Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bump Watch ♥ 33 Weeks!


How far long: 33 Weeks - 48 days {or less} remaining... craziness!

Gender: PINK!! ♥ {Read more about our gender reveal here}

Weight Gain: 27lbs {as of 2 weeks ago}. I'm slightly over the weight gain aspect. I feel like the lbs come on by the daaaaay.

Baby Size: Slightly over 4 lbs and just over 17 inches long! {comparable to the weight of a pineapple!}

Fun Fact: Baby keeps her eyes open when she's awake in the womb

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! Couldn't live without the maternity pants and leggings. I'm still able to pull off some non maternity shirts {such as the top in my weekly picture that is stretched to the max!}

Sleep: Some days are better than others. At least a couple nights a week I wake up in the middle of the night for anything between 2-4 hours and unable to get back to sleep or get comfortable. I also wake up often with acid reflux burning my throat like something fierce. Rolling over in bed is definitely becoming a chore of it's own! Still thankful for my body pillow.

Movement: Constantly! Weirdest yet most amazing feeling ever! Seems like every time I try to get a video of her craziness, she knows and plays camera shy! She is often protruding from my belly. Which is even weirder to feel/see! The hubs has felt and seen her move on a regular basis! So has my Dad, Mom, MIL, and Jasmine!

Stretch Marks: Not at this time... however my skin has been soooo itchy and tight lately so I've been putting lotion on several times a day still with hopes to avoid stretch marks.

Cravings: Chinese food, cheese, and ice cream. Really hard to find that self control some days....  

Belly Button: Oh yes, of course. That's old news. It's now to the point of no hiding it... well unless I wear enough layers of shirts to cover it!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope.

Symptoms: The linea nigra is in full force, Round ligament pain is becoming more and more frequent - especially during or after exercise, lower back pain is constant... boooo. Heart burn/acid reflux on a regular basis and I'm popping tums like candy.

What I miss: Non pregnancy clothes or at least clothes that don't feel so tight and being able to sleep through the night!

Emotions: Getting slight anxiety about alllllll the things I have yet to do before baby arrives. With my work chaos and living in the middle of no where, I am starting to wonder how I'm going to get everything I need to be prepared. Also feeling a little sad that Michael only has 7 more days off of work before his lay off is over... for as much as he drove me nuts at the beginning of lay off, I've definitely gotten used to him being home every day and I'm going to miss that the last 7 weeks of this pregnancy.

Dreams: None that I can recall...

Hubby's thoughts: Happy to report that within the last week, the hubs did some major improvement on his name game! We now have it narrowed down to 2 names and for the first time, today we discussed middle names. Baby steps.... but we're getting somewhere!

Also, BIG NEWS! As I was getting ready for work on Friday, Michael said "you look really cute today hunnie". Whoa, are you my husband? Oh, you probably just want to get laid? No? Okay, well thanks for the kind words! I'll document that! :)
This is what I was wearing when the hubs said I looked cute... I'm assuming he meant the outfit with the belly? haha.

Nursery: Still have lots to do in this category...
Décor - I would like to make a gallery wall of some sort above the dresser and possible her name or first letter of her name above the bed
Finish mobile - making progress! It's harder than I thought!
Paint mirror
Paint paper mache deer head
Decide on curtains {we have narrowed it down to 2 curtains}
Organize dresser drawers and closet
Door knobs for closet
Closet shelves
Baskets for closet organization - Bought 3 different styles last week and finally settled on ones from Target and decided to get a hamper that matches
New plugs/switches & plates

Walls were previously blueish greyish. Michael wouldn't let me paint all pink so he picked the tan and I picked one wall for the pink. And then I threw in the pink closet just because I can...
Deer head to be painted.... materials for mobile which is coming along and looks like this....
Deciding on these two curtains... left is a lighter brown with a textured material and is lined. Right is a dark brown with no lining. Both have grommet tops and are just clothespinned to the top to get the idea of how the color looks. Note: I'm a terrible interior designer... I over think everything!
New door knobs. Old ones were ugly plastic. {Half off at Hobby Lobby last week! $5 for both}
Favorite Moment(s): When the Thirty One bags I ordered for Baby Joy came! I was ridiculously excited about it! They are so cute! I can't wait to start checking items off my list and getting that hospital bag ready! Let me rephrase that, I can wait... I just can't wait to use the bags!
I wrote more about the types of bags and details here.
My coworkers surprised me on Friday morning with a little Baby Shower! And cheesecake! I cried! I thought it was so sweet of them! It was the last day that the 5 of us worked together so they wanted to have a celebration just the 5 of us before 2 of us left and we become part of a bigger office. They got us so many cute gifts! It was definitely a huge highlight of my week!
Oh and just for fun, sitting in the baby's room with the furbabies has been a favorite moment. If only Jack and Sandy knew what  type of rude awakening they are going to have. Literally. I don't think they are ready for it. But in the meantime, I enjoy having them by my side as I prepare for her arrival!

What I am looking forward to: Baby Shower #2 this weekend!



  1. You look great!! Almost to 40 weeks!! I love the progression pictures, too. The nursery is really coming along, how exciting!

  2. You look amazing girl! And I agree with your hubby, you do look super cute in that outfit! Glad you guys have it narrowed down to two names! I can't wait to hear what you decide on! Getting SO close girl! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. oh i am so sorry to hear about the sleep - i hope it magically gets better soon. and i agree with Michael, you look totally adorable and that outfit is super cute ;) and oh my goodness NAMES!! i can't wait to hear what you all pick, and i hope you share the one you didnt pick too, because i'm nosy like that.

  4. Yay for narrowing down the names! Can't wait to hear what you pick. Yay for your hubby for making you feel good. You do look cute in that outfit and bump. :) Also, I vote the curtains on the left. I feel you on the stress/anxiety of getting everything done. Just focus on one task at a time! And do lots of online shopping. :) Have a good day lady!

  5. So glad y'all are making progress on the name! And that was so sweet of Michael. You did look cute! I really can't wait to see everything come together with the nursery. And so sweet that your co-workers threw you a surprise shower. Are you leaving your office?

  6. Love how the mobile turned out!! And those door knobs are too cute - great touch (for a great price!)
    Which curtains did you pick? They both look nice! I think I like the lighter brown a bit more...hmm decision decisions, right?! ;)
    How sweet of your coworkers - what a nice surprise!! And those baby bags are super cute!! xx

  7. Girl you crack me up I love your honesty! I would totally document a compliment as well! Especially one that came out sincerely and wasn't a forced one like "tell me I look pretty today" which is a daily occurrence in my household ;-) You look fantastic tell me all your ways!

  8. Oh my goodness, you are getting so close! Baby will be here before you know it!

  9. Love x100 (and the compliment day photo haha) I'm so excited for all of the nursery progress and cannot wait to hear about shower #2! hope ya'll have a fabulous v-day weekend too girl! xo

  10. I didn't know that babies have their eyes open sometimes inside the womb! How weird/cool!

  11. Girl, are you seriously not the cutest pregnant lady ever! I love it. And props to the husband for telling you that you look good :)

  12. You look amazing girl! I love how your weekly bumpdate pictures have turned out.. mine is not what I had pictured in my head and my photographer can't get the camera in good focus ;-) Boo. I love the mobile! You should do a tutorial on how you made it. So sweet the pups are hanging out with you in the nursery! Ahhh dogs are the best!