Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blogging "Awards"

There are "awards" going around blogland that I've recently been nominated for! Even though I've done a couple of the Q&A's before, I figured it wouldn't hurt anybody to throw out some random facts just for fun! :)
Thank you to Leslie at the Martin Manifesto for nominating me the sunshine award! :)

Also, thank you to Ericka at This Crazy Thing Called Life for nominating me for a Liebster award as well! I'm kind of going to incorporate questions from both "awards".
11 random facts about me....
1. Growing up my nickname was Rudy {because I was rude}. In my late teenage years it became "Rudy with the big hooties".
2. I still sleep with my baby blankie. No shame in my game.
3. I make lists and excel spreadsheets for pretty much everything.
4. I've had quite a few surgeries in my day due to some injuries. One of the worst being my hip and back problem that continues to give me pain and discomfort on a daily basis.
5. One of my surgeries was a nose reconstruction which left my nostrils being two different sizes. Which I can't stand!!!
6. In high school I was a scraper. Guy or girl, I wasn't afraid to throw a punch. I was never afraid to stick up for myself or my friends. Even to this day, if I have to, I'll deck someone. {Which Michael witnessed for the first time last fall when I knocked the wind out of some trash talking dude, ha!}
7. I work for a successful Michigan based financial institution and I'm the second highest position in my office. 9 years ago, I started at the bottom. :)
8. I'm afraid of the dark and I refuse to watch scary movies.
9. I eat grilled cheese with syrup. Never without.
10. When I lived at home I literally never watched TV {unless it was with Jasmine and it was her show/movie}. Now that I live on my own, I watch TV every morning and at least 3 nights a week!
11. My lucky number is 11. Which is why Michael planned his proposal on 11/11/11. ♥
Questions from Leslie/Ericka -
1. Why did you start blogging and what's the biggest lesson you've learned from blogging? To document our lives and share with friends/family. Don't over do it and be yourself. Oh and I always watch what I say just incase the wrong person reads it. Lol.
2. Which year {age} of your life thus far has been your favorite? Why? I think my high school years were a lot of fun. But my mid 20's have been really awesome too! Marrying Michael was definitely the happiest day of my life so I would say that year was possibly my most favorite!
3. Where is the best place you've ever traveled for vacation? Our honeymoon to Alaska was quite amazing! I would love to go back! {someday I'll have to do a post on our trip since my one and only post doesn't say much!}

4. What is your favorite iPhone app? Too many! I don't have just one favorite... Gotta love music so Pandora is a must. Especially living in the boondocks where your lucky if one radio station comes in. I love my mobile banking app, and the notes app {ya know, for those lists...}
5. What is your favorite online boutique? Kiki La'Rue

6. If you could pick one celebrity to hang out with for the day, who and why? Kenny Chesney - Because he's always on a beach or an island drinking cocktails :)
7. What was your first job? If you count babysitting, I started doing that when I was like 12. After that, my first real job was a bus girl at a country club. {as in a golf course}
8. What skill would you like to learn? I would love to learn to quilt. My Grandma Mason was an amazing quilter and I always wanted her to teach me before she passed.
9 .What is your biggest pet peeve? When the dogs lick themselves. Especially when your eating dinner or when your laying in bed. That sound makes me cringe!!! I will scream at Jack out of a dead sleep if I hear it. Ha!

10. What is your favorite holiday or season? I love fall {hunting season} and Christmas is probably my favorite holiday.

11. If you had $1000 you could only spend on yourself, what would you buy? Clothes, shoes, a massage, and a pedicure!

12. If you never had to work again, and money wasn't an issue, what would you do all day? Visit family, raise my children {someday}, bake, cook, garden, craft.

13. What is one of your favorite blog posts or projects? The major "project" that comes to mind is my entryway make over. I wish I could keep the momentum going and keep updating rooms in our house!

14. What is something you are looking forward to in the next year? Starting a family, doing some updating on our house, and hopefully seeing what direction we are headed with the hubs job. I can't help but wonder if he will be able to transfer closer to home or if we will be making a decision about moving. I hope in the next year we have a better idea of those things!
I'm not nominating anyone in particular, however if your reading this and you would like to play along, I nominate YOU! ;-)
1. What is your biggest success/accomplishment?
2. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
3. What's your dream job?
4. If you won the lotto, what would you do with your winnings?
5. What app on your phone could you not imagine living without?
6. What is one item on your bucket list?
7. What is your favorite holiday?
8. What is your ideal date night?
Thanks again to Ericka and Leslie for the nominations! I hope ya'll enjoyed learning more about me! :)


  1. You are hilarious!! Ummm i'm dying over your nickname in high school!! Also, who knew you were such a little fighter!!

  2. LOL Love this!! Your nickname in HS is too funny...and remind me not to make you mad! And seriously, you can't even remotely tell your nostrils aren't the same size, you're crazy! Congrats on being the second highest position in your company. Get. It. Girl! :)

    <3, Pamela

  3. Did you take those Alaska photos??? Amazing!!

  4. Love this post!! Those pics of Alaska are amazing! Definitely on my bucket list. I am also a total list maker and spreadsheet maker, most organized person I know is myself! Lol. So cool that you've come so far at your job too, that's awesome!

  5. Grilled cheese with syrup? Like... like MAPLE syrup?!?!

  6. I can't stand scary movies, either.

  7. hahaha lil scrappy! I love this and learning more about you! I'm going to go ahead and say 'very interesting' to #9 and I totally do #2 as well...guilty!! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend girl! xoxo

  8. I also cannot stand hearing my dogs lick. It's so gross! I had zero to post about today, so I did the questions!

  9. Loved this! I played along and answered the questions :)

  10. I think the new entryway floor looks much better!
    "Be yourself" is a part of blogging that so many overlook, in my opinion. Don't try to become a business brand or Miss Popular - be yourself!

  11. Ummmmmmm so you shoot bows and can knock a guy out?!? Seriously I wish we lived closer so I could have a beer with you right now!

  12. hahahaha your nicknames - hilarious! i always watch what i say as well, even if real life people dont read my blog, dont want to take a chance!

  13. oh, don't even talk to me about scary movies!! there is NO way i can watch anything scary; it even took me a while to get used to the walking dead.

    Vodka and Soda

  14. Syrup?? I have got to try that!
    You are so cute and tiny (in the best way) I can't even picture you decking someone... but I love it! Just remind me to never get on your bad side ;)
    I haaaaaate scary movies/shows. Thank heavens Eric does too, so we never watch them!

  15. gorgeous blog :)