Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favs ~ Bump + Wants + Blanket Scarf!

Happy Friday!!
Only FIVE more Friday's until Christmas! Eeeeek!!!!!!
As always, I've got a bunch of random favorites for this week.....
• ONE •
I thoroughly enjoyed having Veteran's day off this week. I'm beyond thankful for the paid holidays I receive, especially the ones honoring our country and the millions of heros that serve our country. If you ask my husband, he was thankful that he worked the holiday and got paid triple time! Daaaamn.

For once, I spent my day off doing a whole lot of nothing! As you may have seen on Instagram {@justjuliejoy} I spent the majority of my morning in my PJ's with a cup of hot coco and watched the dvr of the CMA's. Baby bump is in full throttle. I'm just happy I can still see my feet. Haha!
• TWO •
I finally decided to make a small Christmas list. I've been seeing lots of Parka's this winter and I've really been wanting one. Especially since the belly is getting too big for the majority of my shorter jackets. And I know I'll be wearing a lot of leggings this winter, so it would be nice to have a long jacket to cover my toosh. I found this one at Macy's. Hopefully Santa is good to me!
Speaking of things I "want"... As I've mentioned a million times before, I really want a new vehicle before I have this baby. I'm currently driving a 2500Diesel pickup that is a stick shift. Which I absolutely hate. Especially now that the belly is getting bigger, it's more uncomfortable to shift. Oh, and the single cab factor isn't really a good option for adding a baby to the family. So the good news... the hubs went to look at a new pickup for me Thursday night and fingers crossed that this is the last time you'll ever see me bitch post about this bad boy!
• FOUR •
Praise the scarf lords for this magically arriving! I've been wanting the perfect plaid scarf and I of course wanted the infamous Zara scarf from Target. We live an hour and a half from a Target so I resorted to online. I ordered it. Two short hours later, I received an email that it was no longer available online and to choose a store location. So I searched for store locations that had it in stock and I called my Aunt Starr to see if she could go pick it up for me at a store near her. Then I got another email the next morning that it was out of stock at that store and to pick another store. So I called my friend, Jenny. Changed the store pickup again to one near her. Theeeen I got another email that it wasn't in stock at that store. So I gave up. I was never going to get this beloved scarf.
Until magically, Wednesday afternoon, I received a package containing this scarf. Not really sure how that ever happened, but I'm happy about it! Now I just need some help on learning how to tie a blanket scarf! Suggestions?!
• FIVE •
I've officially hired a maid. She came this week for the second time and let me tell ya... it's the best $50-65 a month I spend!!! She was previously Amish so you know she does an immaculate job. And it feels so good to have one less thing to do around our house! Especially cleaning 3 damn bathrooms. I dreaded that! But not no mooooore! :) I'm so thankful that I was able to hire her and take the work load off my shoulders. Being responsible for so many things around our house due to the hubs work schedule gets to be a little too much. I'm especially thankful that Michael didn't freak out when I told him I was hiring her!
• Bonus •
Look at that face?! Isn't he handsome?! He's modeling our new carpet ;)
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Have a great weekend!



  1. Your bump is just precious! :-) love that scarf! How awesome that you got it even though it was out of stock! Lucky girl!

  2. That is so awesome that you have a cleaning lady. Very jealous over here! Good luck with getting the new wheels. We had to buy Tucker a new vehicle haha.

  3. Love, love, love that bump!!! And that scarf is gorgeous, I just ordered a super cute one from Nordstroms that looks a lot like yours:)

  4. Aww your bump is so cute! That sounds like the perfect morning! And yay for finding that scarf!!! Awesome! I love mine! Have a great weekend girl!!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I love the coat you have picked out - sure to keep you warm and yay for getting the blanket scarf!! Check out youtube for some tutorials on how to tie it!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. How fun that you received a surprise scarf in the mail!! Also, your baby bump is too cute - love the first pic!!

  7. Jack looks adorable!! I have gone back and forth about hiring a maid for years and keep coming to the decision that now is not the right time. BUT after I finish school, that is the first thing I will do!!! I spend so much time cleaning our house!! We also have three bathrooms!! Good for you-money well spent for sure.

  8. damn I want a maid! i never thought about how annoying a manual would be pregnant, that's so true though. and yay for the scarf turning up! i ordered the target one for my sister in law for christmas.. i never got an email saying it was out of stock or anything.

  9. Jack is SO cute!! Love the scarf - and guess what?! Praise the scarf lords x2 because I found one!! Lol checked online and they had one available for in store pick up, so I'm getting it after work today :)

  10. Geez J where do I start here? Cannot wait to see you get a roomier pick-up also love the carpet! THAT scarf is to die for and I want it now! I am hiring a cleaner FOR SURE to do my house before our Christmas party but I have no idea where to start looking (we do have a lot of Amish around us though) Lastly, I'm in love with your bump/still seeing feet pic in those PJ's! Happy weekend girl! xoxo

  11. Love that winter coat! And woohoo for getting that scarf! I SO want to hire a maid. That sounds glorious! Especially these days when even the minimal effort wipes me out. Your bump is adorable too :) Have a great weekend!!

  12. That is so crazy all the problems you had getting the scarf! I have one on the way to me now.. I can't wait to get it!

  13. Yeah!!!!! So glad you got the scarf it's so pretty! I totally have a pin about how to tie them I'll send it to you. When we live in one household that will be the first order of business.....if I never have to clean another bathroom I'll be the happiest person alive. Fingers crossed for you with your truck! xoxoxo

  14. Baby bump is precious! And love the scarf! I need to find a new winter scarf. I actually found one at Express buuut really don't care to pay $60 bucks for it.. and, sooo jealous of your cleaning lady. . I feel like all I EVER do is clean! Ugh!

  15. Yay for hiring a maid! I'd love to be able to do that some day! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get a new vehicle soon :)