Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Shower #2! ♥

Well I've been a little MIA the past week for many reasons - work chaos, shitty Michigan weather, dr. appointment, did I mention work chaos(?!), projects for Baby Joy, spending time with the hubs before he goes back to work - but most importantly, preparing for and attending our 2nd Baby Shower in my hometown this passed weekend!
After a few final details and trying to help my Mom even though I'm 100 miles away, the weekend finally arrived. And so did 30mph winds and negative temps! Therefore, I started stressing. Which ultimately made me decide to drive down the on Saturday afternoon while it was day light and I had plenty of time to get there so that I didn't risk not making it on time on Sunday due to the weather. Michael on the other hand stayed home with the dogs and attended a baptism that we were invited to. He was 3 miles from home and it took him an hour to get home that night due to the weather. 
It's a good thing I decided to drive down when I did because by Sunday morning, things hadn't gotten better around home and Michael almost didn't make it to the shower. I tried not to stress out about it because there was nothing that either of us could do and his safety was far more important than being there with me. Thankfully, Michael made it about 15 minutes before it started!
The room was FULL of so many friends and family members that we love! It was such a blessing to hear, see, and feel how loved this baby girl of ours already is!
My Mom definitely went above and beyond with all of her efforts to make this baby shower absolutely perfect! From the cookie favors, to the amazing soup and salad bar, to the fresh lemonade and fresh sangria {I'm jealous I couldn't have any of that!}, to the gifts she bought us, the decorations, the "thumbprint" guest book, the fresh flowers on each table, and the gift baskets! Oh my, the gift baskets she made were awesome! {I wish I took more pictures of them}. Everything she planned was perfect!
Then there was my Dad who ordered and supplied the beautiful cake!
Linda and Larry who brought all their catering dishes, spent hours cooking/prepping food, came early to set everything up, and then spent the entire shower watching over the food/drinks making sure everyone got what they needed! Not to mention they stayed after to help clean up!
The bottom line is that everything about this baby shower, and also our 1st baby shower thrown by my MIL, was amazing. Words cannot even begin to express our thankfulness!
So now excuse me while I have a photo dump party!
Paper Garland Banner made by yours truly

Gift Basket Prizes

Little Birdie Cookie Favors

Salad and Soup Buffet - Delicious! 

Desserts ♥

Welcome/Guest Book Table
Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
Mom and Sis - before she turned crabby!

Baby Bumps with my girlfriend, Rachel!  
Preggo friend #2, Steph! But she's hiding her wee little bump!

Girlfriend, Amanda! Haven't see her since our wedding! It's been way too long!

Girlfriend, Selena!

Almost all of my high school friends! We're rarely all together! ♥

Little Sister, Kristine

My Daddio ♥

A few of our "MC" group of friends

My best friend of 8 years, Natalie

Janel trying to avoid our stomach's blending together! ha!

Dr. Meg! ♥♥

This little girl is getting so big! She's the sweetest little girl!
Holy moly gifts!

Beautiful quilt made by my step Mom, Miriam

Beautiful quilt made by my Aunt Linn

Not sure what's up with my face... but I loved all the handmade camo car seat accessories and blanketes Janel made!

Super cute light up deer family sign!

Beautiful crochet blanket made by one of my friend's Mom's, Elaine.

"I'm cute. Mom's Cute. Dad's Lucky!" haha!

Another beautiful quilt made by Mary, with the help of Mother Matthews!

This is a box of clothes that were MINE when I was a baby! And the family member that gave me this when I was a baby was at the shower for our little girl! How cute!

A sweater that my Grandma Linn {whose passed} made for me when I was a baby ♥ 
One of my stuffed animals as a baby that my Mom also still had 
An adorable fleece blanket made by a girlfriend, Shelli

And that's a wrap! You can tell we are both getting tired and goofy by the end of opening up all those presents!
Unfortunately, I had to come home and unload everything on my own because Michael had to stay in the city for work. Michael and my Dad somehow managed to pack everything into my truck and I made it home with everything. Michael's Aunt came over to help me with the heavy stuff so it didn't stay in my truck for a couple days. This is everything unloaded in our entry way... holy smokes! It's been fun {and exhausting} to put everything away! It's starting to feel more and more real for us to meet our baby girl! Only a few more things to purchase that we didn't receive and some minor details on the nursery and we will be all ready to go! Eeeeek!



  1. Showered with love!! :) You can never have too many blankets - so amazing that so many family and friends hand made such beautiful ones!! And love the gift of your old baby clothes - that is such a cute idea :) xx

  2. Looks like such a special time!! You got a lot of blankets - that's neat to have so many things made by friends & family! I love that first quilt, so beautiful!

  3. Your mom did a phenomenal job! Your shower looks awesome and you took home quite the haul!! How cute that your mom gifted you some of your old things. Adorable.

  4. I saw some of these pictures on IG and your cake was just beautiful!! Love all the sweet gifts that little baby joy is getting!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Holy gifts! I can't believe your mom had gift baskets for prizes! What an awesome prize to receive! And those cookies are adorable....well everything was adorable. I really did love it all! And girl, you look awesome in that black dress! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so much love???

  6. oh my goodness. i might be a little teary - the clothes and stuffed animal that were yours - so sweet! ok, that is adorable, seriously. my nana used to make baby sweaters like that as well, i wish i still had one!! seriously though, looks like you guys got some great stuff - baby Joy is so loved already! meanwhile you and your sister Kristine look crazy alike!

  7. My goodness that is a lot of gifts! I agree with you it really started getting real once all the baby presents were in our house!

  8. Oh my, you got some GREAT stuff!!! I am so hungry after looking at the pictures of the food and dessert!!!!

  9. Gosh I love this- the prizes and favors? Omg! Your mama rocks! This makes me so excited for my shower! Baby Joy is clearly on her way to being spoiled! Hope ya'll are doing well and staying warm! xo

  10. Damn girl! You got so much stuff! That's awesome! Your garland turned out so cute! And that cake is absolutely beautiful! Sounds like you made the right decision driving down early, the negative temps and winds have been brutal! You're looking absolutely amazing! Can't wait for little Miss Joy!!

  11. GREAT pictures! I especially love the sweet cookies and the beautiful cake!

  12. What a great baby shower! Everything was gorgeous...that cake was amazing! And you look great!!

  13. What an AWESOME baby shower girl! Love all those sweet gifts! :) Your Mom did a great job on everything!

  14. What a beautiful baby shower! So glad Michael was able to make it in time! You know I feel you with the stress of driving in this crap!