Monday, August 11, 2014

W/E Recap: Camping on Portage Lake

I'm feeling thankful, relaxed, and still recovering of a full belly from a perfect weekend getaway of camping with the hubby and furbabies!
With how busy life has been and how fast the summer is flying by, I think it was exactly what we needed!
After traveling approximately 3 1/2 hours {200 miles}, we arrived to our campsite Friday night where Michael was already set up and waiting for our arrival. {"we" & "our" as in the dogs and myself, duh}
We were all extatic to get the hell out of the vehicle.
The campground was really nice! It was on a small private inland lake and it sat in a large 20,000 recreation area of really pretty land with huge trees.
Although these signs were posted all over the campground. I swear, state parks are really well maintained, but they're like Nazi's! Hence the coffee cup in Michael's hand in the above picture.. ha!
Saturday morning we decided to venture out and do some shopping near by. Of course the hubs wanted to go to Cabelas since we were so close to Dundee. Little did I know he was going to spoil me with some new hunting gear! I think I'm officially all set for bow season come October 1st! We definitely had a full cart and an empty wallet by time we left there! ;)
On our way back, we stopped at this Whitetail Museum and fed some deer by hand which was neat!

The remainder of the weekend was spent....
Napping :)

Stuffing our faces with ALLLL the s'mores!
Sunday we did all the above plus we went to the beach for a swim! Or should I say play time :)

Oh and let's not forget about the delicious breakfast we had Sunday morning! It's one of the best diner's in Michigan for breakfast and they're only open until they sell out! Luckily, we were one of the first in line when they opened and we definitely enjoyed our French toast with a side of ice cream!

Overall, it was a perfect weekend of walking, napping, eating, riding bikes, and relaxing with my favorite guy! Well.. it was perfect besides the driving to get there and home and besides the fact that it ended too soon!
Here's to looking forward to next weekend! ;)


  1. Wow, that French toast looks amazing!! Lake life and camping - sounds pretty perfect to me :) :)

  2. French toast AND ice cream?!? I'm in! Looks like a fantastic way to recharge! I can't hardly believe that summer is coming to an end!!

  3. this looks like so much fun!!! I want to go camping so bad right now! We are trying to plan at least two or three trips for this Fall but we are so busy until the end of September that it is all going to be during the month of October and who knows what Anthony is going to say about that because he has scheduled time off for goose season and his brother is coming home one week. I love that the dogs stick around, I feel like ours would wander off!

  4. What a perfect weekend!! I love the photo of you feeding the deer - so cool!!

  5. ok that breakfast looks amazing. this weekend looks so fun and relaxing, no alcohol boo! IS THAT A REINDEER? it looks like one. haha!

  6. What a wonderful weekend! And seriously, WHERE is the summer going? It's going too fast.

  7. I'm sorry did I read that right....side of ice cream??? That weekend sounds like Heaven especially with the shopping and napping!

  8. Dang! Camping food never looked so good. I love that picture of you napping so cute and that s'mores is making me drool. The setup you guys had was perfect.

  9. This looks like so much fun!!! Next time I'm inviting myself! haha

  10. Looks like my kinda weekend! I love those Cabelas lounge chairs, they look so comfy!! I'm pretty jealous of your relaxing camping weekend!! I am in need of one!

  11. Looks like a great, relaxing weekend! I love napping on my zero gravity chair--so comfy :)

  12. S'mores are definitely a necessity when camping! Looks like a good and relaxing time was had by all!

  13. YUMMM smores!! I haven't had one in so long, they look so delish!
    This looks like such an awesomely perfect and relaxing weekend! Aaron and I were going to go camping this coming weekend, but things came up and it isn't going to happen now :( booo