Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bump Watch ♥ 39 Weeks! {whoa...}

How far long: 39 Weeks! A short 7 (+/-) days remaining until our Due date of March 29th! {Be sure to follow me on IG for more up to date posts in case Baby Joy arrives this week! ♥ @justjuliejoy}

Gender: PINK!! ♥ {Read more about our gender reveal here}

Weight Gain: Unsure if this has changed in the last week.... So I'll stick with last weeks number - 39lbs.

Baby Size: The average is 7lbs and 20 inches long! I'm curious to see how big/small our little bambino is!  {comparable to the size of a small pumpkin}

Fun Fact: The baby's eyes and hair have color although it could still change after they are born and become older! Can't wait to see what she looks like!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! Although I would much rather wear the hubby's clothes than anything! The looser/comfier, the better!

Sleep: I'm back to being completely uncomfortable and feeling like I'm not getting enough sleep (minus Saturday morning when I slept in until 9:30 minus 5 bathroom breaks) The baby is mostly to the right side of my belly, therefore it's hard to sleep on the right side. And sleeping on the left side all night gets uncomfortable. Then my back hurts. Then I have to pee. Then I have to pry myself up and out of bed. Phew, it's a lot of work!

Movement: Absolutely! Sometimes it's even painful! She's a strong little girl! Now that she is bigger, she is pretty much always protruding from my stomach. And she sits mostly to the right side of my belly. Which is funny to see and sort of uncomfortable.

Stretch Marks: Not at this time... or at least that I can see!

Cravings: Chocolate milk {substituting with a chocolate protein drink}, cereal, chinese, cheese.

Belly Button: Oh yes, of course. That's old news. Funny story, one of my coworkers never felt a baby having the hiccups so she felt my belly and she could feel my belly button sticking out she said "What's that? Her foot or something?" I said "No! That's my belly button!" She was kind of freaked out. HAHA!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope.

Symptoms: As of 10 days ago, my mucas plug broke. That night and through the weekend last weekend I continued to have some slight contractions every 20-45 minutes. Nothing stayed consistent though and I haven't had any contractions since then. It was kind of a tease. I thought most women typically went into labor a short time after loosing the plug... but the Dr. said everyone is different. {or babies like mine are stubborn!}

This little girl is hanging even lower that's for sure... the pressure/weight in my pelvic area is intense! Therefore using the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. No exaggeration.

Old news symptoms: The linea nigra is in full force, Spider veins on my legs... sore legs... sore feet... retaining water in my ankles, Heart burn/acid reflux on a regular basis and I'm popping tums like candy.

What I miss: At this point I think just being comfortable in general is a real struggle.

Emotions: I'm scared shitless now that things are really progressing. However I'm extremely excited and impatient to meet her!!!

Dreams: I had a dream that once she was born we suddenly decided neither name fit her and there we sat in the hospital unable to name her.

Hubby's thoughts: Well my husband is back to his nonsense ways.... he thinks that now is a good time to work 6 days a week. Therefore, I seen him for a total of 22 hours this past week. And his theory is: since your most likely going to go into labor on 1 of the days that I'm not home anyways, what's the difference if I work one more day?

He also had different thoughts on my gallery wall in the nursery. He obviously doesn't know anything about interior design and said that a "gallery wall" sounds/looks like a cluster **** to him. I eventually won that argument and the gallery wall is complete.

Nursery: I think it's safe we are about done with the nursery! At least for now anyways. I do need a couple more things for the floating shelves we hung and I would like to decide something for the books. But for now, it's as close to done as it's going to get! Here's a brief sneak peak!

Paint mirror
Paint paper mache deer head
Closet dividers
Organize dresser drawers and closet
Door knobs for closet
Closet shelves
Baskets for closet organization
New plugs/switches & plates
DIY Paper Chip Mobile


Favorite Moment(s): I really didn't have anything exciting go on this week. I caught up on some last minute things I wanted to get taken care of, including some burp rags that I've been procrastinating!! And it feels good to have the nursery 99% completed! It was in the 40's one day so it was nice enough to take the dogs for a walk down the road and the fresh air was awesome! So I guess those are my favorite moments!

Jack was mistaken that I was trying to get a picture of him rather than the burp cloths. Silly boy.

What I am looking forward to: For as nervous as I am, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for labor! We are so excited to meet our little girl! ♥
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  1. I am just loving these updates, totally brings me back to when I had Rachel....I would go into her nursery 10 times a day to sit, re-fold clothes, rearrange things, lol. Miss those sweet days! You look amazing!

  2. Aww, sweet Jack! I love that pic of him with the burp cloths. I lol'ed at the story about your coworker!

  3. Sooo close! I can't wait to see that sweet baby girl of yours! Hoping for a safe and smooth delivery for both you and baby girl.

  4. Wow look at that bump! So sweet! Can't wait to meet baby Joy!!

  5. I just LOL'd at the belly button happening! I can't believe you are already at 39 weeks! Eeek! You will do great and I'll be saying a prayer for you lady! Love the picture of Jack and I love the nursery! It looks awesome!

  6. "in case she comes THIS week" <--- ahhh I cannot believe it!!! I'm so excited!!!!


  8. How are you containing the excitement?! She's gonna be here so soon! I can't wait to stalk you on Instagram all week :) And basketball under your shirt...your belly is so cute!

  9. You are SOOO close!! You best believe I'm sittin and waitin on Instagram for the big arrival!! Praying everything goes smoothly for you!! Xo

  10. So excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to "meet" her and hear the name. You look amazing and the nursery is beautiful! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! <3 <3 <3

  11. new follower- such a cute little baby bump! congratulations!

  12. EEEK!!!!! She's almost here!!!!!!!