Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Productivity & Relaxation

Happy Monday!
I'm looking forward to lots of great things this week so I'm not complaining about Monday morning for once!
This weekend was one of the first weekends we didn't have plans and tons of places to be. Which meant we had lots of stuff to cartch up on around the house. And I had big plans of catching up on some sleep!

Friday night I sat on the computer catching up on blogs and looking at nursery furniture. Michael didn't get home from work until 9. Holy cow, furniture is so expensive! Of course the set I want is like $1200... and of course Michael shot that one right down.
Saturday morning Michael went hunting and I slept in. Our new carpet got installed in the 3 bedrooms. The guy was supposed to show up at 9am and instead he showed up at 11am. Which kind of put a damper on the rest of our day.
The morning was spent pretty much cleaning and moving the rest of the furniture out of the last bedroom. Then we finished the garden up for the year. I had a couple squash left to pick and the onions. Then Michael tilled it all up. Including the corn that I planned on using for decorations around the house and that just never happened so I said screw it. There's always next year :)
Then Michael got several phone calls to come help farm on two different farms. Which was kind of frustrating because people don't seem to understand that he's only home on the weekends and he has shit to do. So of course, after a couple phone calls from his Uncle's, he decided to go help for a few hours. So we left the carpet guy there to finish and we skipped out on hunting for the evening hunt. When we got back home, the carpet was finished and looks amazing! I didn't do a very good job of taking before and after pictures.

So far the only after pics I have are of bedroom 3... all three rooms are the same carpet. I mean seriously, anything beats those hideous colors!  

Sunday morning I again slept in. Well... minus the fact that I was wide awake - hungry, uncomfortable, and had to pee - at 2am. I think I finally fell back asleep around 4:30. How can this be happening already!? Anyways, pretty much the entire day was spent putting our house back together now that the carpet was finished. We sold our dressers and nightstand so our room is pretty much empty now and I had to find a place to put all of our clothes in the meantime. Once we were done with that, we sat down and relaxed for a few. I wanted to take a nap but that didn't happen :)
This is the only hideous carpet we have left... maybe next project?!
Jack enjoyed laying on the spare pieces of carpet :)
I made some yummy polish casserole for supper and overstuffed my belly!
And we spent the rest of the evening relaxing! I had a little bit of ice cream for the first time since my trip to the ER and let me tell ya, it was soooo delicious!
My Boys ♥♥
Well that sums up our weekend of productivity and relaxing! Have a good week!


  1. Oh my gosh - I was up from 3-5 on Friday night/Saturday morning with the same problem - had to pee and hungry. The insomnia happens every few days or so for me. It's so frustrating! The new carpet looks great! And good luck on finding nursery furniture - it's tough! So far I've picked out a crib, but I really want a nice glider, which is going to be so expensive! I'd love to see what you find!

  2. The new carpet looks great!! I can't imagine how expensive all the baby items will be - hopefully you'll have a registry to help with some of those!!

  3. Seems like a productive weekend nonetheless! Top this- I am peeing like 3 times in a 30 minute period and always wake up 1-2 times throughout the night. Ugh getting used to the zombie stage! That carpet looks fab girl- love the more neutral tone! I need to start pricing furniture as well! Which one did you fall in love with? Target seems to be good with furniture! I'm thinking PB kids and Target for registry!

  4. We have awful carpeting in our master and guest room that I'm dying to get you're making me jealous with your new carpet! Maybe when Zack gets out of the field we'll get it done.

  5. Love the carpeting!! Isn't it amazing how just a change like that completely upgrades the room! Love the pic of Michael and your lap dog! Lol!

  6. What's in that polish casserole it looks delicious! Furniture is so dang expensive my sister is saving all of hers for me and I told Mark he gets to drive up to Jersey and pick it up one day ;-)

  7. the new carpet looks fabulous, but you're right anything would be better than the colour before! yeah nursery furniture is expensive - you don't need it girl!! buy a dresser off craigslist, slap a changing pad on top and a crib at ikea - you'll save tons of money and they work just the same ;)

  8. The new carpet looks great! Glad you had a weekend to be home and relax. And enjoy some ice cream :)

  9. Love the new carpet! It looks a lot like ours! My FIL made a living room rug out of our extra.. so nice since we have all hardwoods except the office and master/closets. Love the puppy picture!

  10. The carpet looks great! That before color was rough! I wish we had carpet in our bedrooms but it's all hardwood. I think a good carpet just makes the bedroom feel warmer.