Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Birth Story of Remington Rose ♥

It's mind boggling to think that exactly a month ago today, I was writing a 40 week Bump Watch post and cussing up a storm that it was my due date and I still hadn't birthed this beloved baby girl.
So here I was, on my due date, March 29th. Ready to pop. {Little did I know I was only hours away from my water literally popping...}
Due to the size of our baby, my Dr. already had an induction scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st. For as much as that made me nervous because I had wanted my body to go into labor naturally... I was impatiently awaiting not being pregnant any longer and of course meeting our precious babe.
Michael and I spent the majority of the weekend relaxing, walking, eating spicy food, bouncing on an exercise ball, and anything else we could to try to induce labor naturally.
• • • • • • • • • •
Sunday, March 29th
The big D day - Due Date.
I honestly didn't think I was going to make it to that day. I thought for certain I would be having this baby early. I should have known from the moment she held her hands over her face in the last ultrasound that she was going to be a stubborn child like her father.
Since I was officially done with work as we awaited the arrival of our little girl, we decided it would be best for me to stay at my Mom's the next couple days in case I did happen to go into labor before my scheduled induction. That way I would be closer to the hospital {which is 75 miles from our house and probably only 20 miles from my Mom's} and I would be with Michael while he's at work. So Sunday afternoon we gathered all the necessary bags and headed south.
On our way down, I wanted to stop at a couple stores for a few things. Plus, we knew it would be good to get some more walking in. After going in 2 stores and Michael pretty much dragging me because I was walking "too slow" I told him, "Babe, I think today could be the day. I don't feel right all of a sudden and it's getting to be very uncomfortable to walk." I think he looked at me in astonishment because we both didn't really think this baby was ever going to come out.
A few hours later, we arrived at my Mom's and enjoyed some DQ before going to bed. As we laid down, I had tears in my eyes because I was so uncomfortable. I tossed and turned for what felt like hours. Michael asked if I was going to be okay and I just kept saying "I don't feel right".
Then it happened. All of a sudden I felt a huge gush. I was laying on my side and I didn't even want to move.
I said Michael, Michael. I think my water just broke.
No response.
No response.
Michael! My water just broke!
That man jumped out of bed faster than a kid on Christmas morning. 
Then just looked at me and said really?? I said well look! I don't want to move! So he lifted my legs to look at the bed and it didn't appear to be wet. {TMI? Sorry!} I said open the door and make sure there's no one in the bathroom, I'll run in there.
As soon as I stood up I felt another gush and I rushed to the toilet. Michael just stood in the doorway looking at me completely in a daze. I said well I guess tell my Mom to come here and get ready to go to the hospital!
So here we were at 10pm on my due date, driving to the hospital. I couldn't believe it was actually happening!
At that point, I wasn't having contractions and the ride to the hospital was very calm and definitely surreal.
Side note: best advice I received - carry a waterproof pad {crib or multi use} and a towel around in your vehicle leading up to having a baby so you don't ruin your seats. Michael was impressed that I had that stuff in the pickup and let me tell ya, it came in handy!
It was just before 11pm when we checked into the hospital. First they checked the fluid to be sure it wasn't amniotic fluid. And hell, by the amounts of fluid leaking out, I didn't doubt it for a second. When someone tells you "You'll just know when your water breaks" it's no joke. You just know. Ew.
Then they checked us into our room. Suite 6 to be exact.
I was still feeling pretty good. I was dilated to 4 and 90% effaced. They gave me an IV and then hooked up the monitor machines for my contractions and the baby's heartbeat. I was having contractions, but I wasn't feeling them. The baby was moving like crazy and they struggled to keep her on the monitor. Hmm.. another sign of stubborn baby if you ask me.
My Mom was already out in the waiting room. She was the only one that knew we were at the hospital. We didn't call anyone on our way because we didn't know how long of a labor it would be and we didn't want people beating our door down immediately after delivery. All along, I thought for sure that my Mom was going to be my birthing partner. I didn't think Michael was going to be around due to work and I didn't think he was going to give me the proper support that I needed. Considering I'm a big baby and only my Mom knows how to keep me calm. However, things worked out completely different than I envisioned and I'm thankful that Michael was truly able to be there for me. I'm also thankful that my Mom waited patiently in the waiting room just in case I needed her.

• • • • • • • • • •
Monday, March 30th
Delivery Day!
Just after midnight, my nurse said she spoke with Dr. Fabian and they wanted to wait a few hours to see if my contractions became more frequent, if not, they would administer Pitocin to speed up the process.
In the meantime, we tried to get some sleep. Key word: tried.

Around 1am, the nurse went forward with the Pitocin. I still wasn't feeling much for the contractions. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.
Between 1am and 4:30am is a complete blur. Between trying to sleep, having contractions, and having someone come in the room to violate "check" me every 5 minutes, the time really blends together.
One small detail I do remember is that the baby was still being hard to monitor. So they had to put a "lead" on her head. Now that was not the most comfortable feeling as they put it on and then to have this wire thing hanging out....
Around 4:30, I was dilated to 6 1/2, my contractions were about 3 minutes apart, and my back pain was through the roof. I had probably been crying for a solid hour. The contractions in the lower region didn't bother me. It was the back pain that was excruciating. At that point the nurse highly suggested I rethink the option of getting an epidural due to my pain before it was too late. Michael agreed with the  nurse because he said he felt terrible that I was in so much pain. The nurse offered the Dr. to discuss the concerns I had regarding the epidural before I decided for sure to get one. Next thing I knew, I had an epidural, which was quite painless compared to the horror stories I heard, and my pain level was much more tolerable.
By 8:30am I was dilated to 9, fully effaced, and almost ready to start pushing. Did I mention how exhausted I was?! Oh, and I was so thirsty. They don't let you have anything besides ice chunks.  
I officially started pushing at 9am. After 2 hours, the secondary Dr. came in and before he even checked me or helped me when I pushed, he mentioned his concern for how long I had been pushing and for the size of the baby. He told me I needed to possibly think about "plan B". I immediately looked at Michael and cried. Then Dr. Hartman agreed to give me another half hour of progress on my own and then discuss the options with Dr. Fabian.
At that point I remember thinking this was my chance to give it my all in order to avoid a c section. I also remember asking Michael if my Mom knew what was going on. He had been texting our parents in between contractions to keep them updated.
At 11:30am Dr. Fabian came back to the room. I hadn't made any progress {obviously}. At that point they didn't give me any further options besides a c section. They stated the baby was sunny side up {which was the cause of all the back pain} and she was too big for my frame which would risk her getting stuck in my birth canal. I instantly started crying harder. I told Michael I felt like it was my fault and I wished I could have tried harder. I still to this day, wish there was something that I could have done differently.
Within minutes, an army of nurses and doctors flooded the room. They gave me meds through my IV and everything became a blur. Michael was gone and they were taking me out of the room into the surgical room. All I remember is bawling hysterically while looking around for Michael and repeatedly asking for my husband.
Once I was set up for delivery, Michael was allowed back at my side.
I don't recall much from this point on. Just bits and pieces.
I remember... the Dr's removing the baby and holding her above my head. Between the tears and the dizziness from the medicine, I seen 5 babies. I really didn't get a good look at her.
I remember... Michael kissing me and leaving me to go see the baby get cleaned up.
I remember... Michael coming over to me with a huge smile on his face and asking me what we should name her. I said, hunnie I don't know I haven't seen her. So he went and got her and brought her back to me. I still couldn't focus through the dizziness and the tears. So I said, hunnie I don't know I can't see her so you can decide. He said, well I think she looks like a Remington Rose. ♥
I remember... hearing the nurses say "8lbs 6oz and 23 1/2 inches long!" and as I still lay on the operating table I said "Holy shit!" and everyone laughed.
I remember... getting wheeled back to my room by the nurse and as I was entering the room I heard Michael telling someone "her name is Remington Rose" I looked at my nurse and said "Oh I guess he decided on a name?!" Haha!
I remember... barfing and being so nausea that I couldn't keep my eyes open. Unfortunately that's how all of the guests had to see me that night. And unfortunately, I don't really recall any of our visitors or the newborn pictures that we had taken.
And there you have it, Remington Rose was born!
March 30, 2015 @ 11:59am

The staff at the hospital was absolutely amazing. Every single nurse took such great care of all three of us. We thanked them with a huge edible arrangement.
And most importantly, my husband was/is amazing. He definitely proved me wrong for what I assumed he would or wouldn't do. He never left my side. He never stopped believing in me. He never stopped encouraging me. He was my rock through the whole delivery and I couldn't be more thankful for his support. He has taken such great care of Remington and I since they day we went into the hospital! I'm so blessed to call him my husband and Remington's Daddy. ♥
First picture as a family of three.
Welcome to the world Remington Rose!



  1. You're a champion, mama!!!! So thankful that your shared your story with us :) :)

  2. I love birth stories. I knew Michael would have a change of heart once he got into dad mode :) And don't be too hard on yourself about how she came into this world. You birthed (I don't care what anyone says, C-sections count!) a healthy baby girl the day after he due date. You did your job :)

  3. I've been waiting on this...made my Monday so much better to see it come across my feed. I can't even imagine how exhausted you must have been. While I hate that you had to change your birth plans, I'm so glad you and Remington are both healthy. It totally made me smile that Michael was able to pick out her name and how excited he was when you went into birth. So glad you shared this :)

  4. Aww, I LOVE this!! She is so precious, and I am SO glad that Michael could be there with you like that. You did amazing, mama!

  5. I'm so sorry that it didn't go as you had hoped, but she is beyond perfect!! great job girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. "That man jumped out of bed faster than a kid on Christmas morning." Bahahahaha!
    She is just beautiful, and I love her name, too! Ya done good, kid. :)

  7. Oh my word, what a story!! It was a rollercoaster to read. I am so happy for you that she is safely here. I also find I often underestimate my husband. He's way better than I think he is or I deserve.

  8. OMG this made me tear up! Your only job was to hold that baby safe until she was full term so don't for a second blame yourself that she was sunnyside up or a c section baby. She is happy and healthy and you did awesome!! Remi is lucky to have you as a mama!!

  9. Oh my! That was eventful! I'm so glad your husband surprised you, mine did too- I thought he would be a basket case. I've been praying since your last update, all the baby tests and labwork scared me a bit, I'm nervous every time we take Ava to the pedi. Remington is lovely, I hope things are getting easier to manage. I don't wish the newborn phase away but it's a lot of work.

  10. You did awesome!! Loved reading this!

  11. oh hon. Do not beat yourself up over anything - you grew that baby and she's happy and healthy, and so are you, so who cares how she came into this world? you're amazing, okay? labor sounds terrifying (i can't believe they don't let you drink!!) and things are sometimes out of your control.
    so glad Michael stepped up and was super supportive and awesome for you lady :) Congrats again!

  12. Congratulations! She's beautiful.
    I had an emergency c-section with my first because I didn't dilate past 6cm. I felt like a failure for a long time. Just remember - your a mama bear that would do anything for your baby. No shame in that!

  13. I am so happy to read this and to hear Michael proved you wrong ;) even though things did not go as you planned it is amazing to finally see this sweet little girl. Now I cannot wait to meet her and hold her in my arms!!!!!

  14. She is beautiful! You did good mama!

  15. Oh mama! This story was stressing me out as I was reading it (even though I knew it ended well :)
    You were a rock star! And she is perfect - thanks so much for sharing!! xx

  16. She is so precious! Congratulations.

  17. Don't beat yourself up lady! You did awesome! She is beautiful and I just can't get over all of her hair. I'm glad Michael surprised you! I hope mine doesn't pass out in the floor! ;) I hope you are feeling wonderful!

  18. Congratulations! Your story brought tears to my eyes, she is beautiful and I love her name! Xo, Stephanie

  19. Aww, I actually teared up a bit at your story, it made me think about when my daughter was born. My daughter is 9, and was born 03/21/06... I was really young, but I can remember every detail as clear as day. Having a baby is such a big, big, biiiig deal, and something I believe stays vivid in your mind, forever. An absolutely unforgettable, terrifying, exciting, miracle. Congrats to your lovely baby girl! Having a girl is SO. MUCH. FUN! Xo!

    All the Cute
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  20. She is precious! Congratulations! I'm 33 weeks now, so reading your birth story is eye opening for me! I too want to try naturally, but I'm scared I'll have to have a C-section. Everything is just so unknown.. but in the end, a beautiful, healthy baby was born and I'm so happy for you! :) Congrats again!

  21. I can't believe I hadn't seen this post yet! Girl, you're biggest fear is to go through labor & pushing and still have to have a c-section. You're tough! This whole birth story made me cry...I'm blaming it on the pregnancy hormones! CONGRATS girl! Your little family is adorable!