Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Pregnancy Must Haves

I've been thinking about doing this post for many weeks now, but I keep running out of time in the day editing my list of items as my pregnancy progresses. With only 8.5 weeks left... I thought it was about time!
Please keep in mind, these are things that I personally found to be the most helpful and/or necessary to survive my pregnancy this far... by no means does that suggest every pregnant woman will agree!

For any fellow Mamma's or Mommy's to be - I would love to hear what items/products you have found to be the most helpful in your pregnancy!
1. Belly Band - These are great for wearing over pants that don't zip/button or just wearing as an under layer! I purchased the BeBand from Target for $16.99 {or use a coupon to get it cheaper}. I would highly suggest getting a large size no matter how big/small you are because you WILL grow into it. I originally purchased a small and the elastic around the lower waist became uncomfortable quick! Once I got a larger size, I was much more comfortable and I use them quite often.
2. Bolthouse Farms Fruit, Veggie, or Protein Drinks - Let's be honest... I'm too lazy to do juicing myself. And I certainly don't have the extra money to buy a juicer. So I came across these delicious drinks that have no perservatives and contain many vitamins along with high servings of fruit/veggies/fiber/protein etc.
3. Belly Boost Bar - These bars are delicious! Something great to have on hand for a snack. They have additional nutrients to supplement your prenatals. I found them in store at Babies R Us {not available online} or I have seen that they were on Amazon and some other sites as well. {contains: 170 calories, 95mg sodium, 25 carbs, 2g fiber, 13g sugar, 8g protein, 55mg Choline, iodine, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D}
4. Body Pillow - Hellooooo good nights sleep! I was to the point where I was barely sleeping at night because I wasn't comfortable and/or my back hurt. With not being able to sleep on your back, having a big pillow really makes life better! My husband hates the darn thing because it takes over the bed... but it's so worth it! There are so many different shapes and sizes, but I think regardless, any body pillow will help a pregnant woman get much better sleep!
5. Maternity Jeans - I know I mentioned the Belly Band is great for wearing over your pants that don't button, but I must also say that having at least one pair of maternity jeans is so worth it! They truly are very comfortable and you can't even tell they are maternity! Not to mention that if your anything like me, my thighs and butt have grown too much to fit comfortably into my regular jeans. {I envy those women who say they wear their regular pants their entire pregnancy!} I found these Jessica Simpson maternity jeans from Motherhood and they are my favorite!
6. Exercise Ball - A ball has really helped me with exercising! Especially with squats and stretching! Luckily, I already had one of these pre-pregnancy and I found that I began to use it much more once I was in my second trimester! I have found some great exercises on pinterest that include an exercise ball!
7. Leggings - I know us women all love leggings as it is... but maternity fleece leggings are SO much better than your ordinary leggings! And the best part is they can definitely be worn post-pregnancy! They are not full panel. These Fleece Lined leggings from Pink Blush have been my absolute favorite! The quality and comfort is much greater than those I found at Motherhood Maternity.
8. Tums/Zantac - After having some complications in my early 2nd trimester with gastritis {acid/heart burn} these two medications have been my life savior. The 2nd trimester wasn't so bad by watching what I ate. However, now that I've entered the 3rd trimester, it's inevitible that everything I eat gives me heartburn or acid reflux. Not fun!
9. Gummy Prenatals - I began taking these as recommended by my Dr. three months prior to concieving. At first I had a hard time with them. I don't like swallowing pills so I was happy to see the gummy option. However, the first container I bought was really yucky. So I encourage you to find a flavor or brand that you like best! I also found that it's easier for me to take mine at night. When I take them in the morning they would make me sick. Same thing, do whatever works best for you!
10. Foam Roller - Along with a growing body, comes a sore body! Especially with continuing to exercise through pregnancy. And since my husband doesn't give massages {Yep, I just threw you to the wolves Michael}, I splurged on this massage foam roller! You can get them without the massage knots as well. I have really loved this thing! It really helps me to stretch out my back and it feels great on my sore legs! There are also pins that you can look up to see different moves for different areas of your body. This specific item I purchased was the Gold's Gym Massage roller from Walmart for $21.97
11. Sports Bras - Oh heavens... we all know how precious our twins become once we find out we are expecting! If your anything like me, you don't want those babies to even move! Therefore, I highly suggest stocking up on some sports bras! Even though I already had some, I got a few new ones from Target as well. I've also heard that keeping your girls restricted will help limit any stretch marks while they are growing.
12. Coconut Oil - Oil pulling has many benefits whether pregnant or not. I found that by continuing my routine of oil pulling in the morning for at least 10 minutes, it helped subdue my nausea and headaches{during the first trimester}. I also found that before and during pregnancy, oil pulling helped my skin/acne. During my first 18 weeks of pregnancy, I had spurts of acne. And since I didn't want to put most acne creams on my face with all the chemicals, I relied on oil pulling much more. Lastly, I read that coconut oil was a great moisturizer for your growing belly! Although it is kind of messy, I didn't use it too often. But now that I feel my skin is stretching more and more, I think it helps keep the skin moisturized much longer than your average lotion!
13. Body Butter - C. Booths Almond & Honey Butter is one of my favorite moisturizers to use on my growing belly! I highly recommend it! Regular price $9.99 at Ulta however I always used a coupon or waited until it was on sale. This stuff goes on thick and really holds moisture in the skin for a long period of time. Plus, it smells great!
14. What to expect before your expecting - I found the "pre pregnancy" book to be much more informational than the more common "What to expect when your expecting". I just felt that there was a lot of great information for new parents!
15. Travel Cup of Water - Honest engines, I have a tumbler full of water with me at all times. No matter where we go. And if I'm going to be gone from home for long, I take some bottled water to fill it up! Gotta keep that body hydrated! I really struggled with drinking enough at the beginning of my pregnancy, but it's just become part of my routine and having a cute tumbler helps, right?! ;-)
16. Burts Bee's Natural lotion and oil - My Dr. recommended Burt's Bee's because it's all natural. I couldn't find the oil or Belly Butter in any stores, so I wound up ordering it online directly from Burt's Bee's. In using it, the oil felt very oily on my skin and if I used it 2 days in a row, I would get red bumps all over. The Belly Butter seems to be very thin and I could stand there and rub it in for 5 hours. Besides those two factors, I do like both products! Especially because they are natural. So that's when I decided to add the C. Booths body butter mentioned in #13 and I rotate between these three products to keep my skin moisturized!

A few other things I've found helpful during my pregnancy that is not pictured above...
~ Endless Cardigans of all styles and colors; it is sooooo easy to throw on a tank top and cardigan and make an outfit look great! Throw on belt with that and walllllah!
~ My favorite tank tops to wear as undershirts or under a cardigan were the ones from Maurices. They come is so many colors and they can be worn before/after pregnancy. They are long enough to grow with the belly!  
~ Essential Oils - Specifically Peppermint and Lavender. I had a lot of headaches {and still do} so I use peppermint on my neck/temples. And Lavender has really helped as a sleep aid on the nights I'm restless and can't fall back asleep!

~ Last but certainly not least, a camera! To take bump watch photos! I don't know about other expecting Mom's, but I just think it's great to have the photos to look back on! I wish I could be one of those chalkboard adorable pregnant women, but I'm just not that crafty!
I hope some of these items helped others! And like I said, I would love to hear what products you recommend as well!


  1. keeping this in mind for the future ;) i think i kinda need one of those belly bands now, lol

  2. I think I would enjoy the massage foam roller now! I've heard they help stretch your muscles after exercising but I didn't know they had ones with massage knots!

  3. That's an awesome list of stuff! I didn't know that you did oil pulling, sounds like such a strange concept, but it sounds like it works really well for more than just keeping your mouth really clean! I love essential oils too, I've actually used some for fertility boosting too. You look amazing! Can't believe you've only got 8 1/2 weeks left!

  4. I cannot believe your hubby doesn't give massages!! That is just wrong especially since you're pregnant!! That foam roller sounds great though and you've got an awesome list here! I need to start using my exercise ball too.

  5. When I eventually get pregnant I am definitely coming to you for advice on what product to use! And since your hubby doesn't give you massages I'd be telling him that's your excuse to go pay a masseuse to do it for you! :)

  6. I want that pillow that wrong? Okay so if you can do oil pulling I need to try it. I'm so confused though. How much do you start with? Does it instantly turning to liquid? So many questions.......I am saving this post for the hopefully one day ;)

  7. You are so cute!! And what a great list. Saving this for the future!:)

  8. This is truly a helpful list! I'm already using a few of these but will have to grab some of these other items. I'm glad you mentioned the Burts Bee's! The TimeWise I am using is really drying my skin out I think. The foam roller sounds amazing!

  9. This is truly a helpful list! I'm already using a few of these but will have to grab some of these other items. I'm glad you mentioned the Burts Bee's! The TimeWise I am using is really drying my skin out I think. The foam roller sounds amazing!

  10. That is plain crazy ya’ll. I am freaking out a little. This pregnancy has flown by. I was just going back and reading old posts and I re-read my post from January about our struggle.