Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekending: Hunting Season Wrap Up & Christmas Festivities

Even though I had a 3 day weekend, it stills seems as if it wasn't long enough!
I took the day off on Friday with hopes to spend some time with the hubs. But he wound up having to work. So instead I planned the day around getting my glucose test done and getting some shopping done. The idea of not eating/drinking for 4 hours before the test had me a little worried how I was going to survive. So I woke up bright and early Friday morning and got ready to go. My doctor/hospital is just over an hour away so I wanted to be sure I got to the lab before it got too busy and made my wait time any longer than necessary.
Luckily, I survived. {I get lots of anxiety about needles} The drink wasn't as bad as people say it is.
The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping, visiting my Mom's salon, and having lunch with a girlfriend, before I made the drive back home. The day flew by and I was exhausted by time I got home!
Friday was Michael's last day of work for the seasonal lay off. He was home by 6:30. I look forward to having him home on a daily basis! Even though I'm sure he'll drive me nuts! ;-)
Some other randoms from the rest of our weekend... in no particular order...
We went to family Christmas at the farm. Ate lots of good food and played lots of hands of Eurche - which I have zero pictures of. {fail}
 Michael won the battle with the bedding decision. Now for me to decide what colors to paint the room.... he won't allow me to have an all pink room so I'm thinking tan/brown and then one accent wall of pink. Thoughts?!
I got my hair cut. Mostly just layered and thinned up so it wasn't so weighted down and heavy. I feel like I lost a lot of hair but the volume is much nicer!
The hubs and I went out hunting for the last day of muzzleloader season. It was chilly but it was a beautiful winter day. Sun was shinning and there was minimal wind.
Luckily, I got another doe. Which we really needed for one of our QDMA events coming up. The meat is used for a meat and cheese tray at the event.
Along with the doe, I also got "scoped" due to the kickback on the gun.
After I shot and the smoke cleared, Michael asked if I could see the deer running. I said I don't effin' know! Why don't you look at my head because it really hurts! He laughed and snapped the picture on the left. Son of a.....
Baby Joy is at 26 weeks {as of Saturday!}
The hubs says "it's stupid when you wear shirts with patterns on it, you can't see your belly good enough" - Tough shit.
Sunday we took our annual trip to Frankenmuth! Michael of course is never enthused about going, but he's a trooper and sucks it up for me. I will admit, neither of us were too into it this year. I wasn't feeling the greatest {I've had a headache ever since I knocked myself in the head}. We didn't feel like walking down town and we really don't have the extra money to spend on stupid things we don't need {you know how it is when you go in all those cute little stores!}. So we just avoided the temptation, did our usual walk around Bronner's, picked out an ornament, picked up some gifts, ate some food, and headed  home. It wasn't even dark by time we headed home so we didn't even get to go on a Christmas light tour this year. Kind of lame, but it was still a fun day date with each other. ♥

Instead of a personalized ornament this year, we stuck with a cool designed one.
That about sums up our weekend! This week/weekend will be all sorts of craaaaazy busy! So in case I don't make it back, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!! ♥


  1. Love the tan and pink color combo - that's going to be so pretty!! You seriously need to be careful girl!! I got a haircut on Thursday and pretty much the same thing was done to my hair - nice to have a fresh do!! :) Happy Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Newish follower here! Girl, you look great, patterned shirt and all ;) I don't know how you braved Bronner's now, wasn't it a madhouse?! I like to go before August haha

  3. i grew up in S GA and have never hunted. can ya believe it?

  4. I think pink and tan will be perfect. I like the bold bright pink the most.

    Ugh, so so sorry about the recoil scar, that's no fun! HOoray for having your husband home :)!

  5. Love the pink and brown for the nursery colors! And I'm all about wearing prints, so it's not quite so obvious I'm preggers. haha!

  6. I love the sage looking colors on the far right. I think that would be pretty with a pink accent wall! Yay for getting a deer but that stinks about your face! I can't imagine how bad that would hurt! You look gorgeous, bruise and all, though!

  7. Beautiful bedding choice! Tan and pink will be perfect paint colors (my husband vetoed all pink walls too). And I love printed blouses, I wish I owned more of them.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend even though the hubby had to work on Friday! Glad to hear the glucose test wasn't horrible. I've heard awful things about it! I think going with tan walls and one pink accent wall would be perfect! And OMG! I saw the pic of your head on Instagram and ouch! That looks like it hurt!! Hope you have a great Christmas girl!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. Awwwww your poor forehead! I'm sure that hurt like crazy! Don't worry we can still see that fabulous bump! 26 weeks???? Wow I can't believe how quickly that got here! Cheers to getting your hubby back for some time!

  10. love that you guys kept with the tradition even though neither of you were feeling it. that picture in front of the tree is super cute and i love the ornament you picked out. and an accent wall would be super pretty! or you could do the pink in other things - a pillow, a stuffed animal, a blanket over the glider, or a rug etc.