Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bump Watch ♥ 18 Weeks

How far long: 18w4d

Weight Gain: 6lbs  12lbs {insert scared face} Apparently I don't get on the scale enough because as of about a week ago I was only at a 6lb gain and this week at my Dr. she came in the room saying "Well it looks like your finally gaining weight!" Umm wow.

Baby Size: According to my app - Approx 6oz. According to my ultrasound - 10oz. {is that a bad sign?! Haha}
Maternity Clothes: Dress pants, leggings, one pair of maternity jeans {love them!}, and the belly band to help with the non maternity pants! {highly reccomend all of the above no matter how far along you are!}

Sleep: Some days are better than others! I'm not as tired as I was during the first trimester so that's been nice! But I am typically sleeping 9-10 hours a night with the exception of a few times that I'm waking up starving, uncomfortable, or having to urinate!

Movement: I think I felt the baby move last weekend but I haven't felt it since so I'm not positive! It was just like what I've read - a flutter feeling! ♥

Cravings: Steak, cheese, ham roll ups, french fries

Gender: Unknown! However we DO have an envelope as of my appointment yesterday and we are just trying to determine what exactly to do for a reveal.... My instict is a boy

Belly Button: OUT! Already! Ahhh! How can this be?! Lord help me!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Certain smells. The sound of a customer slurping on his sucker at work the other day made me almost vomit. Chicken grosses me out {depending on how it's cooked}. And the smell of fresh broccoli.... barf.

What I miss: Wine and going #2 on a regular basis

Emotions: Pretty normal.. not overly emotional or easily pissed off like I was during the 1st trimester. :)

Dreams: The latest and greatest was that all along we were told we were having a girl and then came delivery day... the baby was a boy!

Hubby's thoughts: I asked Michael what his instict on what we were having... he then informed me that it's a boy, for sure. That's what he planned for and he's "just not interested in having a mini Julie. Buuuut... I guess if it is a girl, I'll just have to deal with another one of you". I laughed and laughed and laughed.... :)

Favorite Moment of the week: Going to the ultrasound and seeing such a change in the baby! And my Mamma went with me so she was able to see him/her for the first time! Annnnnd we went "window" shopping for some baby furniture! That was fun!

What I am looking forward to: Not driving this stick shift huge pickup that I have to pull myself/jump into... Shopping and preparing the nursery!


  1. You look great!! What an exciting and special chapter of your life!! :) I thought of you today when I was in Walmart and saw their awesome jewelry/ statement necklaces!!

  2. Gah you are so gorgeous and lookin' fabulous! (I laughed with the ham roll ups from last nights convo) Love the ultrasound photos and for some reason I'm thinking boy for you too!! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  3. aww you look fabulous!! i hope its a girl for your husband hahahaha!

  4. haha going #2 on a regular basis!! That has gotten better for me, but some days...ooof. You look great btw!! Can't wait to find out what you're having!!

  5. Girl, you are too stinkin' pretty! I can't handle people smacking gum or candy and I'm not even pregnant! I hope it's a mini Julie!!!

  6. So crazy that you think you felt the baby - I bet it was amazing!!! I'm thinking boy!