Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Confession Session

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have much going on in my life or on my mind lately...
Therefore a good 'ol confession session may relieve some venting and catch you all up on what's been going on lately in this neck of the woods!
I confess...

... When I look at my planner to make any arrangements for the week, I automatically consider Bachelor Monday's a "busy" night.

... I had over 400 unread blog posts that I wish I had the time to read. But I don't! Mark all as read. Oops.

... I'm already thinking about if we have another baby, I'm not being pregnant in the winter. The layers, the shoes, the bending over to put shoes on, the jackets, the ice, it's all just too much!

... I may have to have my husbands assistance in the shower when using a razor... The struggle is real...
... It irritates the crap out of me when Michael goes straight for rubbing my lady parts yet rarely takes the time to rub the baby in my belly. I mean, those boobs your fondling are completely resting on the belly that you can't miss... ugh. Typical man I suppose...

... Having sex while pregnant is... ummm... awkward? The belly just gets in the way.. and it's like there is someone else in the room. Being kicked from the inside while trying to be all intimate with your husband is just kind of weird....

... I may have gotten pissy right back with some rude customers lately.  I have definitely been at my wits end at work. I cannot stand rude people. I don't understand why or how some people can be so rude. We're all humans. I know working with the public and in customer service it is part of my job to be the nice person. But damnit, I don't believe that the customer is always right.

... I'm about ready to start wearing adult diapers due to the ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom I have to take!

... I thought I was smart going to the full service gas station. Until I pulled up to the diesel pump and that part isn't full service. Fail!
... I spend a ridiculous amount of money on car washes. I don't want the salt to eat away at my pretty truck!
... I cried on Monday morning when I realized our propane tank was out. If it's not one thing it's another!
... I've been slacking completely on getting this baby's room together. I still feel like I have so much to do. And here I am blogging....
... We have maternity pictures in 11 days and I have no plans for our outfits. Help!
... I'm already stressing about the weather for our maternity pictures... it better not be these freezing cold high winds!
... I unfriended some "two faced" people on facebook recently and it felt great. I've also stopped putting in an effort to go out of my way for "friends" that don't do the same for me. I'm hoping for a simpler lifestyle with only surrounding myself with those that actually matter.
... I still haven't completed our Thank You cards from our Baby shower two weekends ago. It's so much work! I've done a few handfuls at a time and mailed them out though. Maybe 15 of 80. ha!
... Michael has sort of added some extra stress to my mind lately.... for 3 reasons...
1. He decided to apply for a job close to home that would entitle him to take a $13/hr paycut as well as working midnight/swing shift. I'm not so sure this would benefit our family.
2. Michael's thoughts and discussions lately about "life" and what we need to do to make some changes very soon really are starting to get me thinking and I confess that I'm completely confused. The thought of change is so nerve wrecking.
3. The above discussions kind of irritate me that all of a sudden my husband starts thinking about how we're having a baby {any day now} and he's not going to be home every day to help me so maybe we should start looking at places to move to or maybe he should take a lesser paying job close to home. Ummm.. great time to start thinking about these things dear. I've been pregnant for almost 9 months in case you didn't notice.
I confess...
That I am beyond excited for my Dr. appointment tomorrow! Hello ultrasound and baby face pics!!!
Thanks for "listening" to me vent! Please send lots of prayers our way as life seems to be kind of hectic and stressful at times!


  1. Oh girl. You have way too much going on right now to have the added stress of hubby looking for a new job, taking a pay cut and a new place. Don't worry about the weather for the maternity pics, there's nothing you can do if the weather isn't great but I'm sure the photographer will have back up ideas! And just think in a few short weeks you won't have to worry about the multiple trips to the bathroom, how uncomfortable being pregnant is or any of that. Instead you'll have a cute little girl to watch after and while it still won't be easy she'll be worth it! Hope the Dr apt goes well! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Just know that it is completely normal to have all those thoughts and feelings right now! Don't overwhelm yourself with the "to-do's", enjoy your time before baby:) I 100% agree with the pregnancy sex, very awkward. So is after pregnancy with milky boobs. Have a towel nearby for when the spraying starts, lol!!!!

  3. I swear, husbands really know how to pile on the extra stress at the last minute don't they?! Mine decided last night that he wanted a say in the nursery decor after two months of working on it and I pretty much had it finished. Nowhere near as stressful as your situation, but still annoying! And I'm with you on the being intimate thing! That made me laugh, but it's too true. Hope you have a good doc appointment!

  4. Oh girl I'm so sorry you're so stressed!! You're in the home stretch and hope your doc appt goes well!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Oh J I feel ya on so many of these- however I planned to be pregoo in the winter completely on purpose as to avoid the heat- I HATE heat! I love that you consider Bachelor Monday's busy - clearly bc it's our texting date night too! hahaha I still so wish we lived closer (I would totally knock those thank you's out for you girl!) Also, Michael Michael Michael...lady part rubbing and awkward sex sounds just like our household lately...yikes! Also, the adult diaper thing? REALLY considering the same! ugh! I hope he figures out what it is he needs to do work wise bc I know that is so stressful for you to be thinking about or dealing with right now with the whirlwind of things going on! Just saw her ultrasound pic on facebook though and LOVE it! Let me know if you need anything (that can be mailed haha or a venting session) Love ya! xoxo

  6. i laughed so hard - when you said lady parts I was not thinking boobs, so I almost spat out my water haha. sex definitely would be weird with a baby kicking from the inside.
    i dont believe that the customer is necessarily always right, but even if they are, it doesn't mean they need to be rude! that is so horrible.
    I am sorry Michael is adding to your stress levels, seriously though, why do guys always wait till the last minute? With everything, even my husband does it randomly and I'm just like I have been talking about this for like a year! WTF.

  7. I love you so much! I can't even imagine what that would be like to have someone trying to get up on my business while being kicked internally.......I really can't get that visual out of my head now. Praying for you girl why do men have to complicate things? Don't they know we just know whats best for them? ;-)

  8. Oh my! You have so much going on!! Sometimes I sass people at work too. Some days I can act like a Christian and turn the other cheek and it really does not bother me at all. Other days someone will catch me at just the right time!

  9. LOVE this post!!!! I cracked up at the "unfriend" meme! I've actually felt that way! Can't wait to see those maternity pics. PS....I've done the same thing when I'm behind on reading blogs. It's just too overwhelming to add blogreading to the TO DO list. "Mark as REad" is instant gratification!

  10. I just might die if Cory added all that stress to me and I'm not pregnant! Bless your heart! I have to agree with Kristen...I about died when I read lady parts! I was like...where is this post going? Haha!

    And girl, working with the public is HARD! Cory tells me all the time he doesn't know how I haven't gotten fired. I thought handling peoples money was bad but their child's education is almost as bad as money!

    And mark 'em as read! Don't even stress about that! We all want you to enjoy these last couple weeks!

  11. Oh lady - I love how real you are!! You tell it like it is :) so refreshing!! haha
    I'm sorry life has been getting stressful for you lately - men don't plan ahead like us women do...then they the rush to make plans at the last minute :( Aaron does it too!! Sigh...keep your head up, it'll all work out!! xx

  12. I'm with you... the customer is NOT always right. I can't stand when people use that as an EXCUSE for being an asshole!