Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bump Watch ♥ 35 Weeks!

I really didn't feel the greatest yesterday when we took this picture after I got home from work... but I didn't want to miss one weekly picture after being so consistent! Ha!

 How far long: 35 Weeks! {Every week that passes I get more and more anxious/nervous/excited!}

Gender: PINK!! ♥ {Read more about our gender reveal here}

Weight Gain: 30lbs {until I go to the Dr in a couple days and they burst that bubble as usual}

Baby Size: 5lbs and 18 inches long! {comparable to a honeydew melon!}

Fun Fact: The majority of baby's weight gain is now "fattening" up!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! Couldn't live without the maternity pants and leggings. For the most part I wear non maternity shirts although some don't look that great, such as the one is this weeks picture that is supposed to be stripes and looks like diagonals.

Sleep: Some days are better than others. It's getting harder and hard to roll over and/or sit up in bed. This last week I slept pretty good and for the most part was able to stay in one comfortable position all night. . I think it was because I was so exhausted from work that I didn't have the energy to be awake for several hours in the middle of the night. As a matter of fact, one evening I was so tired that I went to bed without setting my alarm and woke up a half hour before I had to leave for work!

Movement: Constantly! Now that she is getting bigger, I don't feel as many rolling effects, just more so kicks/punches and seeing/feeling her completely protruding from my stomach.The hubs has felt and seen her move on a regular basis and finds it "cool" to see her sticking out so often.

Stretch Marks: Not at this time...

Cravings: Chinese food, cheese, and chocolate milk

Belly Button: Oh yes, of course. That's old news.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope.

Symptoms: The linea nigra is in full force, Round ligament pain is becoming more and more frequent, lower back pain is constant... boooo. Spider veins on my legs... sore legs... Starting retaining water in my ankles {I blame that on the nonsense at work for suddenly having to be on my feet for longer hours} Heart burn/acid reflux on a regular basis and I'm popping tums like candy. Definitely starting to get uncomfortable. Wish I didn't have to say that, but it's the truth.

What I miss: After the past week I had, I really could use some alcohol.

Emotions: Exhausted. Nervous. Excited. Scared.

Dreams: I had a dream of her face for the first time. And she had Michael's butt chin and his nice lips. So cute!

Hubby's thoughts: Michael's thoughts are always so interesting... where to start...

One day I said something about packing the diaper bag and the car seat once it gets closer to delivery and he asked why I would do that... Ummm... because  you have to have items for the baby at the hospital and you have to have a car seat to bring her home.

Michael doesn't seem to think Dad's need to stay at the hospital... don't even get me started on my thoughts on that comment.

I sent Michael a text with a link to an informative article about newborns. He asked why he needed to read it... good lord I don't know how to get this man prepared!

As I was going through books and gifts from our shower I was reading a baby milestone book and things you write in it. One section was "Daddy's Emotions" and he blurted out "EXCITED!"

Nursery: Slowly but surly making progress!

Glider {undecided on this - to buy one or not....}
Décor - I would like to make a gallery wall of some sort above the dresser and possible her name or first letter of her name above the bed
Mobile - almost done! The hubs says I have too much time on my hands for how tedious of a project it has become!
Paint mirror
Paint paper mache deer head
Organize dresser drawers and closet
Door knobs for closet
Closet shelves
Baskets for closet organization
New plugs/switches & plates

Walls were previously blueish greyish. Michael wouldn't let me paint all pink so he picked the tan and I picked one wall for the pink. And then I threw in the pink closet just because I can...
I received these adorable closet dividers in the mail this week.
Chose the lighter brown curtains with lining! The furbabies of course were accompanying Michael through the process.

Favorite Moment(s): Our Baby Shower #2 last weekend was amazing. Going through everything we've received and doing all the laundry and organizing her room really made reality set it! Sandy girl on the other hand wasn't so sure about it all...

Happy mail days were definitely a highlight of my week! Reuseable nursing pads, homemade paci clips, headbands, and some amazing homemade crochet gifts from my cousin!

Also, Baby Joy received another gift from her Grandma Sharon. Her first piggy bank and $20!
 What I am looking forward to: Our 35 week ultrasound this coming week! Which also means I have a day off from work! Wooooo!!!




  1. Definitely purchase a glider! You will love a rocking option and comfortable chair to spend time loving on sweet girl! You won't regret the purchase!

  2. We were going to purchase a new cushion and ottoman for a wood glider that we received as a hand me down from a relative but my MIL offered to buy a new glider/recliner from toys r us and it's the most comfortable chair in our home. Honestly if my heartburn gets any worse we are going to move that bad boy into the living room and I'm going to sleep in it. I love how your room is coming along and I'm majorly jealous at those cute etsy finds - I really need to buy a few unique items. I don't think my girl has a single pacy clip or hair bow yet.

  3. You look great lady! You are all belly! You've gotten a lot done on the nursery and I can't wait to see this mobile once it's finished. :) Hope you had a good weekend!

  4. EEKKKK! SO close now! I cant believe in a few short weeks youre going to be a mommy! How exciting! Everything is coming along great, I cant wait to see the nursery when its finished! Did you decide on a name yet?

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Don't worry about the weight gain girl! You are all belly! As others have said, get the glider. I slept in it the first 2 nights home and it's been so nice to have. Especially since I like for Tucker to go to sleep in his room, it's important to have somewhere comfy to sit. Danny was also not looking forward to staying at the hospital, and we've had other Dad friends feel the same way, but once that sweet girl is born, I'm sure Michael will want to stay the entire time! Pack a bag for him.

  6. I just love that you're feeling her move all around!!! I've seen those closet dividers and really want them in adult varieties lol!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Girl you are ALL belly! If I were you I wouldn't even worry about that number. You look great! I can't believe how close you are! EEEeeekk!

  8. oh goodness, Michael needs to start preparing otherwise he's gonna be in for a rude shock ;) haha just kidding. i can't believe it's so close!! hope the rest of the pregnancy goes by super smoothly and you feel amazing!

  9. It is WILD to see how the weather has changed in your weekly pics!! I know you must be so ready for Spring and this baby!! I am so excited for you.

  10. Girll, that bump looks just like a basketball under your shirt! I can't believe how close you are! And Michael just cracks me up...he might be in for a rude awakening in a couple weeks :)

  11. Lookin' great mama!! The nursery is so cute--love the pink and brown.