! Glad you were able to at least have dinner together a couple nights, even though your hubby had to work. Don't you hate when you agree to not do gifts and then he gets something? I always worry about that!

  5. Sweet Tooth looks amazing! And I can't believe Jack really will pick out the stones! Crazy!

  6. ok that store looks amazing and i need to go there. i love that you guys had dinner where you got married, so cute!

  7. How did your cake taste?! Our first anniversary is coming up on the 27th and I'm dying to try the cake since we barely got to have any at our reception! Looks like a wonderful weekend overall!

  8. What a great weekend!! That candy shop looks amazing :) I've never been on a jet ski, but it looks like so much fun!
    Glad the cake was good! I've heard lots of people say it was gross on their 1st anniversary, you must have done a perfect job storing it! xx

  9. That Sweet Tooth place looks like Heaven to me! And I think it's very cool that your anniversary dinner was at the same place you got married!

  10. I love that you guys went back to where you were married and that cake looks delicious as ever!! Happy belated anniversary to you both!! :)