Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

That's a wrap! A much needed 4 day holiday weekend has come and gone... I'm thankful for every minute of it!
Since it's been a while... I'm linking up with Biana! :)
Tuesday night and Wednesday morning my family headed up to stay for the weekend. Michael and I both had to work but we were off Thursday to Sunday. Which was the first time in 6 months that we have both been off work and home together for more than 2 days! That was enough to be excited about just in itself!
You know what I love about Thanksgiving? The fact that we can eat as much food as we want and no one will judge you because it's Thanksgiving... and also the time that we're able to spend with our family! In our case, this is the 4th year that we have hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I really enjoy just being home and not having to rush around anywhere at a certain time/place. This year went much smoother than last year considering our stove didn't blow up this time. :)
My Mom sent me this comic on Wednesday and I died laughing. Since I couldn't drink with her this year, I definitely felt it was fitting.
However... since I couldn't drink the good stuff, I made sure to stock up on some alcohol removed cocktails!! Thanks to Jessi who informed me of that awesome FRE wine! It's amazing! Although I will admit, it was a slight tease! It taste so much like wine but I could drink the whole bottle and not have any effects.... lol!

The majority of our weekend consisted of catching up on to-do lists, visiting, napping, Christmas decorating, and a little bit of Black Friday shopping!
I made our Christmas Cards on PicMonkey and got them printed off on Wednesday! Addressing envelopes is on my list of things to do this week!

Friday I ventured down to the city and did a little bit of shopping! The main purpose for my trip was to get Christmas shopping done. However, I couldn't pass up a couple deals for myself! Such as this humongous floor mirror, 40% of apparel at Target {hello maternity section}, $1.50 yards of fabric at Joann's, and bras at Victoria's Secret for BOGO 50% off!  
While I was down in the city, I decided to surprise my two best friends at their Grandma's funeral. They didn't know I was coming {I live 2 hours away from "home"} and they were pretty shocked to see me walk in! Even though it was an unfortunately circumstance to see them, it was still nice!
Since my Ma was up for the weekend, I asked her to bring her sewing machine so I could attempt to make burp rags for Baby Joy. It's been forever since I've used a sewing machine... but I figured between the two of us we could make it work! They didn't turn out perfect and we made a variety of different sizes before we determined the size we wanted. I bought some really cute girly fabric while I was out shopping so I can't wait to make some more with those!  
Ginger always gets extra attention when my sister and cousin are over :)
We had some extra company from Michael's cousins for a couple hours on Saturday. I haven't seen this little munchkin since she was a month old! So cute! Jack liked her too :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house!

Jack enjoyed laying by the fire pretty much all weekend. I mean, I don't blame him. Both my Ma and I laid in front of it too. Ha.
I think that about sums up the majority of the weekend! It doesn't seem like much, but we enjoyed every minute of it! Especially the sleeping in every day! :)



  1. Your Christmas cards turned out adorable!!! It's awesome that you designed them yourself on PicMonkey. I love that site!

  2. I seriously love everything about this from the burp rags to THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! (so jealous bc ours are so boring this year since he was gone!!!) They are perfection! So you just designed them on pic monkey and sent them somewhere? Love how they turned out! And the wine you are so right about but its nice to have something to hold hahaha

  3. awww that last picture of Jack is adorable. And wow your christmas cards are awesome! way to go designing them yourself!

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! We both did great on Black Friday! I love how your Christmas cards turned out, so cute!! All of your Christmas decorations look amazing too, your pets just crack me up, so sweet!

  5. Love your Christmas cards girl!! They turned out fantastic!!! Hope you're having a great Monday!!

  6. I mean and you know how to sew? I am so damn impressed girl. Your bump is so cute!!!!! The holidays cards came out amazing! Looks like you had a nice holiday :)

  7. Your Christmas cards are so cute! I need to get on this task! LOVE the burp clothes! You go girl for sewing ;)

  8. Aww what a great weekend! Your Christmas cards are adorable! Look at you on top of things. I don't know if I'm going to do cards this year or not... and glad you got to see your friends despite the circumstance! Hope you have a great week!

  9. I can't believe you made your Christmas cards! They look so good! I may have to try to make my own. Those things are expensive! So glad you had a relaxing holiday weekend with the hubs and lots of family!

  10. Such a great weekend! Your Christmas cards are super cute! I never thought about making them in PicMonkey and then printing them out--great idea.