Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blogging "Awards"

There are "awards" going around blogland that I've recently been nominated for! Even though I've done a couple of the Q&A's before, I figured it wouldn't hurt anybody to throw out some random facts just for fun! :)
Thank you to Leslie at the Martin Manifesto for nominating me the sunshine award! :)

Also, thank you to Ericka at This Crazy Thing Called Life for nominating me for a Liebster award as well! I'm kind of going to incorporate questions from both "awards".
11 random facts about me....
1. Growing up my nickname was Rudy {because I was rude}. In my late teenage years it became "Rudy with the big hooties".
2. I still sleep with my baby blankie. No shame in my game.
3. I make lists and excel spreadsheets for pretty much everything.
4. I've had quite a few surgeries in my day due to some injuries. One of the worst being my hip and back problem that continues to give me pain and discomfort on a daily basis.
5. One of my surgeries was a nose reconstruction which left my nostrils being two different sizes. Which I can't stand!!!
6. In high school I was a scraper. Guy or girl, I wasn't afraid to throw a punch. I was never afraid to stick up for myself or my friends. Even to this day, if I have to, I'll deck someone. {Which Michael witnessed for the first time last fall when I knocked the wind out of some trash talking dude, ha!}
7. I work for a successful Michigan based financial institution and I'm the second highest position in my office. 9 years ago, I started at the bottom. :)
8. I'm afraid of the dark and I refuse to watch scary movies.
9. I eat grilled cheese with syrup. Never without.
10. When I lived at home I literally never watched TV {unless it was with Jasmine and it was her show/movie}. Now that I live on my own, I watch TV every morning and at least 3 nights a week!
11. My lucky number is 11. Which is why Michael planned his proposal on 11/11/11. ♥
Questions from Leslie/Ericka -
1. Why did you start blogging and what's the biggest lesson you've learned from blogging? To document our lives and share with friends/family. Don't over do it and be yourself. Oh and I always watch what I say just incase the wrong person reads it. Lol.
2. Which year {age} of your life thus far has been your favorite? Why? I think my high school years were a lot of fun. But my mid 20's have been really awesome too! Marrying Michael was definitely the happiest day of my life so I would say that year was possibly my most favorite!
3. Where is the best place you've ever traveled for vacation? Our honeymoon to Alaska was quite amazing! I would love to go back! {someday I'll have to do a post on our trip since my one and only post doesn't say much!}

4. What is your favorite iPhone app? Too many! I don't have just one favorite... Gotta love music so Pandora is a must. Especially living in the boondocks where your lucky if one radio station comes in. I love my mobile banking app, and the notes app {ya know, for those lists...}
5. What is your favorite online boutique? Kiki La'Rue

6. If you could pick one celebrity to hang out with for the day, who and why? Kenny Chesney - Because he's always on a beach or an island drinking cocktails :)
7. What was your first job? If you count babysitting, I started doing that when I was like 12. After that, my first real job was a bus girl at a country club. {as in a golf course}
8. What skill would you like to learn? I would love to learn to quilt. My Grandma Mason was an amazing quilter and I always wanted her to teach me before she passed.
9 .What is your biggest pet peeve? When the dogs lick themselves. Especially when your eating dinner or when your laying in bed. That sound makes me cringe!!! I will scream at Jack out of a dead sleep if I hear it. Ha!

10. What is your favorite holiday or season? I love fall {hunting season} and Christmas is probably my favorite holiday.

11. If you had $1000 you could only spend on yourself, what would you buy? Clothes, shoes, a massage, and a pedicure!

12. If you never had to work again, and money wasn't an issue, what would you do all day? Visit family, raise my children {someday}, bake, cook, garden, craft.

13. What is one of your favorite blog posts or projects? The major "project" that comes to mind is my entryway make over. I wish I could keep the momentum going and keep updating rooms in our house!

14. What is something you are looking forward to in the next year? Starting a family, doing some updating on our house, and hopefully seeing what direction we are headed with the hubs job. I can't help but wonder if he will be able to transfer closer to home or if we will be making a decision about moving. I hope in the next year we have a better idea of those things!
I'm not nominating anyone in particular, however if your reading this and you would like to play along, I nominate YOU! ;-)
1. What is your biggest success/accomplishment?
2. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
3. What's your dream job?
4. If you won the lotto, what would you do with your winnings?
5. What app on your phone could you not imagine living without?
6. What is one item on your bucket list?
7. What is your favorite holiday?
8. What is your ideal date night?
Thanks again to Ericka and Leslie for the nominations! I hope ya'll enjoyed learning more about me! :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekending: Bridal Shower & Archery

Last week/weekend was a busy one. I didn't even have time to visit this little space let alone catch up on anyone elses posts!
Sometimes it drives me crazy but then I have to remind myself that blogging shouldn't feel like an obligation! So instead, I focused on what I needed to and I'll catch up when I can! Which isn't looking good with this coming week either... so please excuse my absense!
The majority of my week last week consisted of preparing for a bridal shower that the bridemaids I was hosting on Saturday for my dear friend, Kelsey. It was probably one of the most stressful couple weeks/days that I've had since my wedding last year. I just don't understand what people think when they are in a wedding. Besides a little help from 2 or 3 other bridesmaids, I was pretty much all on my own. Which made me want to roundhouse kick someone square in the chops! :)
Friday night Kelsey and I were up until after 11 tying up loose ends. The biggest project was baking cookies and cupcakes and finishing the favors. Which were ingredients for cookies in a Mason jar. I made up the labels on Picmonkey which turned out cute.
Saturday morning came bright and early and again, I was the only one there to transport everything to the church and set up. Kelsey and I started setting up around 9:30 and then another bridesmaid arrived to help just before 11. The rest of the bridesmaids showed up about a half hour before the bridal shower started. Needless to say, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
On a good note, everything Kelsey and I did came together well. The theme was a rustic type theme with chalkboard signs galore. A taco bar for food and a variety of delicious punch mixes.

I was relieved once the shower was over. I didn't get home until 4. Talk about along day! Once I got home, I still a pounding headache and my heart was still racing from all the stress. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and going to bed early!
Sunday morning the hubs and I headed to an archry shoot in Tuscola County. He pretty much had to twist my arm to go. I'm just not experienced enough with my bow and I didn't think I could handle shooting 50 targets from 9am to 3pm. But, sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet and do something the man wants to do. So I went. And I told him he owed me! Ha!

Good grouping between the 3 of us on the hog 
Not so good of a grouping on the elk... haha! 

The shoot actually went over better than I had anticipated. Michael and our friend, Jerrid, said they were impressed with my shooting and surprised I kept up with all 50 targets so well. On the first course {25 targets} I was doing really good. Got a lot of 10's {highest score you can get on a target} and I was beating Michael. Which pissed him off and I throughly enjoyed that! ;) But the second part of the course I started to get weak and was shooting all over the place. However, I never missed a target so that's a plus! Haha!
I'd say it was good shooting practice, good exercise, and good quality time together!
After the shoot we stuck around the clubhouse for raffle prizes and I actually won 5 prizes valued over $130! 3 of which were great things I could use for hunting! Pink ear muffs, pink broadheads, and pink arrows! Score!
I can't believe this weekend is the last weekend of August! {Cliche I know...}
Here's to another busy week!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!
Even though I'm sad that the weekend is over, I'm looking forward to a busy week and I'm ready to get it started!
Our weekend wasn't too eventful, but it was productive around the house - which was much needed! We also had some family over so that was nice!
I got to thinking... Friday's aren't exciting as they used to be. Anymore I find myself doing house work just like any other day and going to bed by 10. Ha!
This Friday however, I did not go to bed by 10 because Mr. Joy was out drinking on a boat with some dude from work that I've never met and of course I was worried about him making it off the water and back to the camper safely. Finally after 1am he let me know he made it. 5 hours later I had to get up for work. It's my own fault for being a worry wart but regardless, I wasn't very happy.
Therefore, Saturday afternoon once I got home from work, nothing was done except having a naptime. And that was the extent of my day! Until we headed out to a family BBQ for a few hours and then back home for our company that was camping at our house. My sister and I cuddled up on the couch and we all visited in the living room for the night.
Sunday morning I made fresh blueberry waffles for everyone and Michael went out back to pick some fresh blackberries as well. It was a yummy breakfast and everyone loved it! And we had some Pig Lickin' Cake for "dessert"! :)
Once the family headed out, Michael and I got to doing some yard work. First we picked peaches. Which Jackass thought we were playing fetch with the peaches. Silly dog.
We pretty much spent the remainder of the day in the garden doing some much needed weeding/rototilling. Once that was all over, I was pretty much toast for the day! But it was nice to enjoy some sunshine!

Front view
Back view 
Garden Goodies
In the evening we shot our bows. I'm still trying to get my sighted in at 20, 30, & 40 yards before I can practice shooting. My sight seems to be a little off and it's quite frustrating moving it a little bit each time. But I suppose, patience is a virtue. :)

And that about sums up our weekend! Kind of boring and pictureless but that's okay! :)
I hope you had a nice weekend!


Friday, August 15, 2014

{Not a whole lotta} Friday Favorites...

As we all know, it's Friday and that's a great thing if you ask me!
I didn't have too much of an exciting week. Played lots of catch up around the house and garden! But I did do a little bit of shopping and of course I've got to share my favorite find with ya'll!
We've got some company coming over for the weekend and I've got a couple menu items in mind! {One of which I've got to share because it's so yummy!}
I've also got a huge ass "hunnie do list" lined up for the hubs! But, I'm going to try to take it easy on him since he hasn't been home since August 3rd! Plus.... we all know the last weekend he was home{arguments and flyin' solo to a wedding} wasn't necessarily our best and I did fly off the crazy train on the poor guy.... True story.
Favorite recipe!
Since I'm having company over I thought this would be a great time to make this yummy breakfast dessert. Just kidding, I won't be feeding that to them for breakfast. However, if they weren't there, I would most definitely be eating this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
What you need:
• 1 Cake Mix {w/ pudding already included}
• 1 large can of Mandarian Oranges {do not drain}
•1/2 C Oil
•2 eggs
• 1 small tub of cool whip
• 1 small box of lemon pudding
• 1 small can of crushed pineapple {do not drain}
• Mix first 4 ingredients. {do not follow instructions on cake box}
• Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes. Let cool.
• In separate bowl, mix remaining 3 ingredients. Place in fridge.
• Once cake is cool, spread frosting over top.
And serve! :)
Favorite Find
I had to go to the city this week to do some shopping for a bridal shower I'm throwing next weekend and while I was near the mall, I decided to pop into a couple stores to see if I found any deals. And of course, I did! I found this pretty maxi at Macys on the clerance rack! Originally $40 marked down to $19.90 plus I had a 20% off coupon! You can find the skirt online here.
Favorite Garden Progress
As I mentioned last week, my garden has gotten a bit out of control and taken over by weeds since we haven't been home much! Well this week I went on a mission almost every day and was able to put a dent in the weeds. This is only 1 of the 3 wheel barrow fulls so far.... and there's lots more to go! Lord help me... :) 

Silly Jack always by my side waiting to see what I find in the weeds
Favorite Garden Goods
Right now I've been getting a lot of cucumbers and zucchini. I think the broccoli is done for the season and the tomatoes are going to be ripe next! Since I can't eat that many damn cucumbers, I finally found the time to can some pickles. So far, I've got 15 pints to stock the pantry. I'm slightly afraid to see what I wind up with considering there's a shit pile still ripe on the plants. It's a good thing I love pickles!
Well that's all I have to share today! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

W/E Recap: Camping on Portage Lake

I'm feeling thankful, relaxed, and still recovering of a full belly from a perfect weekend getaway of camping with the hubby and furbabies!
With how busy life has been and how fast the summer is flying by, I think it was exactly what we needed!
After traveling approximately 3 1/2 hours {200 miles}, we arrived to our campsite Friday night where Michael was already set up and waiting for our arrival. {"we" & "our" as in the dogs and myself, duh}
We were all extatic to get the hell out of the vehicle.
The campground was really nice! It was on a small private inland lake and it sat in a large 20,000 recreation area of really pretty land with huge trees.
Although these signs were posted all over the campground. I swear, state parks are really well maintained, but they're like Nazi's! Hence the coffee cup in Michael's hand in the above picture.. ha!
Saturday morning we decided to venture out and do some shopping near by. Of course the hubs wanted to go to Cabelas since we were so close to Dundee. Little did I know he was going to spoil me with some new hunting gear! I think I'm officially all set for bow season come October 1st! We definitely had a full cart and an empty wallet by time we left there! ;)
On our way back, we stopped at this Whitetail Museum and fed some deer by hand which was neat!

The remainder of the weekend was spent....
Napping :)

Stuffing our faces with ALLLL the s'mores!
Sunday we did all the above plus we went to the beach for a swim! Or should I say play time :)

Oh and let's not forget about the delicious breakfast we had Sunday morning! It's one of the best diner's in Michigan for breakfast and they're only open until they sell out! Luckily, we were one of the first in line when they opened and we definitely enjoyed our French toast with a side of ice cream!

Overall, it was a perfect weekend of walking, napping, eating, riding bikes, and relaxing with my favorite guy! Well.. it was perfect besides the driving to get there and home and besides the fact that it ended too soon!
Here's to looking forward to next weekend! ;)