Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life Lately - 2 Weeks Post Delivery

To say that life has been a little hectic since the little one arrived would be an understatement. I knew that it would be busy, lots of work, and emotional. However, I wasn't fully prepared for how hard it truly was going to be. Especially on my own 6 days a week while the hubby is away at work. Honestly, I think I've cried a small river. No lie.
So what's been going on over yonder?
We came home from the hospital 3 days after Remington was born. Luckily, the hubs was able to take the entire week off due to me having a cesarean delivery {remember how he said he wasn't going to take any work off and he wasn't going to stay at the hospital with me?? Ha! My how things change...}
Discharged from the hospital 4/1
The first couple days/nights were rough. There were times that I just cried because I felt so helpless and clueless. Which left Michael feeling even more helpless than I felt. Thanks to some great advice from my friends Cara and Erin, I learned a few tips about breastfeeding and they assured me that feeding Remington some formula was perfectly normal while I was waiting for my milk to come in.
Having Michael home was amazing. He was so much help! He literally waited on me hand and foot and took care of everything around the house. Which was much needed since I was not getting around very easily. Although some other family members have been here to help me, it's just not the same as having your husband home through the night.  
When Remington was 5 days old, we took a trip to her first Dr. visit. Her weight was only down a little bit to 7lbs 15oz. Dr. said all was well and she was a healthy baby!
However, a couple days later we received a call from the Dr. office stating one of her tests came back positive for Cystic Fibrosis. Next week we go to the Children's Hospital for further tests. We are praying that the test is just a false positive.
Remington's first Dr. visit 4/3
We celebrated Remington's first Easter at just 6 days old! My in laws didn't really seem to understand why we didn't want to bring her around a ton of people being so young and being exposed to so many germs. So we decided to take her for an hour but not allow anyone to touch or hold her. I don't think my MIL was too thrilled about that, but we had to tell her that if we let one person hold her, 10 more will want to do the same.
We've taken a lot of naps and I've taken a lot of pictures! It's hard to capture her little smiles!  
We've had a lot of company. Sometimes too much company. My Mom, Jasmine, and cousin Alexa, came to stay with me for a couple days. The girls were so much help with Remington! It was cute!
Remington got her newborn pictures taken. She pooped and peed on several props. Oops. I can't wait to see more!
Last week the dogs had a fight and I had to make an emergency vet call to the house to have Sandy girl bandaged up. Poor girl. In the mean time, my house turned into a horror movie with blood being splattered every where. I couldn't take care of both Remington and Sandy at the same time. Jack has sense then been mostly gated off into our back room. Unfortunately we have had to have discussions on what we're going to do with him because we cannot trust his behavior around Remington. It is absolutely heartbreaking.  
Last weekend we went and took the camper out of storage! Yay! We're hoping once it gets a little warmer outside, I will be able to go stay with Michael while he's away at work all week.  
When the furbabies behave, they sure look sweet cuddling on the couch with me.
Breastfeeding/pumping is some serious work. I could not tell you how many times I've cried, became frustrated, or straight up thought about giving up on doing it all together. It's not easy. I don't know why I've gotten the impression from other Mom's that it's easy. Kudos to every single Mom out there that puts in the effort to provide breast milk to their babies. It's tough. But I'm hanging in there. I'm hoping it gets easier!
Last but not least, we officially put a for sale sign in our front yard. This time around, we're trying for sale by owner. We are praying very very very hard for it to sell. Like I said, I knew taking care of a baby alone all week was going to be tough, however I didn't imagine it being this tough. Every time Michael leaves for work I'm hysterical. We don't want this lifestyle and we need to move closer to his work before Remington is old enough to know better.
I'm hoping to find my new "normal" soon! Then I can hopefully get caught back up on blogging, wearing clothing besides PJ's, and not relying on concealer to hide the bags under my eyes. Until next time... much love from me to you all for your wonderful comments and support!


  1. The first 3 weeks of breastfeeding are probably the hardest. Hang in there, you're doing great!
    Sending positive thoughts & prayers for her test results.

  2. Aw girl! First off, you look amazing! Second, Remington is so darn cute! Love her newborn pics and can't wait to see more. Glad to hear Michael has been such a help! I knew he would be! And I'm praying your next test results come back negative!!! Good luck with selling the house!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Praying for those test results to come back as a false positive! And you know breastfeeding was no easy task for me. You'll get the hang of it. THEN it's easy in a sense that you're not cleaning as many bottles, making formula bottles, etc. good luck selling the house. I know that will make your lives SO much easier!

  4. Oh mama, you have so much stuff going on right now....I will be praying that her tests come back completely normal, and that you will get the strength you need to deal with all the other stuff going on. It's not easy having pets and babies, I've been there! Just know that this craziness right now will calm are doing amazing!!!

  5. I'm praying that those test results come back negative and little baby Remington is just as healthy as she is beautiful!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Holy cow, girl! What a few weeks! First, you look so great and I'm really praying things ease up for you. So many things happening in such a short time has to be overwhelming especially with all the hormones. Second, Remington is just as precious as always. I can't get over how beautiful of a baby she is! I can't wait to see more newborn pictures. Third, I will be praying for the test to come back negative! So, so scary! Lastly, how is Sandy? Poor baby! Have they ever fought like that before? Also praying a decision is easy to come to about Jack. I think you are doing an amazing job with everything on your plate! Keep it up, Mama!

  7. I am in love with that picture of your cousin and sister w/ Remington! It's precious. I've had two pets get into a fight before and it is seriously SO stressful. I cannot believe that it happened now of all times!!! Hang in there.

  8. You look great mama! I've heard the first few weeks are the absolute hardest. Hang in there!! You can do it!

  9. That baby girl is so precious! I still can't get over all of her hair. And you're looking great, Momma! I'm sending positive vibes and prayers your way that your house sells quickly so your little family can be together all the time!

  10. Lady!! She is a doll <3 so beautiful!! I'm so sorry to hear Jack has been acting up :( hopefully he can shape up - that's one of my fears for when Aaron and I have kids too, is how the dogs are going to act...and I'm keeping your little miss in my prayers for her doctor's visit!! xx

  11. oh my goodness!
    first off, i hope her tests go well next week - how scary! fingers and toes crossed!
    i hope your house sells and you guys are able to be together asap. what a stressful time! i can't imagine how hard it is, and i'm so happy michael was able to take time off and be with you all. Ugh your MIL though, sorry she was being a brat.. you just had a newborn!! jeepers. anyway girly i hope everything settles down soon and i hope Jack calms down or something, that is so sad :(
    I know I'm not a mother, but keep your chin up and don't put too much pressure on yourself - you just had a baby and you are doing your best and that is all that matters!

  12. Praying Remington's test come back negative! She is precious lady and you look AMAZING! Hang in there with the breast feeding! I want to get a book on it so I can somewhat be prepared.. I'm so sorry about your puppy fight! I hope it doesn't happen again.. I would heartbroken myself if something like that was happening with ours. Stay positive friend! You''ll be in my prayers! XxOo

  13. Praying for sweet baby girl!! Great job sticking it out and trying to nurse. That first baby is tough to nurse in the beginning, but trust gets so much easier!!!