Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baby Shower #1 ♥

We are so blessed to be given not only one, but two baby showers!
This past weekend we attended our first one - which was hosted by my wonderful mother in law in the Thumb!
I'm not going to lie... my excitement was a little held back for this shower for a few reasons. One being that I received several "complaints" about my registry being at only one place which is 2 hours from where we live. The second reason being that there are some folks in my husbands family that dislike me and it makes for some awkwardness/drama.
I'm happy to report that regardless of the above two things that gave me slight anxiety leading up to the shower, everything went perfect! My mother in law cooked an amazing spread of food and desserts as she usually does! And she had a perfect setup in the hall! We visited with lots of friends and family we don't see nearly enough, and we received many great gifts! Everything was lovely! Even though I offered her help all week long, she refused to let me help her. So I call her an over achiever! Ha!
Excuse me while I now provide an over abundance of photos.... 

Seriously, this table of desserts was bad news.... especially that dirt cake...
I made this picture tree from our left over wedding items.. everyone loved it! So fun! Yes, I was the fat one. Ha!

Baby Joy's first car {in pink even}!!!

A pink camo high chair for camping! Seriously, this is amazing! Our friends know us so well!

This book is absolutely hilarious! It's called 'Go the fuck to sleep'

This adorable onesie Jasmine got her - it says "Cute just like my Aunite" ♥

These are some of my few great friends that have taken me in and been there for me more than I can count on one hand ever since I moved to this area! I'm so thankful for them! The other girls had already left! Buggers...

Jasmine wasn't too thrilled for pictures... and she didn't want to touch my belly. Lol.


Auntie Jess {my NEW sister in law- wooo!}

The wonderful lady behind the beautiful shower! Grandma Sharon ♥

My handsome Baby Daddy ♥
Annnnnnd.... we're 31 weeks! Officially in the single digit count down! Owww Oww!




  1. What an awesome shower. You look gorgeous mama. I can't believe her arrival is getting so close!

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful shower! Love the little photo tree you did. That pink camo chair is so cute too. How fun! I'm itching to have some baby things to actually put away in our nursery and I bet you're having fun getting everything put away and ready.

  3. What a great shower! I was on bedrest with my first, so I remember going into the nursery and folding and re-folding all those sweet baby clothes...

    You look beautiful mama!

  4. You look great!! You new SIL is gorgeous and y'all sort of look like sisters! And I know what you mean about a sentence you wrote in the first paragraph about anxiety...I relate A LOT.

  5. You look so amazing darling!!!! Like glowing. I'm so happy that the potential drama was down played and they spoiled you accordingly. All the pink makes me so giddy to see!

  6. I already told you but I love it so much- you look so great! (give me some of your boobs please hahaha)

  7. awwwww what a lovely shower! you seriously look amazing, and it looks like you guys got so much stuff! that is awesome!
    so basically the shower my MIL threw for our wedding... drama galore. I really am already set on no baby shower - it is so not worth the drama that will inevitably unfold - they just can't help themselves! glad yours went well! and i kinda want your dress ;)

  8. You look amazing!! Sounds like you had a wonderful shower and looks like you got some great stuff!

  9. Oh my goodness... I love that you got a pink camo high chair! That is SO YOU!!!!! :D :D :D
    P.S. You live in the middle of nowhere... where the fuck else are you supposed to register? P.P.S. BUY IT ONLINE AND HAVE IT SHIPPED IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DRIVE. The end. :)

  10. Soo love that camo high chair! Soo cute! Yay for no drama and all going smooth. I have no toleration for people's crap drama! Ive come to find its usually just an insecurity / jealousy issue with dramatic folks. Can't believe your counting down now in single digits :)

  11. Aww what a great first shower! Girl, you look amazing! You are seriously all bump! And glad your husband's family was able to avoid the drama for the day! Maybe a new baby will make the awkwardness/drama completely go away! :)

  12. I'm so glad everything went smoothly and it looks like y'all got some awesome stuff! Yay for MIL who rock!

  13. What a fun shower! The gifts are so cute! You look beautiful!

  14. What a beautiful shower!! Looks like you were showered with some really lovely gifts (LOVE the camo high chair for camping - that is perfect for you guys!) Any you look beautiful, as always! Love the dress :) xx

  15. Hey moms you have done really awesome task! must post hear your baby photo.... :)