Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites {Purchases • Projects • Misc}

Oh, I'm so happy to see Friday this week! This week drug oooonnnnn. Work has been complete chaos and I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend!
Linking up with the beautiful BRIDE TO BE {eeeeek!} Amanda, for Friday Favorites!
Creamy Parmesan Chicken {easy - one pot dish}
Ever since I seen this recipe on Amanda's page, I was craving this mouth watering meal! So last week I finally made it! Not once, but TWICE! That's how great it was! I put my own little twist to the recipe and posted it here. It's definitely worth trying!
After searching for the perfect diaper bag and asking some fellow Mom's for suggestions, I found that Thirty One utility totes were the most recommended. A few days later my coworker told me she was having a book party... and there were some great deals! Score! My order just got delivered this week and I am ashamed to admit how excited I was! I decided to go with two bag options for size purpose and of course because I like things to match! :) These bags will be very useful for many years to come!
I purchased the following items for Baby Joy:
All Day Organizing Tote {larger size on the left}It has 1 outside pocket, a zip top, and 4 interior pockets.
As an additional organizer for inside, I chose the Double Duty Caddy {second item from left}. It is made of sterdy material to stay open on it's own and has mesh outside pockets for added storage. This will be great for holding diapers or bottles inside the diaper bag!
Organizing Utility Tote {far right}I chose as a smaller option for days that I don't need to transport as many items. I use this style bag to take back and forth to work on a daily basis so I knew it would be great for a baby as well! It has a zip top, 5 exterior pockets, and mesh pockets on each end.
As an additional organizer for inside the smaller tote, I purchased the Littles Carry All{front right item} This will just help keep some of the smaller items from getting lost inside the wide open bag. It has a mesh pocket on the front which will be great for medicines and creams.
Favorite Purchase #2:
Since I'm on a roll with mentioning Amanda, I must also mention that this medicated chapstick she recommended has been my absolute favorite! It works great! Feels so good on my wintery dry lips! Highly recommend it! I'm hoping to pick up one of the color tinted ones next!
Favorite Project:
As I mentioned on instagram last weekend, I was working on a little craft project for Baby Joy in front of the cozy fire. I finally got it completed and hung it up for a test trial. Although it's very uneven and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all the smaller pieces of garland.... {this is not how it will look} here's a teaser shot of the paper banner I made for our 2nd Baby shower next weekend!

Favorite Find:
Of course I've been on Etsy a little bit too much lately shopping around for items for baby girl.... and I came across this adorable onesie! Now if only she had a name picked out that I could order this for her!
Not so favorite moment:
We got hit with the snow storm on Sunday night and had high winds which caused lots of drifting. I was called off work for a few hours until it cleared up a little. Then, as you can see, I attempted to go through a 4ft drift on our road and yes I got stuck. In a 4x4 pickup. Wth! The hubs wasn't too thrilled when I called him 4 minutes after I left the house. When I hopped out of the truck the snow was to the middle of my thigh. Yikes!
Favorite thing I'm looking forward to:
Jeramie is in the Mitten! I can't wait to see my brother this weekend! This was a pic of us the last time I seen him in June. He's going to be entertained by my big 'ol belly I'm sure!
Have a great weekend! TGIF!
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  1. Love the ThrirtyOne picks! And love that banner you made! So cute and colorful! We got 15 ridiculous inches of snow Saturday and Sunday too, the joys of living North! Boo! Happy Friday!

  2. Love the banner you made for the baby - it's so perfect!!! All your new bags are so perfect - little baby joy is going to be fully equipped!!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. The banner is so bright and perfect- I'm in love! You know what I love more? The onesie... and even more than that? Getting a name for her so we can utilize that monogram! hahaha love ya'll! The diaper bag collection is perfect too! Hope you have a blast this weekend seeing your bro! xo

  4. Girl, those bags seem perfect! I never thought about using Thirtyone for a diaper bag. You'll have to keep us posted on how you like them. And I love that banner! The garland added on is such a nice touch! I can't believe you were up to your thighs in snow! I've never even seen that much snow and I'm a little jealous. Happy weekend, girl!

  5. Yeah!!!! Love all the shout outs today! That medicated balm is like crack. As a self proclaimed bag lady that picture made me smile with all the perfect coordination. The banner is fabulous. I love when I get to see my brothers have a great time with him!

  6. Pinning that recipe for sure!!! Looks incredible!!

  7. oh my goodness, i am not envious of your snow! that is so scary. i would stay home all winter lol. and i LOVE that chapstick, seriously its the bomb.

  8. You picked such cute stuff from Thirty One! I wouldn't have thought of them, what a good idea!