Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekending: Truth & Doe Down!

Our weekend wasn't too eventful considering the following: Friday and Saturday the weather was terrible, I worked Saturday morning, and Michael and I got into an argument. Oh the Joy's of married life... :)
Starting with the not so great part of the weekend...
Friday night my soon to be sister in law and I went to town to pass out candy for Halloween at my MIL's. The poor kids that braved the weather must of been die hards! It was about 30-40 mph winds and a rain/snow mix. Trick or treating only lasted until 7. Not a very exciting evening... well, besides Michael and I argued about this gender reveal nonsense which is just stupid because he was all about doing one until he found out what a gender reveal actually was.... he literally thought we just opened the envelope and that was that. Which yeah, that could happen. But that's not what I had in mind. So we disagreed about that for a while, I shared my ideas and he told me they were all "gay" and that I spent too much time on pinterest. Then to top that off, long story short, he told me that he's not going to be excited until he physically sees the baby once it's born. Now add those comments to a hormonal pregnant lady and see what you get. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with him. He is just not an emotional or sensitive guy and sometimes, he can really be ruthless. I know men are different than women, but come on!
Saturday I didn't really wake up on a brighter note. I was still perturbed. I went to work and he went hunting. I got home from work and sat around the house. The weather was yucky and I didn't have much ambition to do anything. Michael wound up going somewhere with his buddy and not coming home until just before dark. Which pissed me off even more than I already was because we see each other 2 days a week {typically} as it is and here he takes off for the majority of the day. When he got  home we talked a little bit about our disagreement and he clarified what he meant by not being excited. Apparently that's not what he meant and he is excited, he just doesn't care about this gender reveal thing as much as I do. So why not say that in the first place?! He's such a joy sometimes... {ugh! Men!}
We relaxed on the couch and played with Jack for a few. You know Jack's tired when he's falling asleep with his toys... :)
Moving on to better things...
Sunday {my only day to sleep in} I was up at the crack of dawn. 5:15 to be exact. I didn't go hunting because I didn't want to go outside in the cold. If I had to be awake, it was going to be in my warm bed. Sandy girl agreed!
When I did finally wake up, first things first was some blueberry/raspberry waffles!
Then we decided to go for a drive to get a few things for hunting. I needed a quiver for my bow and I could use a balaclava for my face/neck. Due to where we live, if you want to go to the store to shop, you have to drive anywhere from 40-90 minutes. But, I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
When we got home I took a quick power nap and we got ready to go hunting.
My new quiver to match my bow 
View out of the blind.. scarface decoy set up to hopefully attract a buck!  
My evil husband and I in the blind ;)
We got out there around 3. Around 5 we seen the first doe and a set of fawns. We watched them for a while and didn't really think they would head towards us. But.. they did. And once the doe was close enough, I waited for her to turn broadside and took a shot at her. She was quite distracted and cautious due to the decoy so that probably really  helped me out. She was about 20 yards when I shot. I'm glad Michael was with me because it's really hard to manage looking through the range finder and the binoculars and then to get ready to shoot. I don't trust myself enough yet to just estimate the distance and that can really screw a shot up. Such as Michael learned about an hour later...
He shot a doe that he estimated to be 40 yards. We watched her take off but never fall down. Michael could see in the binos that she was bleeding but it wasn't a lung/heart shot so he figured he wounded her.
Once it got dark, we left the blind and headed into the house to change and go back to track both deer. {sitting in the blind for 3 1/2 hours in just way too long for my bladder these days!}. First we tracked mine. Found blood exactly where we recalled she was standing and then followed the blood through the food plot.
And then there she was! A big doe down for me! 
We tracked Michael's doe for a while but decided to back out. He was pretty bummed but we were excited that at least I got one. That's a start to putting some meat in the freezer!
That about sums up the excitement at the Joy residence for the weekend!


  1. Men can be such dicks sometimes! He obviously wasn't thinking before he was speaking! Lol! Glad your weekend got better, congrats on the doe!

  2. Men just don't get shit like that the way we do. It's FUN for girls to plan shit like that out. Men... they can take it or leave it. But saying you spend "Too much" time on Pinterest... now that's just unforgivable... ;P

  3. Wow- he sounds identical to my husband with the non-sensitive and non-emotional type of arguing, UGH!!! (haha) Lord have mercy... anyway those waffles just made my drool and I'm pumped about your doe (now get it processed and send me some summer sausage!) I love venison chili or spaghetti too! :) :)

  4. Well I'm sorry to hear that he wasn't as into the gender reveal as you are, but I'm sure he's going to come around!! You may be surprised to know this, but I actually really like venison :)

  5. Can I just say you are the cutest little hunter I've ever seen! :-)

  6. We aren't even trying for a baby yet, and my husband told me we are not doing a gender reveal haha. Men just don't get it!

  7. haha I can't believe you're a hunter--you are soooo cute! i absolutely love this! sounds like fun! and glad you had a fun halloween despite the weather!

  8. Your pups are so adorable! I totally got what you meant about the whole story with your me, totally understood!!!

  9. men are so stupid sometimes... they just don't understand and it can be so annoying.
    so you just sit around for a few hours and wait for some deer to show up? i'm not trying to be smart lol, never been hunting before ;)

  10. Men are like excited to find out the gender......and we are like pinning away for hours making specific boards about how it's all going down.......they just don't share the same visions that we do ;)