Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bump Watch ♥ 28 Weeks


How far long: 28 Weeks - HELLOOOOOOOO 3rd TRIMESTER!!!!!!!!!

Gender: PINK!! ♥ {Read more about our gender reveal here}

Weight Gain: 23lbs {I broke down and got on the scale at home because I didn't want to have a huge shocker at the Dr. like last time!} Although, Jessi made a good point on calculating your pre pregnancy weight as the first weigh in at the Dr..... which would make my weight gain only 18lbs!! Smart thinking Jessi! ;-)

Baby Size: 2 1/4 lbs and almost 15inches long! {large eggplant}

Fun Fact: Baby's eyes are now open! Her eyes now have lashes! And she can also tell when it's light/dark!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, for the most part. I also recently purchased a M/L belly band because the small one just wasn't comfortable. I should have bought the M/L off the bat because it's much more comfortable!! I also purchased some leggings from Pink Blush and I received some new maternity pieces for Christmas!

Sleep: I'm sad to say my sleep hasn't been the greatest. Definitely can't get comfortable. Although the new sleeping pillow my Mamma got me is very helpful! Almost every night I wake up around 3 or 3:30 and I can't go back to sleep for a couple hours!

Movement: Oh yes! She is moving on a constant basis! Full on ninja kicks! I'm starting to wonder if she sleeps.... ha! The hubs has felt and seen her move a lot now as well! So has my Dad, Mom, and Jasmine!

Stretch Marks: I think it's safe to say NO! {knock on wood} I've checked, double checked, and had Michael check. Good thing I had a complete meltdown a couple weeks ago when I thought I had one....

Cravings: Nothing in particular as of lately... definitely enjoyed all sorts of delicious foods over the holidays!

Belly Button: Oh yes, of course. That's old news. It's now to the point of no hiding it. Ha!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope.

Symptoms: The linea nigra is in full force, Slight round ligament pain, Slight lower back pain in the evenings. Gastritis {the complication that put me in the ER around week 14} has been in effect lately and causing some slight issues.

What I miss: Being able to see below the waist... need I say more?! Ugh!

Emotions: Excited! Anxious! Nervous! I honestly can't phantom the thought that she could arrive in 9 weeks!!!

Dreams: We live 75 miles from the hospital... I may have had a dream or two about not making it there.... Prayers that that isn't a prediction of reality!

Hubby's thoughts: Don't even get me going on this one.... the shit that comes out of Michael's mouth is just absurd sometimes. :-)

Nursery: Furniture - check! Bedding - check! New plugs/switches & plates - check! Painting - check. Need to figure out curtains... glider... closet organization... new knobs on closet.... Michael and I aren't agreeing on those items....
Walls were previously blueish greyish. Michael wouldn't let me paint all pink so he picked the tan and I picked one wall for the pink. And then I threw in the pink closet just because

Favorite Moment(s) of the week lately: Getting the baby registry completed - having the hubs home every day to feel my belly and talk to Baby Joy - getting the room painted - entering the home stretch of this pregnancy!

What I am looking forward to: Michael being home to go with me for the first time to a Dr. appointment! I hope they can sneak me in for an ultrasound even though I'm not scheduled for one just so he can experience it!

I'm starting to notice a difference in these photos... especially the quality of inside vs. outside pictures! That the heck?!



  1. it might be weird for me to say, but I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going by LOL! You look fantastic and congrats on getting the baby registry complete!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. oh my gosh I love this so much!!! And YES totally go by my weight gaining system hahaha I can't really remember my pre preggo weight so the first doc appointment was my only reference. You look so pretty and I'm lovin' the nursery so much! ah so exciting! I've MISSED you! Hope your Monday is great so far! xoxo

  3. I LOVE how the pink wall turned out!!! It's crazy to see the difference in the weather in your pics!

  4. Yes to being able to see below your waist!!! I completely understand what you are talking about and boy I miss it too! haha Yay for painting the nursery and making so much progress!! You look great too lady!

  5. oh my goodness, time is just flying by!!! loving how the nursery is coming along!

  6. You are such a cute pregnant gal, you just own that bump in every picture, haha. The nursery looks great, too! I love that you painted the closet, just because you can.

  7. The nursery is really coming along!! Cheers to the 3rd trimester! Looking fab girl. 75 miles??? Good thing the first pregnancy usually.....wait I'm not going to finish that statement ;-)

  8. Girl you look amazing!! Don't worry about what the scale says! And love the nursery paint! It looks so good!! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!!

  9. 75 miles from the hospital!? Yikes I would be having nightmares too! You look wonderful, such a fun time!

  10. Eek! I can't believe you are already in the 3rd trimester! It feel like just yesterday you were announcing it! I love the nursery - it looks great, and good call adding pink in the closet too - how cute :) You look amazing ps!! When is your shower??

  11. I feel like your pregnancy is flying by!!!! And the nursery looks pretty perfect... Now all you need is your sweet babe :)

  12. Yay for finishing the registry! What a task that might be! Love the way the nursery turned out! And you still look fantastic girl!