Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The story behind our 2nd home {RV}!

Considering we're spending lots of time in our home away from home lately.. I thought it was about time I share the story behind it all.

As you already know, the hubs threatened my life made me keep a secret about this whole camper ordeal... now onto the details about who started this battle and who won the battle!
As you may have read {here}... someone {not me} decided we needed to go to an RV retailer to "just look" at a new RV as well as see what we could possibly get for trading ours in. Now where in the hell out of left field did this bright idea come from, Mr. Joy?!
Well you see... what happened was... we went to visit his cousin at their campground on Friday, April 25th...They have a gorgeous fifth wheel. I mean seriously, like nicer than my home! So his cousin {whose nickname happens to be Hemroid and let me tell ya, it's quite fitting} starts telling Michael how much money he got for his old RV and how we should really go trade ours in and see what they will give us for it. Thanks hemroid. Ha!
Mind you, I didn't know about that conversation until Sunday when Michael suddenly tells me he thinks we should go look at a new camper. I'm like what?! Where did that come from?? {insert above conversation hemroid} Right away I told Michael noooo way! First of all, we got a great deal on our camper years ago and we own it free & clear. Second of all, we don't need to spend the money on a new camper and we sure as hell don't need to finance one. It's not a need.
Note: Michael started this battle.
Case in point: He wanted to prove his point that we could get a newer, affordable, nicer, bigger, used RV. Which would be especially good for the future with kids because our current camper wasn't big enough and he mentioned a few things that we have wrong with our current camper that would cost some money to fix. I didn't disagree with his points... I just didn't know if it was really necessary.
That night we got online and started checking out General RV's inventory. We saw a couple RV's that were in our price range and we decided that we would call on Monday morning to see if we could come look at them. Right away, Michael made a point to tell me I couldn't tell anyone about this. For one, he wanted it to be some "big" surprise if we got a new camper. And for two, we really didn't want to blurt out that we were shopping for a new camper if we didn't wind up following through with it. Keep in mind, I have a hard time keeping secrets. Especially from my Mom and my best friend Greg, whom I tell everrrrything. Which the hubs finds comical. I was not amused.
Monday morning {April 28th} I called to make an appointment for that evening after work. It took almost 2 hours to get there so we knew we would be pushing it before closing. On the way there the hubs reminded me that I do the talking and bargaining because I'm good at being firm. {aka a b*tch ha. Thanks dear}
We arrived and got right to shopping around.

This is the one we reallllly wanted. :(  
Most of the ones we were interested in had already sold over the weekend. So of course they show us ones that are way above our price range. Geeeez! We really didn't know what type of layout we wanted. We currently only had a travel trailer (bumper hitch) with one slide. We planned on upgrading to a fifth wheel. We determined a few things after looking at several RV's...
- The more slide outs, the better!
- Rear window layout is awesome
- Bunk beds are nice, but rare in a fifth wheel
- Bunk beds are nice but really aren't necessary for a couple who doesn't even have kids. Ha!
- Most RV's have a nicer kitchen than I have in my house!
- The colors and material in RV's is typically hideous!
So with that, we picked two favorites {one mine, one Michael's} and went inside to discuss cost. Then the salesman came back to tell us the camper I liked was sold. {see above Wildcat pic}
Then he gave us the lowest he could go on the camper that Michael liked.
Hell to the no.
Michael tried to change my mind and I put the kabosh on that. I even told the guy that my ideal payment would be $0 a month and that's the only way we would be buying that one. I think he gathered my point.
Moving on... we left the joint and headed home. It was a work night and it was going to be midnight by time we got home. We were both pretty exhausted and confused with what the next step would be.... should we keep looking at campers or should we just forget about it? I picked the latter. Who knew this would be so much work?! Although, I was suddenly interested in the upgrade after seeing how much nicer a new one would be.
Soooo....the next day the salesman messaged us about a couple other campers. We skimmed through pictures online and battered back and forth about it. Michael and I just couldn't come to an agreement. Now I was the one battling for a camper that I really liked. My how the tables turned, huh?!
A couple days later here we were going back to the RV dealer to look at this camper that we completely didn't agree on. But I insisted. Ha. Which we had looked at this one the first night we were there but we decided against it because it needed some maintenance. But the more we I thought about it after the fact, the more we I realized it was simple fixes and it may be worth the money. Michael  still wasn't interested. He argued about stupid things such as the decal colors, and the cabinet paint needing touched up, the wood floors needed replaced, and the rims having rust on them. I was trying to convince him that they were simple fixes and it would be worth it. Especially considering the price they would knock off it.
At one point, Michael was mad that we were considering a camper that I wanted. He specifically said "What is it with this happy wife happy life bull shit?! Why do you ALWAYS get your effin' way?!"
{He said that with a smile on his face}
We went back in the office and the salesman asked.. so what do you think??

I looked at Michael and said.. well you know what I think and you know I want it so it's up to you...
He smiled and told the salesman to see how low they would go and what extras they would throw in to fix.
They wound up giving us a deal on new rims and tires for it, they buffed the sticker off the front end because it was peeling so bad, they replaced the wood flooring that was cracked, and they replaced the wheel cover on the back. Minor fixes. We officially sealed the deal by putting a deposit down and set the trade for the following weekend which would give them time to fix what was needed and for us to get our camper uncovered and unpacked....

Which is when I realized how much crap we had in our camper! Geez Louise! We piled the stuff up in the garage and in the entry way until we picked up our new camper. Meanwhile, the entire week I had complete OCD every time I seen this unorganized crap laying all over the place.
Reality hadn't quite set in that we were getting rid of our camper and getting a new one. It especially hadn't set in because my weirdo husband would not let me tell a soul. I was dying inside! So I basically was in denial about it even happening since I couldn't talk about it anyways. Not fair.
Then the day came when we were headed to trade campers!
Saturday, May 10th to be exact.
It was a sunny but extremely windy day.
It was the day after Michael passed his test.
It was the day that his drug screening paperwork was supposed to arrive and didn't.
So we left in a tizzy... frustrated about the paperwork that hadn't arrived from FedEx but excited to be trading in our camper for a new one.
As we were driving, we could feel the wind pulling the camper around. So Michael mentioned that I should let them know we were going to be late because he couldn't drive fast with the high winds {30- 45 mph}. So I did. About an hour later, Michael looked in the side view mirror and cussed really loud. I looked. The awning on the camper had been ripped open and was flopping in the wind. Mind you, this is our soon to be OLD camper that we are trading in. Not good.
So we had to stop on a side road and fight the wind to bungie cord it back up. Redneck style. Then we were really late to our appointment. Then we had to explain to them what happened on the way there. Then they told us how much we would have to pay to fix it because they wouldn't accept it like that. Go figure. Then we went straight to the bar and I had a couple beers. Oh yeah, and we got our new camper. Haha!

Officially backed 'er into our driveway!
Since it's been ours and we had the front decal removed, we got a new one put on and of course, we personalized it with a deer in the logo! :-)
Phew! That was a long story! See what happens when I hold out on documenting what's going on in our crazy lives?!
So the new camper has become our second home and we are lovin' it! ♥
Side note: Michael didn't want to tell anyone because we were going on a camping trip the second week in June and he wanted to just show up to our site with this new camper and completely throw everyone off. Well come to find out, I threw him a surprise 30th birthday party on June 7th and everyone was at our house. Therefore, they found out about the camper in a way that Michael had no idea they would. so in the end, the secret was pointless and that's what killed me even more! Lol.
End Result: We both won this battle! Michael won the battle of getting a new camper and I won the battle of which camper we got! How's that for a compromise?! ;-)

Coming soon... an inside tour! {I haven't taken pictures inside yet!}

Now let's be honest... is Michael crazy for making me keep a secret over something so silly?! Do you camp? What's your preference - fifth wheel or travel trailer or tent?!



  1. My grandparents have a motorhome and my family has spent a lot of time in that--these days though, I prefer a hotel or B&B. That is quite the story, glad it all worked out in the end!

  2. How fun! I've never been toted around in an RV before... pick me up and take me for a spin, girl! :)

  3. If I camped I'd want it to be in a camper haha!! Happy to hear that you're loving the 2nd home just as much as Michael!! :)

  4. It looks so nice!! I'm glad that you came to an agreement that made you both happy :) Good team work!! Haha!! xx

  5. Can't wait to see pics of the inside of it--it looks awesome! We were going to keep my new car a secret until the next time we were back in town for a family get together, but we couldn't do it, we had to tell everyone right away haha

  6. hahaha this story was like a good book or movie and I needed popcorn! I adore the two of you and cannot wait (seriously) to see the inside!! Love it!!

  7. Y'all crack me up! My grandparents travel a good bit and have a NICE RV. And I totally understand the nicer than my house thing. I would live in theirs! Can't wait to see the inside of it!

  8. you're hilarious! cant wait to see the inside and all the fun you guys are gonna have in your second home!

  9. You’ve been through a lot of funny debates, but at least you still got the one that you liked. That one's really a winner! Anyway, I’m a little worried about the minor repairs your new RV needed. I hope it only needed a bit of touching up, and there weren't any issues with regard to the engines, or anything close to that. You might end up paying more rather than actually saving money in the purchase. All the best!

    Cristina Hamilton @ Mount Comfort RV

  10. Buying a camper can really be overwhelming because of the number of options to choose from. It’s a good thing that both of you took a lot of time to talk and compare your needs and wants. It might have taken the shopping progress longer than expected, but at least you were able to narrow down your options. I’m just glad that you still bought the one that you really wanted in the end. Good for you! Enjoy!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV Center