Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekending: New toy & fishing!

I've got a case of the Monday's. Even though we didn't do much over the weekend... it was non stop on the go. We weren't home much at all. Which makes the fast arrival of Monday morning seem even worse. Our house needs some serious TLC but who am I kidding, that will always be there! On the plus side, the hubs and I spent as much time together as possible and that's my favorite!
Friday was my first day home from being at the camper all week.
Which meant I had a million things to do. 
Michael had the dogs which meant I was lonely {pathetic, I know} and they didn't get home from work/the camper until after dark. {and you know it's late if it's after dark in July because it doesn't even get dark until almost 10!}
After I got some cleaning done and cut the grass, I headed up town to the Hotel {bar} to visit my MIL and get some good eats {bring on alllll the deep fried goods}. The bar was swamped and they were so backed up in the kitchen so I wound up helping for a few hours. Then I stuffed my face with deep fried foods. Ha. Long story short, Friday night wasn't too exciting!
Now Saturday on the other hand... that was pretty exciting! My awesome husband bought me a new toy! A Matthews Monster Chill SDX! 
Funny back story.... before we left the house I asked Michael if we could go to a furniture store to look at some bedroom sets {I've been wanting to re do our room for a year now}.... he told me "No... we don't need to spend the money right now."
Notice his priorities here...

So while Michael's bow was getting worked on we decided to look at women's bows just for shits and giggles fun... Then we started asking the guy some questions. Then I started pulling back a couple bows... Then Michael suggested if I really liked one that he would just get it for me today. Of course the one I liked was the brand new 2015 model.... not the $500 one. Ugh!
It was a tough decision. I pondered it for a little bit. Then the associate set it up for me to shoot. Then somewhere along the line we said we'd take it. Funny cause that bow cost just as much {if not more} than the cost of bedroom furniture. I guess ya gotta take what you can get, right?!  

We shot quite a bit at the store until our draw lengths and sights were on. Then we finished our errands and had lunch at the Amish barn {delicious!}. We spend the remainder of the evening attempting to sight our bows in. Key word: attempting. My arms were getting so weak and I might have hit my release trigger too soon and decked myself in the face... officially cut off!
Sunday morning bright and early we headed to Port Austin to go fishing with my BIL. It was a beautiful calm morning. Although the guys were complaining that it was too calm that the fish weren't biting. We wound up only catching 5 Walleye. And I reeled them all in. Talk about a weekend of arm workouts! Phew!

Sunday night ended very early! I was exhausted and in bed by 8! Even though it doesn't seem like we did much, we were constantly on the go! Oh, and we ate ice cream both Saturday and Sunday! Ha! Gotta love the summer nights! :) I hope ya'll had a great weekend!
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  1. Awesome weekend!!! Lucky you, I love your new bow! We really need to plan a little weekend trip to come up and stay with you guys, the boat looks like so much fun!!!!

  2. Gotta love men's logic. Lol. My hubby's taken up hunting and I finally got into the hunters safety course and have been eyeballing bows. But curious which one to get. I just need to get to the store and try them out but afraid I might leave with one :)

  3. ice cream is a must on summer nights ;) that water looks amazing!

  4. Congrats on the new toy :) Glad you were able to enjoy some ice cream on great summer nights!

  5. That looks like a fun new toy! I'd for sure knock myself out from the get-go if I tried it. lol.

  6. Ya'll are a trip!! Is it weird to say I can't wait for ya'll to have kids and see all the fun and exciting thing ya'll do for fun with him/her since ya'll are so active and adventurous!