Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Confession Session

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have much going on in my life or on my mind lately...
Therefore a good 'ol confession session may relieve some venting and catch you all up on what's been going on lately in this neck of the woods!
I confess...

... When I look at my planner to make any arrangements for the week, I automatically consider Bachelor Monday's a "busy" night.

... I had over 400 unread blog posts that I wish I had the time to read. But I don't! Mark all as read. Oops.

... I'm already thinking about if we have another baby, I'm not being pregnant in the winter. The layers, the shoes, the bending over to put shoes on, the jackets, the ice, it's all just too much!

... I may have to have my husbands assistance in the shower when using a razor... The struggle is real...
... It irritates the crap out of me when Michael goes straight for rubbing my lady parts yet rarely takes the time to rub the baby in my belly. I mean, those boobs your fondling are completely resting on the belly that you can't miss... ugh. Typical man I suppose...

... Having sex while pregnant is... ummm... awkward? The belly just gets in the way.. and it's like there is someone else in the room. Being kicked from the inside while trying to be all intimate with your husband is just kind of weird....

... I may have gotten pissy right back with some rude customers lately.  I have definitely been at my wits end at work. I cannot stand rude people. I don't understand why or how some people can be so rude. We're all humans. I know working with the public and in customer service it is part of my job to be the nice person. But damnit, I don't believe that the customer is always right.

... I'm about ready to start wearing adult diapers due to the ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom I have to take!

... I thought I was smart going to the full service gas station. Until I pulled up to the diesel pump and that part isn't full service. Fail!
... I spend a ridiculous amount of money on car washes. I don't want the salt to eat away at my pretty truck!
... I cried on Monday morning when I realized our propane tank was out. If it's not one thing it's another!
... I've been slacking completely on getting this baby's room together. I still feel like I have so much to do. And here I am blogging....
... We have maternity pictures in 11 days and I have no plans for our outfits. Help!
... I'm already stressing about the weather for our maternity pictures... it better not be these freezing cold high winds!
... I unfriended some "two faced" people on facebook recently and it felt great. I've also stopped putting in an effort to go out of my way for "friends" that don't do the same for me. I'm hoping for a simpler lifestyle with only surrounding myself with those that actually matter.
... I still haven't completed our Thank You cards from our Baby shower two weekends ago. It's so much work! I've done a few handfuls at a time and mailed them out though. Maybe 15 of 80. ha!
... Michael has sort of added some extra stress to my mind lately.... for 3 reasons...
1. He decided to apply for a job close to home that would entitle him to take a $13/hr paycut as well as working midnight/swing shift. I'm not so sure this would benefit our family.
2. Michael's thoughts and discussions lately about "life" and what we need to do to make some changes very soon really are starting to get me thinking and I confess that I'm completely confused. The thought of change is so nerve wrecking.
3. The above discussions kind of irritate me that all of a sudden my husband starts thinking about how we're having a baby {any day now} and he's not going to be home every day to help me so maybe we should start looking at places to move to or maybe he should take a lesser paying job close to home. Ummm.. great time to start thinking about these things dear. I've been pregnant for almost 9 months in case you didn't notice.
I confess...
That I am beyond excited for my Dr. appointment tomorrow! Hello ultrasound and baby face pics!!!
Thanks for "listening" to me vent! Please send lots of prayers our way as life seems to be kind of hectic and stressful at times!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bump Watch ♥ 35 Weeks!

I really didn't feel the greatest yesterday when we took this picture after I got home from work... but I didn't want to miss one weekly picture after being so consistent! Ha!

 How far long: 35 Weeks! {Every week that passes I get more and more anxious/nervous/excited!}

Gender: PINK!! ♥ {Read more about our gender reveal here}

Weight Gain: 30lbs {until I go to the Dr in a couple days and they burst that bubble as usual}

Baby Size: 5lbs and 18 inches long! {comparable to a honeydew melon!}

Fun Fact: The majority of baby's weight gain is now "fattening" up!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! Couldn't live without the maternity pants and leggings. For the most part I wear non maternity shirts although some don't look that great, such as the one is this weeks picture that is supposed to be stripes and looks like diagonals.

Sleep: Some days are better than others. It's getting harder and hard to roll over and/or sit up in bed. This last week I slept pretty good and for the most part was able to stay in one comfortable position all night. . I think it was because I was so exhausted from work that I didn't have the energy to be awake for several hours in the middle of the night. As a matter of fact, one evening I was so tired that I went to bed without setting my alarm and woke up a half hour before I had to leave for work!

Movement: Constantly! Now that she is getting bigger, I don't feel as many rolling effects, just more so kicks/punches and seeing/feeling her completely protruding from my stomach.The hubs has felt and seen her move on a regular basis and finds it "cool" to see her sticking out so often.

Stretch Marks: Not at this time...

Cravings: Chinese food, cheese, and chocolate milk

Belly Button: Oh yes, of course. That's old news.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope.

Symptoms: The linea nigra is in full force, Round ligament pain is becoming more and more frequent, lower back pain is constant... boooo. Spider veins on my legs... sore legs... Starting retaining water in my ankles {I blame that on the nonsense at work for suddenly having to be on my feet for longer hours} Heart burn/acid reflux on a regular basis and I'm popping tums like candy. Definitely starting to get uncomfortable. Wish I didn't have to say that, but it's the truth.

What I miss: After the past week I had, I really could use some alcohol.

Emotions: Exhausted. Nervous. Excited. Scared.

Dreams: I had a dream of her face for the first time. And she had Michael's butt chin and his nice lips. So cute!

Hubby's thoughts: Michael's thoughts are always so interesting... where to start...

One day I said something about packing the diaper bag and the car seat once it gets closer to delivery and he asked why I would do that... Ummm... because  you have to have items for the baby at the hospital and you have to have a car seat to bring her home.

Michael doesn't seem to think Dad's need to stay at the hospital... don't even get me started on my thoughts on that comment.

I sent Michael a text with a link to an informative article about newborns. He asked why he needed to read it... good lord I don't know how to get this man prepared!

As I was going through books and gifts from our shower I was reading a baby milestone book and things you write in it. One section was "Daddy's Emotions" and he blurted out "EXCITED!"

Nursery: Slowly but surly making progress!

Glider {undecided on this - to buy one or not....}
D├ęcor - I would like to make a gallery wall of some sort above the dresser and possible her name or first letter of her name above the bed
Mobile - almost done! The hubs says I have too much time on my hands for how tedious of a project it has become!
Paint mirror
Paint paper mache deer head
Organize dresser drawers and closet
Door knobs for closet
Closet shelves
Baskets for closet organization
New plugs/switches & plates

Walls were previously blueish greyish. Michael wouldn't let me paint all pink so he picked the tan and I picked one wall for the pink. And then I threw in the pink closet just because I can...
I received these adorable closet dividers in the mail this week.
Chose the lighter brown curtains with lining! The furbabies of course were accompanying Michael through the process.

Favorite Moment(s): Our Baby Shower #2 last weekend was amazing. Going through everything we've received and doing all the laundry and organizing her room really made reality set it! Sandy girl on the other hand wasn't so sure about it all...

Happy mail days were definitely a highlight of my week! Reuseable nursing pads, homemade paci clips, headbands, and some amazing homemade crochet gifts from my cousin!

Also, Baby Joy received another gift from her Grandma Sharon. Her first piggy bank and $20!
 What I am looking forward to: Our 35 week ultrasound this coming week! Which also means I have a day off from work! Wooooo!!!



Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Shower #2! ♥

Well I've been a little MIA the past week for many reasons - work chaos, shitty Michigan weather, dr. appointment, did I mention work chaos(?!), projects for Baby Joy, spending time with the hubs before he goes back to work - but most importantly, preparing for and attending our 2nd Baby Shower in my hometown this passed weekend!
After a few final details and trying to help my Mom even though I'm 100 miles away, the weekend finally arrived. And so did 30mph winds and negative temps! Therefore, I started stressing. Which ultimately made me decide to drive down the on Saturday afternoon while it was day light and I had plenty of time to get there so that I didn't risk not making it on time on Sunday due to the weather. Michael on the other hand stayed home with the dogs and attended a baptism that we were invited to. He was 3 miles from home and it took him an hour to get home that night due to the weather. 
It's a good thing I decided to drive down when I did because by Sunday morning, things hadn't gotten better around home and Michael almost didn't make it to the shower. I tried not to stress out about it because there was nothing that either of us could do and his safety was far more important than being there with me. Thankfully, Michael made it about 15 minutes before it started!
The room was FULL of so many friends and family members that we love! It was such a blessing to hear, see, and feel how loved this baby girl of ours already is!
My Mom definitely went above and beyond with all of her efforts to make this baby shower absolutely perfect! From the cookie favors, to the amazing soup and salad bar, to the fresh lemonade and fresh sangria {I'm jealous I couldn't have any of that!}, to the gifts she bought us, the decorations, the "thumbprint" guest book, the fresh flowers on each table, and the gift baskets! Oh my, the gift baskets she made were awesome! {I wish I took more pictures of them}. Everything she planned was perfect!
Then there was my Dad who ordered and supplied the beautiful cake!
Linda and Larry who brought all their catering dishes, spent hours cooking/prepping food, came early to set everything up, and then spent the entire shower watching over the food/drinks making sure everyone got what they needed! Not to mention they stayed after to help clean up!
The bottom line is that everything about this baby shower, and also our 1st baby shower thrown by my MIL, was amazing. Words cannot even begin to express our thankfulness!
So now excuse me while I have a photo dump party!
Paper Garland Banner made by yours truly

Gift Basket Prizes

Little Birdie Cookie Favors

Salad and Soup Buffet - Delicious! 

Desserts ♥

Welcome/Guest Book Table
Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
Mom and Sis - before she turned crabby!

Baby Bumps with my girlfriend, Rachel!  
Preggo friend #2, Steph! But she's hiding her wee little bump!

Girlfriend, Amanda! Haven't see her since our wedding! It's been way too long!

Girlfriend, Selena!

Almost all of my high school friends! We're rarely all together! ♥

Little Sister, Kristine

My Daddio ♥

A few of our "MC" group of friends

My best friend of 8 years, Natalie

Janel trying to avoid our stomach's blending together! ha!

Dr. Meg! ♥♥

This little girl is getting so big! She's the sweetest little girl!
Holy moly gifts!

Beautiful quilt made by my step Mom, Miriam

Beautiful quilt made by my Aunt Linn

Not sure what's up with my face... but I loved all the handmade camo car seat accessories and blanketes Janel made!

Super cute light up deer family sign!

Beautiful crochet blanket made by one of my friend's Mom's, Elaine.

"I'm cute. Mom's Cute. Dad's Lucky!" haha!

Another beautiful quilt made by Mary, with the help of Mother Matthews!

This is a box of clothes that were MINE when I was a baby! And the family member that gave me this when I was a baby was at the shower for our little girl! How cute!

A sweater that my Grandma Linn {whose passed} made for me when I was a baby ♥ 
One of my stuffed animals as a baby that my Mom also still had 
An adorable fleece blanket made by a girlfriend, Shelli

And that's a wrap! You can tell we are both getting tired and goofy by the end of opening up all those presents!
Unfortunately, I had to come home and unload everything on my own because Michael had to stay in the city for work. Michael and my Dad somehow managed to pack everything into my truck and I made it home with everything. Michael's Aunt came over to help me with the heavy stuff so it didn't stay in my truck for a couple days. This is everything unloaded in our entry way... holy smokes! It's been fun {and exhausting} to put everything away! It's starting to feel more and more real for us to meet our baby girl! Only a few more things to purchase that we didn't receive and some minor details on the nursery and we will be all ready to go! Eeeeek!