Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pregnancy Q&A ♥

I've seen a couple cute Q&A posts by my fellow expecting blog friends, Brittany and Elise, so I thought I would steal their idea do the same! These are basic questions that I get asked on a regular basis! If anyone has any additional questions, I would be happy to answer them!
Boo to taking pictures indoors with poor lighting!
Q: How far long are you?
A: 17w4d
Q: When is your due date?
A: March 29, 2015 {the hubs jokes that we're going to have an April fools baby!}
Q: How have you been feeling?
A: I've had my good and bad days. As I mentioned before, I ran into a little complication at the beginning of my second trimester and was in the hospital due to gastritis. Now that I'm aware of how my body handles the hormone overload, I have found that it's easier for me to watch what I do/don't eat to avoid having that problem again. Other than that, I've felt pretty good! Definitely can't get enough sleep or eats! My body apparently needs more food than I have an appetite for which causes me to not feel the greatest if I don't eat when my body tells me to {which is like every 1 1/2 - 2 hours!}
Q: Do you still workout?
A: Yes. During the first trimester not so much.... I didn't have the energy and I was nausea in the afternoon/evening so I skipped out a lot during the first 10 weeks. Now that I've been feeling better it's much easier and more enjoyable to work out again. I think seeing my body change {wider...rounder...flabbier} it's that much more of a motivator to get moving!
Q: Are you going to find out the gender?
A: That... I really don't have an answer for yet. However, I do know one thing... The hubs doesn't have time off work to attend any Dr. Appointments with me, therefore we both agree that I should not find out on my own without him being able to be there. We both agree that a gender reveal part would be ideal for us finding out together although we aren't 100% sure that we are going to do that yet. Next week I have an ultrasound and I think I will take an envelope for them to put it in just in case!
I know Michael could care less either way... but me on the other hand, I'm an OCD/type A/organizaer/planning freak! I just can't imagine NOT knowing! But I suppose, if that's the road we take, I will just have to wait to decorate that little nursery! ♥
Q: How/when did you and Michael find out?
A: The first sign was a missed period. The second sign was the tiredness and super sore boobs. Since Michael wasn't home during the week from work, I waited for him to be home to take a HPT. The first one that I took was first thing in the morning {sometime after our 1st anniversary}. I peed on the stick and then ran to the living room to tell Michael "You go look!" So he went in the bathroom, telled back at me "What do you want it to say?" I said "Ummmm! I don't know! What does it say?!" He brought it to the living room and we both looked at it. There was a very faint horiztonal line {+}. We just weren't sure. Was it faint because we weren't? Was it a bad test? Was it too early to tell? We just weren't confident in the results. So we shrugged it off and said we would try again another day.
The next morning I woke up and this time I took 2 tests of different brands. Michael was still in bed so I grabbed the tests wrapped in TP and ran back to bed. Once a couple minutes had passed we looked at the sticks and this time the lines were very distinct! Michael said something along the lines of "Yep, I'd say your pregnant!"
Q: How did you tell your families?
A: When we first discssed "trying" Michael brought it up that he didn't want to tell anyone we were going to start trying let alone that we were expecting as soon as we found out. I had some health issues in the past and we just didn't want to take that risk of telling people we were trying and then wind up having complications. We wanted to keep it between us until we knew for sure that it was possible to convieve and then again wait until we knew there wasn't a chance of miscarriage.
As soon as we found out, I had told one of my friends. Then after 8 weeks, I told another one of my friends and asked her to take pictures of us for the announcement cards we were going to give to our families. We kept our mouths shut until we were 11 weeks along. Over Labor Day weekend we made arrangements to visit all of our parents and present of the cards I had made up.

Friday night we had Michael's Dad and Kelly over to share the news.
Saturday morning we visited Michael's Ma.
Sunday morning we went to my Dad and Miriam's. We also gave my little brother and sister their own annoucement card as well.
Sunday night we went to my Mom and Greg's and my little sister Jasmine was there as well.
Monday we stopped at my Grandma Julie's and my Aunt Starr's. The following week we went to my Grandpa Silly's to give him his card.
Of course everyone was very excited and surprised because for one, they had no idea we were tring and for two, they couldn't believe I was able to keep a secret for that long!
My older brother, Jeramie, lives in Seattle WA so the following week I send him out a  little package that included an anncouncement card and a tshirt. In the package I gave him strict directions that requested a video recording of him opening the card and present - otherwise I would beat him up! So that was really cute when he got the package and sent me the video! Crazy Uncle indeed!
Q: Have you picked out names?
A: Surprisingly... nope! Although I do have a list of them in my phone that I've jotted down over the last couple months but Michael and I have never discussed them. Lol.

Q: Will you go back to work?
A: Yes. We haven't really worked out a definte plan for day care, although the costs will be minimal compared to what my weekly income would be. As much as I would love to be a stay at home Mom, It's very hard for me to give up my career or the possibilty of losing a future manangement opportunity which is what I went to school for and what I've worked towards at this compant for 10 years.

Q: Do you have any nursery ideas?
A: A couple "styles" that I like but no, not anything in particular. We are getting new carpet in the room this weekend and I'm hoping to look at some furniture ideas next week. If it's a boy I think I want a woodsy theme and if it's a girl I think I want a pink princess looking room!

Q: How do you think Jack & Sandy will handle the new bundle of Joy?!
A: I'm honestly not sure! It's a big concern of mine being as Jack is overly jealous, rough, and protective. Jack already takes every toy or clothing item out of the babies room. And Sandy doesn't like kids.... I feel bad because they have always been my "kids" and I don't want to push them away, but I think our of safety for the baby, it will be best to gate them off of the main section of the house. Michael doesn't agree but hopefully we will work on that in time.

Q: Will you do bump updates on the blog?
A: I most definitely will! This is a blog about documenting our life as The Joy's and adding a mini to our family is an important part of it that I will not want to forget! I hope my friends/readers continue to follow along as I venture on this new journey!



  1. i don't think i'd be able to keep it a secret very long, lol. love the cards you made!

  2. March is pretty much the best month ever :)

  3. I was waiting for this!!! This is so great- I so wish we lived closer to each other!!! (love the crazy uncle pic hahaha) xoxo

  4. I can tell from reading your blog for a while that your little sister Jasmine is your heart, so I know you will be a good Mom! And how exciting to become an aunt at her young age!!

  5. Loved reading all these Q&As. I love the cute cards you had made for your family to tell them!

  6. Love it and yes you two should definitely have a gender reveal, even if it is just the two of you!!! I need to know what Baby Joy is so that I can start buying all the baby stuff I have been seeing (; I told Anthony I really want to plan a trip to Michigan to spend a weekend with you guys before the baby is here but we are not real sure when that is going to happen especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Maybe in January we can do it and get to experience all the snow you guys get up there!!!