Monday, October 13, 2014

Northern MI Fall Color Tour

I'm not sure how I managed to get so lucky.. but this past weekend I crossed a couple more things off my fall wish list, thanks to my awesome husband! And it was a long weekend due to the paid holiday off! Winning!
As I've mentioned before, I've always wanted to go to the tunnel of trees as well as a fall color tour up north! However... since hunting season is in the fall, it's always been out of the question. I literally joked 3 weeks ago with some of our friends who were planning a trip about how I'll dream about going forever because Michael will never take off hunting to go. Well..... I was wrong! Michael asked me if I wanted to go on a spontaneous trip and I was all about it! He picked the places, booked the hotel, and drove me there. I was just along for the ride :)
We headed to the tip of the Mitten on the west side of the state and figured as we color toured along the way, we would end at the tunnel of trees and then head back south for the night. To our surprise, the tunnel of trees was barely changing colors yet. Which was a little bit disappointing. The closer to the lakeshore you got, the less colors the trees were. Which we never would have thought that... but now we know.
Lake Michigan

{I wanted to stop and take a picture of us here but someone refused to take a picture in "someone else's driveway}

Tunnel of Trees

This is the closest thing I got to a "fall picture". He was not into it.

We ended the night doing some random backroading looking for fall colors... thank goodness the hubs has an excellent navigational beacon and never gets us lost :)
Sunday morning we got up bright and early because Michael had a great idea to go Elk viewing on some state land. That turned into two tracking in the Malibu and pretty much being stuck in the middle of no where all morning. Oh, and we didn't see any damn elk. But we did find some delicious caramel hot apple cider drinks at a coffee shop! And I behaved by getting a kids size because lord knows I didn't want to have a sugar overload and wind up in the hospital again!

Deadman's Hills

Overall, it was a much needed mini getaway together! I was really happy with his suggestion to go! Especially to give up a weekend of hunting!
Now looking at my fall wish list... I'd say I pretty much did everything except the fall photos! Which I'm pretty sure is not going to happen after all the denied opportunities I had after this weekend. I even had the tripod with us and he was like nope... no... That's dumb... Nope... Then when I said well I really wanted fall pictures for Christmas Cards! He responds with... bull shit... I know you better than that.. You'll want winter pictures for that too.... {insert wide eyed emoji} I'll just shush up and be happy with everything else he did for me! :)
Have you done anything on your fall wishlist?! Does your man hate taking pictures with you like mine does!?


  1. So pretty! Our leaves are starting yo change down here too! I am so glad you guys got to do this. Just tell Michael you have to take them because it's your last fall before baby joy is here!!!!

  2. You just CAN'T beat Michigan when it comes to Fall!

  3. Haha I love his response that you'll want winter pictures for your Christmas cards! Sounds like a great little weekend trip though! All your pictures are beautiful!!

  4. That first picture of lake Michigan is just beautiful!! Tell Michael he needs to cooperate with his pregnant wife on pictures!! :)

  5. OMG so jealous of how gorgeous these pictures are! I miss the leaves changing so much! And tell Michael he doesn't want to upset the pregnant lady so he better do whatever to make you happy! :)

    <3, Pamela

  6. Aw how sweet of him!! Looks like it was a great trip - and wow! How beautiful all the scenery is! xx

  7. aw what a fun time! the pictures are gorgeous and your fall photo is perfect ;) the top of that hot cider looks amazing - just give me the caramel and the cream, yum.

  8. OMG what gorgeous scenery!!!! It looks like you had an amazing getaway. AND YES my husband is over pictures, I am not. (If it happened and you didn't Instagram a beautiful picture of it, did it really even happen?)

  9. Even thought the trees weren't really changing too much yet, you got some gorgeous pictures!! I've never been to the tunnel of trees before, but I just might have to make a trip there soon.

  10. What beautiful pictures! That is the perfect fall scenery!

  11. What gorgeous views! And so sweet of Michael for planning it! I love that he saw right through your fall/winter pictures! Sounds like he knows you too well!

  12. Ohhh man this is absolutely gorgeous! Makes me love Fall even more and those pictures ya'll took- all of them are frame-worthy!! xoxo