Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekending: Pregnancy Lesson #1

I'm not going to lie... the last couple days have been rough. But, it's a new week and I am 110% positive it can't get any worse!
Let's get right to the weekend recap. It was quite the interesting one, let me tell ya.
We'll start with a little pre-story good... then a little the bad.. and round it out with a good 'ol happy ending!
Friday afternoon I was out of work early and ready to enjoy the nice weather. Work has been complete chaos and I was really looking forward to the afternoon off! Jack and I spent the afternoon outside cleaning up the yard, pulling the remainder of dead plants from the garden, and shooting my bow.
I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty happy to be pulling all those plants and see the last of the garden for a while! Jack was also happy because we played fetch with the remaining tomatoes!
After all that hard work, an ice cream cone sounded like the right thing to do!

Shortly after that is when things went downhill. As soon as I finished my ice cream cone, I felt very sick to my stomach. I was nausea and my stomach was very crampy. I laid on the couch and wound up falling asleep for an hour. Only to wake up feeling worse. Michael was almost home so I got ready for bed and waited for him to get there. The longer I laid in bed, the worse I felt. I got up a couple times because I thought I was actually going to barf. I tossed and turned all night and continued to have lots of pain/nausea.
Saturday morning I woke up and didn't feel much better. I made my way to the shower to get ready for work and after a couple minutes in the shower, I could no longer stand up in there. I suddenly couldn't breathe without gasping for air and I couldn't comfortably stand up straight. So I got out of the shower and tried to call my Mom. By this time, Michael was already out and about doing guy stuff. Ma didn't answer so I text Michael. At that point, I was in so much pain I couldn't move out of the fetal position. Michael called me about 15 minutes later to see if it had gotten any better. I had attempted to stand up twice and that wasn't happening and as I was talking to him I was gasping for air just to speak 3 words. He said he would be right home to take me to the hospital and I said nooooO! I'm not going! {yes, like a child}.
Obviously I lost that battle and I wasn't given an option, he was taking me in. I couldn't stand up straight let alone walk, I had terrible chest/stomach pain, and I was hyperventilating trying to breathe. So... we spent all morning in the ER. Looking back, I'm glad Michael was being realistic and concerned about me and the baby and I'm thankful for that. First things first, they checked the baby's heart beat and made sure everything was okay with "it". Even though it was unfortunate circumstances, that was Michael's first time hearing the heartbeat so that was a plus!
The diagnosis: Gastritis. Apparently at 14-15 weeks of pregnancy, your body begins producing so much progesterone that it can cause acid and/or gas buildup in your stomach and chest cavity. Due to the pressure around my lungs was supposedly why I was having so much pain and such a hard time breathing. {They kind of related it to heartburn except 20x worse}
The cause: The cause is obviously from being pregnant and the body producing those extra hormones. Although, the Dr. did say that the huge ice cream cone I had may have set my buildup over the edge.
In the end, they gave me some medicine that didn't work fast enough so they hooked me up to an IV to run my bloodwork {which came back okay} and make sure there wasn't anything else wrong. About an hour after I finally began feeling relief and being able to breathe normal again, they let me go home. We were quite relieved that the problem didn't affect the baby and that it was actually something caused by pregnancy. If it weren't for having a little one developing inside of me, I would have remained stubborn and refused the hospital visit... ;) But I am glad that Michael was looking out for the better!
Since the Dr. ordered no ice cream {gasp!}, spicy foods, deep fried foods, and minimal sugar, I decided to have one last hoorah and make Buffalo Chicken Chili for dinner Saturday night. Let's just say that probably wasn't the smartest thing I ever did and I wound up back on the couch not feeling well. :(
Sunday started off much better! I was able to get some more things cleaned up and out of the soon to be baby's room! In the next couple weeks we will be getting new carpet and then hopefully after that I'll be picking out more nursery items! I can't wait for that!
I eventually managed to get dressed and actually look presentable enough to have the hubs take a bump watch photo! I'm not going to lie, it's a little awkward! I already typically have 5 meltdowns when getting dressed everyday and then to pose for a picture?! Lord help me! Oh, and then throw Jackass into the mix and it's just not that easy to get a good picture! ;)
{side note, there were 3 other pictures without Jack...but like I said, awkward!}
I also received some extremely exciting news on Sunday afternoon when I went to visit one of my best friends.... she is pregnant too! I cried like a baby when she told me! I'm so excited for her and to be going on this journey with one of my best friends!
Phew, that was a long winded post!
First question, did you have a good weekend?!
Second question, have you ever had/heard of gastritis?!


  1. So glad you are ok! You sound stubborn like I am! Lol! How will you survive without your ice cream? Hopefully knowing the pain it can cause you will keep you away from it. Again, glad you're ok! And how exciting about your best friend! Love the bump pic! You look amazing!

  2. Oh girl I'm so happy to hear that everything is okay with you and the little one!! Listen to the doctor girl!!! You look so pretty in your bump picture!! How fun that you and your friend are going on this journey together!! xo

  3. I'm glad everything turned out okay. Your bump pic is adorable!

  4. You look amazing!! I hope you continue to feel better this week. I love your dress-garnet and black are my college colors.

  5. Girl! That is crazy that ice cream would do that to you! I'm glad everything is ok and hope you feel better. Cute bump!

  6. I was scared when we were texting on Saturday and am so glad this turned out to be something pregnancy related and not something wrong with Bebe Joy. I am glad you are feeling better and as for the ice cream and spicy foods I will eat your share for you (; Congrats on getting to share your pregnancies with your best friend, how much fun!

  7. oh girl you poor thing, how terrifying! hopefully the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing.

  8. I was reading this post and got so anxious halfway through I am so happy to hear everything is okay with the baby! Sorry about the no more fun food. On a lighter note I literally busted out laughing by McCreepster in your last picture. Way to photobomb right???

  9. I love this so much I could cry! (not the sicky part and I'm glad you're home and feeling better) you look so unbelievably adorable in the bump pic girl! L-o-v-e! xoxo

  10. That is so scary that you were in such and pain had trouble breathing! Glad you went to the hospital and they were able to figure out what it was, and that you and the baby are ok now! You look beautiful in your photo :)

  11. SO glad everything is okay. Pregnancy can be so scary and exciting at the same time. You look beautiful in your bump photo.

  12. Aww girl! Sorry you're having a rough pregnancy to start. Glad they were able to figure out what was causing you pain and while it totally sucks you don't get ice cream, or spicy foods at least you're feeling better now! You look absolutely amazing so you shush with that awkward nonsense! Have a MUCH better weekend this weekend!!!

    <3, Pamela

  13. Girl...I know I'm late but I hate you had such a bad weekend! I can't imagine how freaked out you were but really glad you went in to be checked out. Gotta keep the little one healthy! Also, we had your chicken chili last week and! Absolutely mouth watering good! Thanks so much for sharing it!