Friday, August 8, 2014

Random Friday Favorites!

I've got a whole bunch of randomness to share today! Yippie for Friday!
Last week my little sister said she had a "surprise" for Michael and I. She covered up the chair with a blanket and told us not to look. She first handed us a cute heart shaped card. Which had her name, and her 3 American Girl dolls names on it. Then she pulled off the blanket which was covering the "girls" with our presents. Michael didn't know who the "girls" were so we had to introduce him. Lol. She had made these cute little covers for a water bottle decorated like a bride and groom! She told Michael "Well I was going to put yours on a beer bottle but there wasn't one in the fridge" - too funny! Long story short, I thought it was so cute and thoughtful! My mom said she stayed up past 11pm the night before making the stuff for us. So thoughtful! ♥

Wedding shoes! Or should I say bridesmaid shoes for a wedding I'm in this October! I love them! And they were 50% off!
This pregnancy annoucement video is so creative with the diet coke name bottles! The ending is so cute! If there was a crowd watching it, there would definitely be an echo of "awwwwwww" ♥
Our garden is finally starting to boom! And since we haven't been home much, it's waaaay over grown with weeds! {Which is embaressing to even share....} But at least it's producing veggies/fruit! I've been loving snacking on cucumbers, tomotoes, broccoli, green peppers, and raspberries! Next week I think I will be really busy with starting to can pickels and possible making spaghetti sauce and salsa!
Anyone up for hire to help do some weeding?! ;)

We've also got some peaches coming on our peach trees! Although the produce doesn't seem as good due to the bad spring weather and the cooler summer we've had.  

And the best for last....
I'm heading out for a weekend of camping with just the hubs! He's already been at the site for the week so I'm heading with the dogs today. And no, it's not in the normal spot we've been camping in our families back yard. This is an actual campground! Ha! :)
Have a great weekend! :)



  1. The share a coke baby announcement is so creative and original!!! Your sister is so sweet -that was so thoughtful of her! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh man your sister is adorable! Also, that coke announcement made me cry! ha! not even kidding- how cute is that!? Why can't I come up with this stuff?! Lovin' your garden goodies! Ya'll have a blast camping! (take pics!) xoxo

  3. Awwwww how cute is your sister??? Hope you have fun camping this weekend....and when you say camping you mean drinking some beers right? ;-)

  4. oh my gosh how cute is that diet coke video? except lets be real she probably shouldnt be drinking those many diet cokes, or diet coke at all if you wanna get real rude, if she's pregnant haha! your sister is so cute! have a great weekend doll :)

  5. I saw that coke announcement on Facebook and thought it was adorable! Have fun this weekend camping lady!

  6. OMG that pregnancy announcement video was the best ever!! So creative and actually entertaining! It's so sweet that your sister spent so much time working on your gifts! Too adorable!

  7. Soo sweet of your little sis!! Love those shoes too & for 50% off you can't beat that. Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Wow, those garden veggies look incredible! And how lucky are you to have such a sweet little sister :)