Monday, December 15, 2014

Lovely Blog Award: 7 things about me!

Thank you to the beautiful Miss Jessi for nominating me to participate in this "award" of sharing 7 things you may/may not know about me!
You can read Jessi's random facts about herself here!

I'm not going to lie.. it's not easy to think of these random things and try to tell you all something "new" that you don't know about me! I'll do my best...

• ONE •
I've been on 6-7 billboards. 2 pre-married life. {I think actually 3 for the college but I can't find the other picture} and 4 this past year for QDMA.
• TWO •
I have one biological brother, two half sisters, and one half brother.
L to R: Kristine, Ryan, Jeramie, Jasmine
One of my most bestest friends in the whole world is Greg. Who happens to also be dating my Mom. But that's a whole other story. Greggles has been one of the few {parents don't count} friends who has always been there for me. No matter what I needed - Where I was. How much it cost. He did and still does, everything he possibly can for me. I'm not only thankful to have him as a friend, but now he is also a part of my family and he is one of my husband's best friends too!
Throwing it back with some old pics here!
• FOUR •
When I say I've always had big boobs, it's no joke. I was born with them babies.
• FIVE •
I competed in Miss Michigan USA 2012. Don't mind my nervous face in all the pics. Talk about some motivation to lose that baby weight and look like that again... ha!
• SIX •
I still sleep with my baby blankie and will not sleep without it. How am I going to explain that one to my child someday?! Haha! {Luckily I don't have a picture of that one to share - ha!}
My first car was a 1990 Pontiac Grand am - half blue half rust/no paint - it was real classy. But let me tell ya, it' did good reverse donuts on the backroads :)
My second car was a Chevy Caviler
My third car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee
My fourth car was/is a Chevy Malibu - which is now Michael's work car
My current vehicle is a Duramax Denali 2500 Pickup {thanks to my awesome hubby!}
I probably could of done better with coming up with 7 things to share and I know most of them are already known... but oh well! It was fun looking at old pictures on my computer in the process... :)
I'm not going to nominate anyone in particular, however if you'd like to share 7 things about yourself, I'd love to read them!


  1. So cool that you've been on billboards! Its funny my first car was a Chevy Cavalier, my second was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and my third was a Grand AM! Now I have a Ford Escape! Great post!

  2. Look at your billboards, you're a celebrity!! I used to be on a commercial. I also used to have a Chevy Cavalier. I had some great times in that car.

  3. Don't feel bad - I still have my baby blankie too! It stays in my nightstand though because I have anxiety over anything happening to it lol One of my bff's (who is 35 years old) sleeps with hers under her pillow every single night - so you aren't the only one!! :)
    Lady, you looking amzing in that yellow bikini! Major fit-inspiration for me...only like 5 months until bathing suit season, yikes!! xx

  4. I still cant get over that you've been on billboards - so freaking cool!! Look at you as a baby and all those cute little rolls...clearly they went away cause you are a stunner!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. I totally had a Grand Am as my first car! Those MI born parents I tell you what. I had to get a GM car or nothing else. My father loves my current ride.....not so much.

    Look at that baby picture I just about died! My mother dug up a gem of me the other day and I was like "dear god mother I was not a cute baby" "oh hush you were adorable".......a baby only my mother could love.

    Ummmmmmm so tell me how to get those abs. I am bowing down impressed right now!

  6. WOW! You have some fascinating facts to share lady. So cool you were on billboards and competed in a pageant. I don't think you look nervous at all!

    That baby picture had me laughing so loud. Not what I was expecting aha.

  7. hahaha love this! First of all love the fact about Greg- reminds me of how much I adore my Dad (technically step dad but I consider him the real deal) also, I sleep with my blanket too and he's tattered as hell and named silky G (hahaha) wjo knows...maybe he's related to kenny G? I'm not sure if you know how obsessed I am with pageants so you know I love that part and I'm still jealous of those tatas on a daily basis! Love you gorgeous girl! xoxo

  8. oh my goodness look how chubby and adorable you were as a baby!!! and holy hotness you look amazing in those miss michigan photos, talk about inspiration ;) and um you sleep with a baby blanket? lol that is hilarious! what does michael say to that?! i had a monkey and a teddy (named monkey and teddy) that went everywhere with me when i was a kid (sleepovers, camps etc) and when i moved across the world for what i thought was only a year, i thought i'd be ok without them. my mum ended up sending them through the mail to me about half way through lol i missed them too much.

  9. OMG girl you were a big baby! I cannot imagine your little girl being that big since you are so teeny! I don't think you look nervous at all in your pageant pictures! You look like you are rocking that stage! And dang, I didn't realize I knew a celebrity! Now I want to come up there to see one of your billboards! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes