Friday, October 31, 2014

Five Friday Favs

This is my 4th post for the week! Isn't that impressive?! And at one point earlier this week, I was completed caught up on my bloglovin' feed! I would say that's one for sure sign of a much more relaxing week!
Let's get right to it... this week was definitely a great one!
First and foremost... my dr appointment went great this week and my Mamma joined me for the first time which meant she also seen her grandbaby for the first time! He/She is growing and healthy! We were in the ultrasound room for a good 10-15 minutes and it was just such an amazing thing to watch! I could have sat there for hours! ♥♥♥ {see 18 week bump watch post for more details!}
• TWO •
These Jessica Simpson maternity jeans!
They are a great fit, they don't look like Mom jeans, and I love the color!
The gender of the baby has been placed into an envelope and passed onto my friend. Now we must determine how to find out! It's a toss up between a gender reveal party with close friends and family... or just a photo shoot with Michael and I. The tough part is planning a party around our work schedules, holidays, and hunting season. Not to mention all the details that consist of a party. I'll take any advice/suggestions/comments on how to decide! The hubs of course says "whatever you wanna do I don't care..." So helpful isn't he! ;)
• FOUR •
Jasmine bought a book for me called "Sisters" and sent it home with Michael this week with a note on it that says "Julie - you have to read this" So I of course text her to tell her thanks and to let her know I got it but I haven't gotten to read it yet. She responded back and said "okay but you NEED to read that book". I just thought it was adorable :)
• FIVE •
As I've mentioned before... Michael has been living out of our camper while at work due to the long distance. However, now that it's getting down to low 30's at night, the camper needs to be winterized and put into storage. So we decided he was going to bring it home this week. Then he got stationed even further away and we decided it just wasn't money smart to have him driving the pickup all week {which would cost around $500 in fuel} just to be able to bring the camper home at the end of the week. Soooo.... that left one option: for me to haul the sum bitch home by myself.
Mind you, I've only pulled it once before and he was with me to help. Of course Michael always has confidence in me because he thinks more highly of me than I do myself... so he talked me up and gave me some tips. I forewarned him not to be pissed at me if I took out the side of the camper on a sign or another vehicle or something. Instead, I proved myself wrong and made it 100 miles home. Parked it, unhooked it, and there it sets in our driveway. I think I deserve a beer for that one. Oh wait... I can't have one so please, someone, have a drink for me! That was stressful!
And one more just for fun... Jack boy just waiting for some attention while I get ready for work :)
Have a good weekend! Happy Halloween!



  1. I say rip that damn envelope open and surprise Michael with your own little party! Kuddos to you though, I seriously couldn't stand not knowing if I had an envelope....(even though we never found out with our 3).

    Way to go on bringing the camper home, no way in hell would I have done it, lol!!

  2. How special you had your Mom with you- ultrasound pictures blow my mind, I think it's incredible you can actually see your baby inside of you! I am impressed you hauled that camper too!! :)

  3. oh goodness I don't know about the gender reveal - i think just the two of you is cute in a photography session or something, you can catch your surprise and all that. then you can have a party later to surprise everyone else!

  4. Oh my gosh - your ultrasound picture is amazing - love it!!

  5. You and your sis are so sweet! I've had to pull my husband's boat in his truck and I cannot even imagine doing it by myself. I am so impressed! I would have been nervous too.

  6. Those jeans look super cute!! I love that shirt you have on in the pic of you in the truck and in your bumpdate post, so cute!! Can't wait to hear the gender! I think pink!

  7. It's a good thing you passed the envelope on to someone else! There is no way I couldn't open it!

  8. EEKK!! Look at that ultrasound picture - so sweet <3 <3
    Good job on hauling that big camper! Stuff like that always makes me so nervous!
    Happy Halloween friend!! xx

  9. Wow! Props to you for hauling that thing my yourself. I would have backed into something.

  10. To avoid the stress of planning a party you should have your friend do the photo shoot, especially with you two being so busy! Either way though I am sure you will both be so surprised!!! I cannot wait to find out what the little bebe is :) My Dad did a similar thing to me too, he had me haul the trailer with literally all of our wedding decorations and everything to the reception hall the day before our wedding. I was scared to death and it was my first time pulling a trailer without him!!!! GAH reading this brought back the adrenaline I had that day :) So happy you got it there in one piece! Happy Halloween!!!!

  11. We have our next ultrasound in a month and I cannot wait to see an actual human looking little guy in there! haha. So cool that you got to watch yours for 15 minutes! Our party was small, so it wasn't that stressful, but I did end up running around a bit for decorations. It was fun to have people there to share it with though. Either way you want to do it though will be special! I broke down and bought those pants last weekend too! Nice work on hauling that thing 100 miles. I would be scared ****less. :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Girl, I don't know how you have the gender in an envelope and not peeked yet! I would be dying!!! You rock for getting the camper all the way home...I could never do that. I love the photo shoots where they pop the balloons and have pink or blue confetti on the inside. You could do something like that then share the photos with your friends and family over dinner. That way you wouldn't have to really plan much!

  13. Those are some clear ultrasound photos, how sweet! And I can't believe how much patience you have for finding out the gender! I absolutely cannot wait for our anatomy scan will want to know as soon as we start!

  14. That will be so fun to find out the gender! I am sure you will think of a great way to do it, too!