Sunday, March 29, 2015

Baby Daddy Q & A + Bump Watch ♥ 40 Weeks

With our baby girl's arrival being here any day in the near future, Michael and I have been talking a lot about what life is going to be like once she arrives! Just for fun, I sat down with this handsome baby Daddy of mine and I asked him his thoughts on becoming a Dad. We all know how interesting Michael's thoughts can be... so prepare yourself for who knows what will come out of his mouth! Ha!
What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?
Umm I don't know. What kind of question is that. Having a kid and raising them, duh.
Do you think your truly prepared for watching/supporting Julie through labor?
Absolutely! "Doin' good hunnie, just keep pushing!" - See look, I've got this.
What's your biggest fear about bringing a baby into your life?
My only fear is her not being healthy.  
Who will be the firm parent and who will be the push over?
Oh I'm totally going to be the firm parent and your going to be the push over. I've seen that coming. It's going to be "you just wait 'till your Dad gets home..." and then I'm always going to be the bad guy.
What baby milestone are you most looking forward to in the baby's first year?
Learning to talk. I mean, the first words are going to be "Dadda" duh.
Wait, what are you doing this shit for? Is this a stupid blog thing? <<< Goodness, he's so nice isn't he?!
Is there anything that makes you nervous about having a daughter?
No. She's going to be a tomboy anyway.
Have you thought about baby #2?
Yeah. We'll keep the ball rolling and get them popped out right away.  <<< Lord help me!
What trait of Julie's do you hope the baby inherits?
What trait of yours?
Passionate. {insert me choking on my tea!}
No seriously Michael.... your not passionate.. tell me something true.
Smart. Am I smart? The baby will be smart.
Are you trying to say I'm not smart???
Ummm.... no....  
On a scale of 1-10 (one being the lowest), how prepared are you for baby's arrival?
One. I just take life as it comes. Wing it. <<< Again, lord help me!

•  • • • • • • • • • • • •

How far long: 40 Weeks! Due today! Coooooome on Baby Joy!  {Be sure to follow me on IG for more up to date posts as Baby Joy WILL arrive this week whether she's forced to or not! ♥ @justjuliejoy}

Gender: PINK!! ♥ {Read more about our gender reveal here}

Weight Gain: The final number is 39lbs. Last week I didn't gain/lose. If it weren't for the last minute retaining water, I would have only gained 31. Not bad I suppose considering I was quite worked up about that number many times!

Baby Size: The average is 7lbs and 20 inches long! I'm curious to see how big/small our little bambino is!  {comparable to the size of a watermelon}

Fun Fact: The baby's eyes and hair have color although it could still change after they are born and become older! Can't wait to see what she looks like!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! Although I would much rather wear the hubby's clothes than anything! The looser/comfier, the better! I cannot wait to wear my clothes without being stretched to the max! It's going to feel like a whole new wardrobe!

Sleep: I'm not getting very good sleep at all this past week. I find myself getting up every 2 hours (tops) to use the bathroom. And typically I move to the couch or lazy boy by midnight. I suppose this is what my sleep schedule will be similar to very soon!

Movement: Absolutely! She hasn't slowed down like they say happens as they get bigger! She is pretty much always protruding from my stomach. And she sits mostly to the right side of my belly. Which is funny to see and sort of uncomfortable.

Stretch Marks: Not at this time... or at least that I can see!

Cravings: Nothing this week because I've had a cold.

Belly Button: Oh yes, of course. That's old news.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope.

I've had a couple spurts of contractions but nothing that lasts longer than 4-6 minutes apart for a half hour.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to the Dr. and was dilated to a 3 and she will still 80% effaced. Which is progress from when I was checked at 35 weeks and dilated just under a 2.

On Wednesday morning, I wound up going into the hospital because I thought I was leaking fluid. They checked the fluid and said it wasn't "enough" to test positive. They checked my cervix and I was now dilated to 4. They sent me home.

As of 3/12, my mucas plug broke. That night and through the weekend last weekend I continued to have some slight contractions every 20-45 minutes. Nothing stayed consistent though and I haven't had any contractions since then. It was kind of a tease. I thought most women typically went into labor a short time after loosing the plug... but the Dr. said everyone is different. {or babies like mine are stubborn!}

This little girl is hanging even lower that's for sure... the pressure/weight in my pelvic area is intense! Therefore using the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. No exaggeration.

Old news symptoms: The linea nigra is in full force, Spider veins on my legs... sore legs... sore feet... retaining water in my ankles, Heart burn/acid reflux on a regular basis and I'm popping tums like candy.

What I miss: At this point I think just being comfortable in general is a real struggle.

Emotions: I'm extremely excited and impatient to meet her!!! I can't wait to see what she looks like and to pick out her name!

Dreams: I had a dream that once she was born we suddenly decided neither name fit her and there we sat in the hospital unable to name her.

Hubby's thoughts: See above Q & A.

Nursery: I think it's safe we are about done with the nursery! At least for now anyways. I do need a couple more things for the floating shelves we hung and I would like to decide something for the books. But for now, it's as close to done as it's going to get! Here's a brief sneak peak!

Paint mirror
Paint paper mache deer head
Closet dividers
Organize dresser drawers and closet
Door knobs for closet
Closet shelves
Baskets for closet organization
New plugs/switches & plates
DIY Paper Chip Mobile


Favorite Moment(s): I got a heavenly pedicure this week and pretty pink toes! The furbabies have been extra attentive to my baby bump and cuddles! I've got lots of relaxing accomplished. I worked up to my last day of work at 39w5d pregnant! And most importantly, I won the debate with the hubs about working this weekend, so he was  home relaxing with us for the last weekend before we add our little bundle of Joy to our family!

Silly boy wants his sister to come out to play!

Cuddles with my tubby girl ♥

Last day of work! Wooo! Jack and I are both excited!!

The hubs and tubby girl waiting on a baby ♥
What I am looking forward to: For as nervous as I am, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for labor! We are so excited to meet our little girl! ♥
Don't forget to follow me on IG for updates on Baby Joy! ♥ {justjuliejoy}



  1. OMG men and women are SO different!! A lot of this sounds like stuff that my hubby would say. Not much longer now!! Can't wait to hear about your birth story and see pics of Baby Joy.

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