Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Card + Christmas Favorites

Technically it's Thursday night and I'm already hosting a pre-party for Friday Favorites. ha! But seeing as I'm off work tomorrow and I will be heading to the city for my lovely glucose test at the crack ass of dawn {the sooner I get there, the sooner I get to eat/drink again!}, I won't have any time to hop on the computer in the morning.
Without further adieu... today I'm sharing some Christmas Favorites - including our 2014 Christmas Card!  
Merry Christmas from the Joy's!
This year I used the photo's from our gender reveal photoshoot.
As I did last year, I made our card design on Picmonkey. I've spent so much time looking on websites for a template but I can never bring myself to pay the money. Instead, I just use the 5x7 design option on Picmonkey and then shop around for the cheapest printing prices. Last year I used Sam's club and just had them printed as photo's. They cost 35 cents a piece. This year I used a local print shop and had them printed on card stock but they were still glossy. I paid 38 cents a piece. No complaining over here :)
Speaking of Christmas cards... as much as I enjoy sending ours out to friends and family, I especially love coming home to a mailbox of Christmas cards from them! Last year I hung them along our front bay window, but this year I decided to hang them above the fireplace. I love seeing all the creative ways people hang their cards up via Pinterest and Blog land!
Annual trip to Frankenmuth! This weekend!!
One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is head over to Frankenmuth - which is basically the best Christmas town ever! Actually the Travel Channel just voted Frankenmuth the most amazing Christmas town in America! I especially love going to Bronner's - the World's largest Christmas store - to look around and pick out our yearly ornament for our tree. After we take a pit stop at Bronner's we usually make our way up town and walk the streets from shop to shop. I have to give credit to Michael to sucking it up every year and taking me to do something I love to do because I'm sure he could do without it. :)
Bronner's 2013
Christmas Lights!
I just love seeing Christmas lights! Especially the ones that are set up on the radio and are tuned to music. Those are just simply entertaining. There is a really awesome light show near our house that we always go watch however this year they aren't set up due to some construction at the house. I'm super bummed! I wish I could find one just like it! Until then, I'll just enjoy seeing the light setups!
FOOOOOOD!!! Pregnant or not, I just love Christmas gatherings and ALLL the food! Although this year I will really have to watch my face stuffing skills in order to prevent a future meltdown over weight gain. haha! One thing I especially look forward to making is holiday dirt cake! I mentioned how much dirt cake I ate over Thanksgiving weekend... and it's not a good sign if I'm already dreaming about it next week! I'll share the recipe soon!
Along with food, I also enjoy holiday cocktails. Or just cocktails in general. Well... I used to anyways. ;-) For some reason, it just makes the holiday gatherings that much better! Lisa posted this amazing Christmas Sangria last weekend and I'm still drooling over it! I think I might even make it with my non-alcoholic wine!
Well, I'm off to enjoy a 4 day weekend! Yippie! {Minus the glucose test part of it... ha! Seriously though.. I already have anxiety about it. Not the fluid stuff... the bloodwork. I'm such a sissy.}
Enjoy your weekend!
P.S. These are not my only Christmas favorites... of course I am thankful for the true reason for the season and wish the big guy upstairs a Happy Birthday! I also love to see all of our families!


  1. I love your Christmas card- turned out great!! You're right, that Christmas sangria does look aaaamazing!

  2. You do a great job designing your own card so there is no need to pay someone else a higher price to do it!! You should totally make it non-alcholoic and drink away girl!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Super cute card! I just posted about how we got our picture and the 1000 tries with kids and animals, lol...

  4. What a perfect Xmas card!! Lady - how do you get your dogs to sit like that so nicely for a picture?!?! Mine would be either wrestling or chasing each other around...sighhhh. LOL! xx

  5. Seriously- your card wins Christmas! I just love it! Yes to the food and yes to that sangria recipe! Yum! (cheers to our mocktails!) Hope yall enjoy the weekend and have a fabulous time!! MUAH!! xo

  6. I love your gender reveal photos - that's perfect that they worked for your Christmas cards! I had to look up where this Frankenmuth place was because it sounds fabulous! 4.5 hours...tempting, but I don't think I could convince the hubs. And yes to all the Christmas food! Although I'm watching it a bit more since the heartburn has kicked in! Have a great weekend lady!

  7. merry christmas lovely! hope you all had a wonderful time.