Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekending: Pregnancy Lesson #1

I'm not going to lie... the last couple days have been rough. But, it's a new week and I am 110% positive it can't get any worse!
Let's get right to the weekend recap. It was quite the interesting one, let me tell ya.
We'll start with a little pre-story good... then a little the bad.. and round it out with a good 'ol happy ending!
Friday afternoon I was out of work early and ready to enjoy the nice weather. Work has been complete chaos and I was really looking forward to the afternoon off! Jack and I spent the afternoon outside cleaning up the yard, pulling the remainder of dead plants from the garden, and shooting my bow.
I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty happy to be pulling all those plants and see the last of the garden for a while! Jack was also happy because we played fetch with the remaining tomatoes!
After all that hard work, an ice cream cone sounded like the right thing to do!

Shortly after that is when things went downhill. As soon as I finished my ice cream cone, I felt very sick to my stomach. I was nausea and my stomach was very crampy. I laid on the couch and wound up falling asleep for an hour. Only to wake up feeling worse. Michael was almost home so I got ready for bed and waited for him to get there. The longer I laid in bed, the worse I felt. I got up a couple times because I thought I was actually going to barf. I tossed and turned all night and continued to have lots of pain/nausea.
Saturday morning I woke up and didn't feel much better. I made my way to the shower to get ready for work and after a couple minutes in the shower, I could no longer stand up in there. I suddenly couldn't breathe without gasping for air and I couldn't comfortably stand up straight. So I got out of the shower and tried to call my Mom. By this time, Michael was already out and about doing guy stuff. Ma didn't answer so I text Michael. At that point, I was in so much pain I couldn't move out of the fetal position. Michael called me about 15 minutes later to see if it had gotten any better. I had attempted to stand up twice and that wasn't happening and as I was talking to him I was gasping for air just to speak 3 words. He said he would be right home to take me to the hospital and I said nooooO! I'm not going! {yes, like a child}.
Obviously I lost that battle and I wasn't given an option, he was taking me in. I couldn't stand up straight let alone walk, I had terrible chest/stomach pain, and I was hyperventilating trying to breathe. So... we spent all morning in the ER. Looking back, I'm glad Michael was being realistic and concerned about me and the baby and I'm thankful for that. First things first, they checked the baby's heart beat and made sure everything was okay with "it". Even though it was unfortunate circumstances, that was Michael's first time hearing the heartbeat so that was a plus!
The diagnosis: Gastritis. Apparently at 14-15 weeks of pregnancy, your body begins producing so much progesterone that it can cause acid and/or gas buildup in your stomach and chest cavity. Due to the pressure around my lungs was supposedly why I was having so much pain and such a hard time breathing. {They kind of related it to heartburn except 20x worse}
The cause: The cause is obviously from being pregnant and the body producing those extra hormones. Although, the Dr. did say that the huge ice cream cone I had may have set my buildup over the edge.
In the end, they gave me some medicine that didn't work fast enough so they hooked me up to an IV to run my bloodwork {which came back okay} and make sure there wasn't anything else wrong. About an hour after I finally began feeling relief and being able to breathe normal again, they let me go home. We were quite relieved that the problem didn't affect the baby and that it was actually something caused by pregnancy. If it weren't for having a little one developing inside of me, I would have remained stubborn and refused the hospital visit... ;) But I am glad that Michael was looking out for the better!
Since the Dr. ordered no ice cream {gasp!}, spicy foods, deep fried foods, and minimal sugar, I decided to have one last hoorah and make Buffalo Chicken Chili for dinner Saturday night. Let's just say that probably wasn't the smartest thing I ever did and I wound up back on the couch not feeling well. :(
Sunday started off much better! I was able to get some more things cleaned up and out of the soon to be baby's room! In the next couple weeks we will be getting new carpet and then hopefully after that I'll be picking out more nursery items! I can't wait for that!
I eventually managed to get dressed and actually look presentable enough to have the hubs take a bump watch photo! I'm not going to lie, it's a little awkward! I already typically have 5 meltdowns when getting dressed everyday and then to pose for a picture?! Lord help me! Oh, and then throw Jackass into the mix and it's just not that easy to get a good picture! ;)
{side note, there were 3 other pictures without Jack...but like I said, awkward!}
I also received some extremely exciting news on Sunday afternoon when I went to visit one of my best friends.... she is pregnant too! I cried like a baby when she told me! I'm so excited for her and to be going on this journey with one of my best friends!
Phew, that was a long winded post!
First question, did you have a good weekend?!
Second question, have you ever had/heard of gastritis?!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday {Fall} Favorites

Ohhhh Friday.. so nice to see you!

Just when I thought things wouldn't be so hectic after all that gardening the last couple weeks... wrong! Maybe next week?!

First of all, I have to thank each and every one of you for your very sweet comments regarding Michael and I's exciting news! We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives and I'm thrilled that my friends in this little space are excited to follow along!

The weather has been gorgeous here in Michigan! Finally feels like actual fall rather than heading straight into winter like it seemed like was happening. The  leaves are starting to change around here. Our backyard is a beautiful sight!
Another fall favorite I have going on lately is these pumpkin spiced bagels! Toasted with a little bit of cream cheese... delicious! :)
Here's another favorite fall food I've been craving! Pumpkin Spiced Rice Krispie treats! You can see my recipe here.
Besides pumpkin spiced everything and the beautiful leaves changing colors, the next important thing in the fall is hunting! Therefore, I've been practicing shooting my bow as much as possible! Definitely getting better keeping a good grouping! {Don't mind my redneck make shift target...}
Everytime I shoot, Jack has to go check out what the heck that noise was :)
Last but not least, the last week of September always reminds me of what I was doing on this weekend years ago. And Timehop also reminded me of that this week!
Now excuse me while I go make myself one of those pumpkin spiced bagels... :)
Have a good weekend!



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Exciting news! Bundle of Joy ♥

Michael and I are excited, thankful, and blessed to announce that we have a bundle of Joy {literally} on the way!
We had a little informal photoshoot done at the family farm by a friend of mine that used my DSLR. At that point, she was one of 2 people that knew and we didn't want to pay a photographer. We just wanted a couple pictures to be able to use to tell our families.
I had a wooden sign made by Arianna's Wood Design and I bought the adorable little boots from TSC.

This one is pretty funny because Michael said there just wasn't enough belly to hold onto yet :)

This would be my fav if the hubs was smiling nicer :)

As you can probably guess, this has been weighing a lot on my mind lately and it's been hard to keep a secret. We told our families 2 weeks ago. We didn't even tell our parents. Everyone was pretty shocked and excited! This will be the first Grandbaby for all of our parents and the first Great Grandchild for my family. ♥
I've learned a lot over the last couple months but I'm always looking for more information, advice, tips, etc. So for all you knowledgeable women out there, spill it!  
How far along: 13 weeks {amen to rounding out the first trimester!}
Baby Size: Length of a pea pod & weighs an ounce
Maternity Clothes: Thank goodness, not yet! But I forsee them in my near future because I hate tight pants! Suggestions?!
Sleep: Can't get enough of it!
Symptoms: Achy boobs, exhaustion, and nausea that is finally wearing off!
Cravings: Not yet. Just really picky about my food now a days. LOTS of things make me gag.
What I am looking forward to: Making progress on the nursery!
Emotions: Lots of excitement, especially now that most people know. I have my emotional meltdown moments. I seem to get stressed and panic very very easily. And I cry everytime I think about my Grandma Mason not being here.
Well, until next time! Happy Tuesday! :)


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekending: Offically Fall!

Holy shit, it's Sunday and I actually have a moment to write up a post about our weekend! Impressive if you ask me!
As I mentioned last week, things have been extremely busy around yonder. But! This weekend was a sure sign of fresh air and free time! It was marvelous!
The hubs and I were able to catch up on a lot around the house seeing as we have been so busy lately and haven't been able to keep up with things. It was a great feeling to get some stuff done, spend some time together, and relax a little! Oh, and most importantly, I got to sleep in for the first time in months!
Friday night consisted of ice cream with some friends {no pictures - fail}. Even though the Michigan weather has been terribly cold already, ice cream is always good in my books. Especially the fall flavors that they currently carry! Caramel Apple for the win!
Saturday I had to work and then get some groceries. The hubs and I went out to one of the ground blinds in the afternoon for the early doe season hunt this weekend. Unfortunately we didn't look at the radar and were completely oblivious of the severe thunderstorm rolling in... until we seen the black sky. Oooops! We only sat out for an hour but it was still nice to get out in the blind and we did see a couple deer.
On a better note, my little sister beat the rain and shot this beautiful 160lb doe! So proud of her!  
Today consisted of terrible rain, a to do list around the house {including bringing winter clothes out & putting summer attire away since this weather is obviously here to stay}, and the rest of the day was spent in the kitchen baking!
We had lots of zucchini and raspberries fresh from the garden so I did a mixture of my favorite - Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread and then I tried a new recipe from my MIL Raspberry Zucchini Chocolate Bread. Yum!

How was your weekend!? Do you have fall weather already!?


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Chili

Head on over to Reaons to Come Home to read my guest post about a delicious favorite recipe of mine!
With the fall weather approaching fast, I find that I'm always searching for warm hearty soup recipes!

If you like buffalo flavor and/or chili, you will love this! ♥

What you need:
4 cups shredded chicken {I used a rotisserie chicken because it's so convenient and cheap!}
1/2 red onion, diced
1tsp olive oil
Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo sauce - Approximately 1/2 a bottle
2 packages dry Ranch mix
1 can chicken broth
1 cup chunky salsa {I use my homemade canned salsa & it's not really thick, but it still works great!}
1 can great northern beans, drained and rinsed
1 can kidney beans, drained and rinshed 
1 small container heavy cream
shredded cheese {optional}
sour cream {optional}
green onion {optional}

Check out Paige's page for the steps!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekending & Catch up...

Excuse my minor 2 week absense over here... I've just had a whole lotta busy life craziness going on and no time to document it!
The last couple weeks I would say that gardening has consumed my life {after I get home from working 8 hours}. Almost every single day during the week, once I get home from work, I can be found in either the garden - picking veggies, or in the kitchen - preserving the veggies. I'm not going to lie, I'm getting burnt out. In the past, Michael has been home to help me. This year... not so much. Which leaves me all on my own and it's just a lot of work. There has been days that I've just said "screw it, that shit can rot" because I don't have enough time. As a matter of fact, I have already let a lot go to waste and/or given it away. The broccoli plants, pickle plants, some green bean and some zucchini plants got pulled and thrown away last weekend. Just because I've had enough. Oooops!
One day's worth of picking - green beans, sweet corn, carrots, zucchini and tomatoes below {put straight into a bag to give the hell away!} 
More tomatoes {3 of these baskets full to be exact..}
Tomatoes turned homemade spaghetti sauce
Sweet corn for the win! 
Carrots blanced and ready for freezing
**Tip for freezing veggies - after blanching, lay on a towel to absorb as much water as possible. Then place on cookie sheets covered with parchment paper. Place in the freeze overnight. In the morning, separate into freeze bags. This allows for less moisture in the veggie and more individual freezing!**
And in the end... I have a full pantry. I'm relieved that it's coming to an end. This year has been a challenge to say the least!
*L to R: Spaghetti Sauce, Green Beans, Salsa, Halved Peaches, Peach Jam, Pickles, Cherries, Strawberry Jam*
On a better note, the weekends I tend to get a break from the gardening and we've went out and had some fun. Labor Day weekend we went to an archery shoot with my Dad and Boating on Lake St. Clair with my Aunt and Uncle.
My Daddio & I

Pretty scenery on our walk through the woods 
Pink arrow beats the guys ;)  
Pink arrow beats the guys, again :)
Okay one more just for fun... :)

 We recently attended Woods & Water Weekend for QDMA. The whole damn fam went! {Meaning us and our furbabies}
I was also featured in the event catalog by MI Buck Pole, so that was neat :)
Last weekend, the hubs and I went to the Tigers game with our friends, Kelsey & Ryan! It was a bit chilly {Thank you Michigan weather} but it was still an awesome game and a great time!

Some other randomness lately....
I've snuck in lots of cuddles with my babes♥
Jackass is still up to his normal nonsense ;)
Did I mention it's cold as hell here already?! {As you may have already seen on IG @justjuliejoy}

And last but not least... I've finally talked forced the hubs into buying new carpet! More to come on that soon! Now to determine paint colors and to get rid of some old furniture in the bedrooms....

Phew, that was a long post. I guess that's what happens when you try to cram the majority of 2 weeks in! :)
Linking up with Biana for Weekending! Although mine includes 3 weekends! Ha!