Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Recap: Opening Day + Shopping + Lazy Day

Wooo! Two weekends in a row that have been some what lazy... I'll take it!
Friday night didn't consist of anything besides dinner and an early bed time. Had to get plenty of rest to wake up early for hunting!
When the alarm went off at 5am Saturday morning, I surprisingly didn't want to smash the alarm. I was excited to go out hunting and then to go look at a pickup in the afternoon!
It was opening day of gun season and there was just a light dusting of snow on the ground. Which should make for a decent morning of deer movement. We headed out to the deer blind around 6am and waited for day break.

Unfortunately, being pregnant, it's very hard to sit for too many hours without having to pee... so after 2 1/2 hours, I was about to burst. And that didn't include the time it takes to walk all the way back up to the house. So I started to beg the hubby to head in. He wasn't thrilled about that. So.. we headed out of the blind and didn't shoot anything on opening day.
Saturday also begins our 21st week of pregnancy!
I'd say the best news of the weekend was that we did wind up going to look at the pickup that Michael checked out on Thursday. On Thursday night he told me he was buying it. I was pretty shocked when he told me that but at the same time, I knew we were on the same page for what we wanted. So he wanted to take me to look at it to be sure I liked it since it's for me, and also to see what they would give us as a trade in value on Michael's Dodge.
After 3 hours of driving, and then 2 hours of bartering... we decided to purchase it and Michael signed the dotted line! They didn't give us exactly what we wanted for our trade in, however finding a 3/4 ton diesel pickup that was fully loaded turned out to be much harder to find than we thought it would be so we decided it was worth it. Michael says I'm spoiled... I said nah, I'm just well taken care of ;)
New on the left, Old on the right! Can't wait to go get it this week!
After we spent a small fortune on a pickup, I somehow talked Michael into going to Babies' R Us to look at furniture for the nursery. We didn't really intend on buying it while we were there... however they had a 25% off sale going on and we didn't really want to pass that up! We decided on a Walnut rustic convertible crib and a dresser. They didn't have this one in store so hopefully we love it just as much when it's delivered!

Look how thrilled the hubs is to be in babies r us...
On this lazy little Sunday afternoon...
We woke up to the first official ground covered in snow!
And then the remainder of the day was pretty much spent like this...
And lastly, I'm looking for some outfit advice for our gender reveal photoshoot this coming weekend! Don't mind my brown comfy pants... I won't be wearing those! But I will be wearing this top and I'm undecided on the scarf or the necklace. I'm also debating on looking for a belt to wear so it accents the bump rather than looking like I just have extra large boobs and mid section. Ugh! Help!!

Hope yall had a great weekend!



  1. LOOVE the new truck! Very nice! I say where the necklace doubled like it is in the far right and also wear a belt .. :-)

  2. yay new truck! and love the baby furniture. I either like the scarf or the necklace doubled up :)

  3. Nice truck girl! Also love the baby furniture! So cute!

  4. Sounds like a really productive weekend and congrats on the new truck!!

  5. That is a nice truck! I like the necklace long. You are thin, I can see your collar bones and long pretty neck, and I am sure not all pregnant people still have theirs, so I say show them off and don't cover them with a scarf. I like scarves, but don't like how they make it look like I don't have a neck. I can always tell when I'm getting "fluffy" because I start to not see my collar bones as much.

  6. Not to confuse you! But I like the necklace long or the scarf :)

  7. Love the new truck and the baby furniture! Can't wait to see it set up! I like the scarf and yes to a belt!

  8. Congrats on the new truck-it's looks awesome! I like the scarf with a belt...or the necklace short with a belt. Or the long necklace by itself :)

  9. You are the most adorable preggers! Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy and such! xo

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