Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Confessions & Currently

Lately I feel like life has been whizzing by and I haven't spent much time documenting much of it besides the weekends. I realize there are other people that read this space of mine and could probably care less, however the most important purpose of this blog is for me to document the current happenings in our crazy lives! Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new friends and I love reading every ones sweet comments too!
Here's a whole lot of randomness on my mind lately....
• I confess that I've been pretty antisocial lately. People's stupidity amazes me! Therefore, I'd just rather avoid it. Although 90% of the shit that irritates me happens at work and I can't really avoid that. Which has prompted me to take a few more vacation days in August. Wooo!
• I confess that I have been eating terribly. And I can tell because I feel like crap! I've literally been craving everything bad! Ice cream, chocolates, and deep fried everything! I blame it on  being on the road so much, living in the camper, and of course Aunt Flow...
• I confess that last week I went to Panera bread and I ordered two meals. For myself. Yep. And I ate it all. It was delicious. The southwest chicken flatbread is the bomb! And I've been craving it ever since! It's too bad that there isn't one closer than 2 hours to our house because I'd spend half my paycheck there.
• I confess that I have slight buyers remorse after getting my new bow last weekend. Even though I love it, I can't help but think about the other things we could have purchased for our home.
• I confess that even though I was feeling bad about the money the hubs spent on me.... I still couldn't resist stopping into Peebles on my way home from work. Because I had a coupon! And that couldn't go to waste, duh!! {Sorry Michael... but I only spent $60! And I saved $78!} Three maxi skirts and a pretty chevron blouse! Boom shakalaka!
• I confess that I went to bed at 8pm on Sunday night. I was exhausted and my body was sore all over from fishing and shooting my bow. Now if only I could get that much sleep on a daily basis everyone around me would agree I'm more pleasant!
• I confess that I'm about to slap some bitches. I'm in a wedding along with 7 other women {whom are not my friends besides knowing them through the bride} and only one of them has been willing to do anything or even pitch in money for the bridal shower coming up in 4 weeks. I've been pulling teeth from these broads for the past 4 weeks and it's beginning to piss me off. It's actually to the point where I send them a daily message and remind them that everything is on standstill until they send me money. I REFUSE to watch two of us pay for everything and let them get away with it. Unfortunately, the bride is the only one suffering here. Ain't nobody got time for that!
• I confess that last night I took some 1 year pictures of my friend's beautiful little girl. And it definitely gives me baby fever! Especially for how amazingly well behaved she is! It's not like one of those kids that screams it's head off and makes you not want to have kids ever! haha!

Okay enough confessions... let's talk about current happenings...
As I've mentioned before, Michael started a new job in June. A lot has changed in our lives since he started the new job. Mostly for the good. However the downside is that he was stationed over 3 hours from home and hasn't received the opportunity to transfer closer to home. Therefore, our camper has been parked in my family's backyard and he's been living out of it during the week in efforts to save travel time, gas, miles on the vehicles.
At his old job, he traveled the country and wasn't home for days, sometimes weeks. So even though he's still not able to come home on a daily basis like we wish, it's still nice that he's in the state of Michigan and I have to option of driving to the camper whenever I want.
Sooo... every week {besides this week because I have too much to catch up on around home}, I've been spending 2-3 nights at the camper with him. And commuting 2 hours {one way} to work. It's a lot, but it's nice to have that option. A typically week looks like this:
Monday and Tuesday at home. Tuesday night pack the car.
Wednesday after work go home get the dogs and head 2 hours south. Go out to eat since I have no ambition to cook after all that.
Thursday leave the camper by 6:30AM. Drive 2 hours to work. Work until 4. Drive 2 hours to the camper. Make dinner, enjoy each others company, visit family.
Friday leave the camper by 6:30AM Drive 2 hours to work. Work until 4. Go home. Michael gets out of work, goes to the camper to get the dogs and heads home.
Like I said, it's a lot for us but it's worth it. And honestly, it makes the week fly by! It's especially nice that I'm able to visit my family while I'm in the area. I'm typically back to the camper by 6 which leaves at least 4 hours to hang out or visit family/Michael. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth it because I truly love being in the area that I grew up and being so near to my family. Michael tells me thank you every night for driving to see him so much and that lets me know it's worth it for him too!
The furbabies don't seem to mind being at the camper. Whenever we leave home I say, "We're going to the camper!" And they bark and bark full of excitement! Although when I leave them in the camper in the morning, they lay in bed and give me these puppy dog sad faces!
The downside... our vehicles are racking up the miles. Our house in not being cleaned or taken care of as much. Oh well.
The next topic of conversation... we can't help but wonder where the next 3-5 years will take us. Will we still live in our current home? Will we move south? Will I be able to transfer to a different office? Will we be able to afford to keep our house and land and buy a second home? Where will Michael stay in the winter? Soooo many things we think about!
Speaking of vehicles... I've been begging for a new one. It's not going so well for me. But it's been fun looking around just because. Although it's kind of devastating when I find something I really love and then I drive by it every couple days and then the day it was gone off the lot I was pretty bummed. Then I had a dream Michael surprised me with a brand new Tahoe. Can ya tell I'm literally dreaming of a new vehicle?!

Despite all of this driving and eating out, we've been feeling really good financially. Ever since the wedding last year, we've had one thing after another come up {forced to buy land, new roof, new porch, vehicle issues, etc}. Then Michael was laid off over the terrible winter a lot. Which hurt us even more. But ever since he started his new job, we've been able to budget and get a head! Which is such a great feeling!
I mentioned before how Jack had been misbehaving and I started kenneling him. Well I opted out of the kennel and I now have been leaving both of them outside all day when I go to work. The first couple days I was a little nervous that they may run away or chase an animal down the road. But luckily, they were still home when I got there. And we've been doing it ever since. I'm not sure if they like it because they still give me that sad face when I leave. But at least they are getting fresh air and a free range of 20 acres. Although I really don't think they leave the driveway and garage. Oh, and I feel bad for anyone FedEx driver that has to deliver a package because they probably try to bite his legs off. Proof of that being as a package was delivered and literally thrown in the middle of the driveway. Haha!
Phew. That was a heavy post. I feel like I had so much more to say but I'm drawing a blank now. Anyways, that's what's been going on in our neck of the woods lately!
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Vodka and Soda


  1. Oh my gosh you did a wonderful job with the photos - you've an eye for photography!! I am obsessed with southwest chicken flatbread from Panera - it is so good!! Sorry to hear those other bridesmaids are giving you such a hard time - hopefully they shape up soon!

  2. That baby girl is A-DOR-able...and you're quite the photographer! Impressive. All that driving you've been doing makes ME tired just reading about it!

  3. what great pictures!!

    also, EFF THAT about the whole bridal shower thing. i hate lazy bitches!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. Coordinating girls you don't know is like herding cats!! Ugh I feel for you on that one. Also kudos to you for a two hour commute some mornings. Michael is lucky to call you his wife. He totally should reward you with a new Tahoe (wink,wink)

  5. I'm in the same boat as you- Everything bad for me sounds SO delicious lately!! Love the skirts and blouse- So pretty!

  6. hahahaha 2 meals! i have absolutely have done that before but normally i do take out as i'm afraid someone will notice me, but who cares ;) i'm gonna do it next time! oh the dogs must enjoy being outside, poor fedex guy though!

  7. Aww I wish I could leave Deedee outside all day - she would love it! Would not work in the city though - even though we have a fenced in backyard it would make me too nervous :( And don't you worry! I have most definitely ordered 2 panera meals before too ;) Sometimes you just need a full sandwich and full bowl of soup! haha xx

  8. Absolutely loving all of those bright prints your scored!! And talk about a deal... Michael can't be upset about that?! ;) And those pictures you took are amazing!!

  9. Oh bless your heart and good luck with those bridesmaids! I've been there. Total pain in the ass! I'm having buyers remorse too.. I bought a new showmanship outfit and when it got here it didn't fit!! Keep your fingers crossed my tailor can work some magic, otherwise pity party for two?!?!

  10. That driving is insane but totally worth it for you to be able to see Michael more! Hopefully soon he can get a transfer. You might want to lay a harder smack down on these bridesmaids, the bride picked them because she thought of them as good friends and they need to show her how great of friends they can be!!!

  11. I can totally relate to the Panera cravings… I could eat 2 meals EVERYTIME we go there… but that would kill our food budget :(

  12. Boom shakalaka is right!! Love the skirts. I read this post the other day and meant to comment. Love these confession fun!!! Love me some Panera too!!! Thanks for linking up to What You Wish Wednesday. Come back tomorrow and share your wit with us!!! Love to read your posts!