Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camper Tour!

Since I recently shared the news/story on the purchase of our "second home", it's about time I do a tour of the inside!
I mean, it's not an actual home so it will only take about 5 pictures and cover it all. Ha!

In case you didn't read the whole story behind this purchase, I'll do some slight explaining...

We had a 2003 28ft travel trailer that we purchased 3 years ago.
We were beginning to out grow it and there were a few things that needed some work on it. Which gave the hubs the idea that we needed to buy a new camper and upgrade to a 5th wheel. I tried to fight that idea, but it's obvious who won.

So on May 10th, we traded in our old camper for the new one! That same month, Michael was offered a new job. However, his starting location would be about 3 hours south of home. Therefore, our new RV has become more a second home than a camper. Michael lives in it 5 days a week. I visit his "home" when I can. And we dream of the days that we actually go on a camping trip! :)

Over the weekend we did some much needed cleaning of the camper and I decided before the hubs made a mess of it again, I would take some pictures to share!

{I'm not really sure that anyone else cares what the inside of our camper looks like but oh well!}

The day we purchased the Outback & transported it home!

Living/Kitchen/Dining in the rear

Bedroom Area {lots of storage!}

Bedroom Area {facing the rear}
Closet space on the left. Bathroom door on the left.
Shower & Sink area to the right.
Stairs to the rear living area

Sleepy tubby girl laying at their food dishes

Rear living/dining area + lots of storage space!
{with a bow & arrow on the table of course}

Rear kitchen area {where Jack begs for food as always}

Rear living area {different angle}
Our favorite things about our "new" Outback camper...
• The storage space and cupboards!
• The rear living area & large rear window
• The white cabinets & mirrors - it really brightens the space up!
• The dark wood & neutral color materials {RV's typically have hideous color schemes!}
Did I mention all the cupboard space?!
• The 5th wheel pulls much smoother than the travel trailer
• The blinds
• The openness
• The hubs can actually stand up next to the bed {most campers he can't because he's too tall}
• The full size shower {some campers are mini size which is basically unuseable}
Do you and your family camp?! Any dislikes or favorites about your unit?!
We're already dreaming about what our next camper will be like someday! There are some beautiful ones!


  1. I grew up going trail riding with my family and our horse trailer always had living quarters in the front. We never had one with really terrible colors, but a full size shower would have been awesome! And I have to agree, I love the white cabinets! It really does brighten it up!

  2. I'll have you know that I was excited to see the inside of your camper since we'll be in the market for one in about 6 months! The bedroom looks super roomy!

  3. I'm impressed with all the storage space! The hubs and I always talk about getting one and doing a tour of the western US. Although we'd probably kill each other. haha!

  4. Oh I love it - it's got so much space and like you said so much storage space!! the perfect home away from home!

  5. Julie, I'm stopping by to check out the RV you mentioned in your comment on my blog. I love it. However, if I were to camp in an RV I would not feel like I was camping at all. Ha! I grew up going to the lake and staying in a stationary camper, so that is the norm for me. :) I love this though...VERY NICE!

  6. My husband wants to buy a camper so bad, but I just don't see it being practical for us right now. Growing up we camped quite a bit, but never in a tent! If we do start camping, we'll definitely have to get a camper because I'm spoiled! ha ha.

  7. I love it!! So cute, so much storage, and looks so spacious! We have a popup but I think one day we will invest in an actual camper!! Thanks for showing it off! ;-)

  8. Oh my gosh Joy family!! This is so dang sweet!! Come on to VA next! haha

  9. so i'm pretty sure this is fancier than my house ;) lol seriously its awesome!

  10. I love it!!! This would be so much better than our tent camping, however I think I will stick to the price tag of our tent camping compared to this lol at least until we get my car paid off! Once again we are twinning...camo dog bowls, hollah hollah! I love how roomy your camper looks though, any that I have ever been in were fairly straight lined and cramped!!!

  11. I am a camper too and we love our fifth wheel :) Enjoy your new second home :)

  12. Awesome!!! Love it! It's so nice! I hope you guys are enjoying it :)

  13. man, that is LEGIT. we're going to orlando in october and because flights are so damn expensive, we're thinking of renting one of these badboys and driving it down (from toronto canada to orlando!). so excited :)

    Vodka and Soda

  14. Girl...I've been meaning to get to this tour! So glad to finally have a minute to sit down and look around the RV. I LOVE it! I adore small spaces and I would love to have something like this to travel around in! Yall are going to make so many memories! When the camper goes to rockin'...don't come a' knockin'!! Sorry...was that too much! I had to! So excited for y'alls new adventure!

  15. Now, that's what I call an RV! I'm impressed with your effort to spruce it up. I mean, most RV owners do detailing on their own, but never this good! Have you taken it out for a spin? A camper like this deserves to be on the road, even for a while. It's great you didn't encounter complications when you bought this one. Have fun with your camper!

    Marion Goodwin @ Johnson RV