Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekending • Wedding, Family, Offshore Races!

The past weekend was an overload of family time and a little bit of fun!

Prepare for lots of pictures!
My father in law and his fiance, Kelly, just moved back home from Arizona. So Friday night as soon as I got word that they were in the area, I went to visit them at their hotel.
They also brought along Kelly's daughter, Toria, and baby Callie. Callie is 6 months old and I've never meet her because Toria lives in the UP {Upper Peninsula}. Technically, Callie would be my niece {by marriage}. I was so excited to see them all!
Saturday morning I had to work for a couple hours. Then I came home to a house smelling like a skunk. Welll.. since the hubs can't smell, he had no idea. But he did know Sandy was wandering in the grassfield for a long time in the morning. Sure shit, she was the culprit. So guess who had to give her a bath? Not me. I shot my bow a couple times, still trying to get it sighted in. But we were running short on time for getting to our next destination.
We had a wedding for Michael's Dad's side of the family. Which we barely know anyone on that side of the family. But it was still fun! Plus, I got to see Toria and Callie again {& Rick and Kelly}!

Okay girls pics are done, Michael's turn. And this is what he does... as if I take too many pictures or something. Pish posh.  

Photobooth of course! Although I was a bit dissapointed with it... You only got one copy of the picture when you went in. So we had to go in there three times just so each of us could have a photo strip! And it was super dark. And there was barely any time to get ready for the next picture. Leave it to me to complain about a damn photobooth. :-)
Next complaint, the hubs irritated me. Every time we go somewhere I am that wife that has to nag about leaving. He never gets the hint. And then I get more and more pissed. Especially when we discuss leaving by a certain time or not staying somewhere for long yet he can't seem to zip his lips. Needless to say, we need to work on our communication skills for leaving public places rather than me turn into a roaring lion in public. Long story short, we left the wedding later than anticipated which made me tired and crabby. Oh, and I was the DD so that was icing on the cake.
Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to head to St. Clair {my hometown} for the Offshore Power Boat Races - aka Riverfest. It's usually a whole weekend of festivities but since we had the wedding on Saturday, we weren't able to. My Mom's salon is in town so she usually has a big cookout/hangout there and we can walk back and forth to the main street. My MIL and her boyfriend also joined us.
My family reserves a couple tables along the river where we watch the races. In between heats we usually take a walk down the strip and look at the vendors and such. Since it was so hot out, we opted for ice cream on our walk. Which turned out to be the most expensive ice cream I've ever had! Maybe I'm just spoiled up in the boonies where you get a huge serving for a couple dollars. But seriously, two scoops cost between $4-$5. What a rip!
Funny story about the races back in the day... My grandpa used to own the marina in town and he had many barges. In fact, his house floated on a barge in the marina. So he had a barge set up with a port a john and picnic tables and we used to load 20-30 people on it and cruise up and down the river on it. It was quite the town entertainment! Those were some good memories. I told Michael, he missed out on the good 'ol days!
Once the races were over, the black rain clouds rolled in and it started storming really bad. We got a bite to eat and headed to the camper. Turns out the storm knocked out the power. And the power is still out as of this morning. *sigh* The expected timeframe for it to be back on is tomorrow. It's a bummer, but we're thankful that the weather is cool enough that ti doesn't matter if the A/C doesn't work.
Speaking of cool weather... it was in the 40s last night and the high today is in the 50s. WHAT THE HELL! Is it July or October?! I'm so confused!
This weekend has it's goods and it's bads. I'd say the goods outweigh the bads by all means!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend other than Michael not cooperating lol that little girl is precious and you are going to make one cute momma one day after seeing you with her! I can only imagine how gorgeous your guys' babes will be (:

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Other than the skunk-smelling dogs :) I hate when I'm the DD (which is always) and I feel like I have to be the meanie who makes my hubs leave the party too early.

  3. That sounds like a great weekend!! Love the dress you wore to the wedding and I'm on the same page as you with the leaving early and the hubs not getting the hint - boy are they chatty Kathies or what?!

  4. Aw your niece is so adorable! Love the dress you wore! That color looks great on you :) Aaron does the same thing - can never take a serious nice picture, always as to make a goofy face or something!! Hmpf, men ;) haha!

  5. Callie is such a little cutie! Those eyes? That smile? Those chubby little cheeks? Ughh! Too cute! And of course you and the hubs are picture perfect once again. It's like you two were born for the camera!!

  6. That is really cool about your grandpa and his barges and floating home! :) Sweet baby!! Did she give you the fever? :)

  7. hmmmmm I just say leave him.....he would get the hint no? Sorry I have no filter ;-) Shooting your bow like Katniss style? Why can't men smell btw? I'll tell you that story later. Oh p.s you are looking pretty good with all those babes on your lap.

  8. Love all of these photos - your hair seriously has the perfect curl... very natural!! What do you do to get your wave?

  9. Awe, your niece is adorable! Sounds like a fun weekend!! Love the story about your grandpas floating home and the barges!!

  10. I'm always the one who wants to leave first, too! Hahahahaha!

  11. How fun but a big fat no to the skunk thing- miss Emma did the same thing last year! Love the pics and let me just add you look good with those babes ;) ;)

  12. No fun having a stinky dog! But overall, it sounds like a great weekend! Your hair is seriously gorgeous! Hope y'all have power now and it's been chilly here to! It was 60 degrees this morning which is chilly for SC!

  13. Looks like a fun weekend! Your niece is adorable--glad you were able to spend some time with her. Weddings are always fun too :)