Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekending: Bridal Shower & Archery

Last week/weekend was a busy one. I didn't even have time to visit this little space let alone catch up on anyone elses posts!
Sometimes it drives me crazy but then I have to remind myself that blogging shouldn't feel like an obligation! So instead, I focused on what I needed to and I'll catch up when I can! Which isn't looking good with this coming week either... so please excuse my absense!
The majority of my week last week consisted of preparing for a bridal shower that the bridemaids I was hosting on Saturday for my dear friend, Kelsey. It was probably one of the most stressful couple weeks/days that I've had since my wedding last year. I just don't understand what people think when they are in a wedding. Besides a little help from 2 or 3 other bridesmaids, I was pretty much all on my own. Which made me want to roundhouse kick someone square in the chops! :)
Friday night Kelsey and I were up until after 11 tying up loose ends. The biggest project was baking cookies and cupcakes and finishing the favors. Which were ingredients for cookies in a Mason jar. I made up the labels on Picmonkey which turned out cute.
Saturday morning came bright and early and again, I was the only one there to transport everything to the church and set up. Kelsey and I started setting up around 9:30 and then another bridesmaid arrived to help just before 11. The rest of the bridesmaids showed up about a half hour before the bridal shower started. Needless to say, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
On a good note, everything Kelsey and I did came together well. The theme was a rustic type theme with chalkboard signs galore. A taco bar for food and a variety of delicious punch mixes.

I was relieved once the shower was over. I didn't get home until 4. Talk about along day! Once I got home, I still a pounding headache and my heart was still racing from all the stress. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and going to bed early!
Sunday morning the hubs and I headed to an archry shoot in Tuscola County. He pretty much had to twist my arm to go. I'm just not experienced enough with my bow and I didn't think I could handle shooting 50 targets from 9am to 3pm. But, sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet and do something the man wants to do. So I went. And I told him he owed me! Ha!

Good grouping between the 3 of us on the hog 
Not so good of a grouping on the elk... haha! 

The shoot actually went over better than I had anticipated. Michael and our friend, Jerrid, said they were impressed with my shooting and surprised I kept up with all 50 targets so well. On the first course {25 targets} I was doing really good. Got a lot of 10's {highest score you can get on a target} and I was beating Michael. Which pissed him off and I throughly enjoyed that! ;) But the second part of the course I started to get weak and was shooting all over the place. However, I never missed a target so that's a plus! Haha!
I'd say it was good shooting practice, good exercise, and good quality time together!
After the shoot we stuck around the clubhouse for raffle prizes and I actually won 5 prizes valued over $130! 3 of which were great things I could use for hunting! Pink ear muffs, pink broadheads, and pink arrows! Score!
I can't believe this weekend is the last weekend of August! {Cliche I know...}
Here's to another busy week!


  1. I would only expect you to be a great shot - I mean you have the pretty pink gear and all lol!! I loved all your DIY for the bridal shower - the chalkboard signs are amazing!!

  2. Looks like the shower turned out so cute! Don't you hate when others don't do their share?! I guess since I've been a bridesmaid and hosted many showers in my day I just don't get that! You did an awesome job! Way to go shooting your bow! So cool-

  3. The shower turned out adorable! I love the favors!

  4. The shower turned out great! I don't blame you though for having a chill night on Saturday. The bow shoot looks like fun! I need to see if we have something like that around here, I need to practice so bad!!!

  5. Looks like the shower turned out great!! And I love those favors - something I'm sure people definitely enjoyed!!

  6. might have been stressful but you nailed it! Everything turned out fabulous, I love it all! (and is that a pink bow? YES!)

  7. love the shower, you are so awesome! so fabulous. and yay for winning stuff after shooting, that's always fun :)

  8. Adorable shower!!!!! Love those print outs and the plates!!

  9. The bridal shower turned out super cute! Your hard work paid off. It's frustrating when other people don't help and you have to do it all yourself, but you are a great friend for doing that!

  10. You are awesome! I tried shooting one of those type of bows before at an indoor range and I was totally crap ;)
    The shower is so beautiful, you guys did an amazing job...and I love the taco bar idea!! xx

  11. I love seeing pics of you shooting badass girl!